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Take action to protect Freedom of Information Act

unnecessary | 19.04.2007 11:42 | Repression

David Mclean, MP for Penrith, is trying to hide the democratic process by putting forward a private members bill that will remove Parliament from being subject to the Freedom of Information Act (see release from CFOI below). Please contact Mclean and your MP, asking them to work towards making Parliament open and democratic, and not to hide its workings from the people

The Rt Hon David Maclean MP
House of Commons, London, SW1A 0AA.
31 Chiswick Street, Carlisle, CA1 1HJ.

Email :; Tel: 020 7219 6494.

Contact your MP at

--------Email from CFOI--------

Dear Friend,

The Campaign has circulated a briefing to MPs on the Freedom of Information (Amendment) Bill, which has its report stage on Friday 20 April. This Private Members Bill, introduced by David Maclean MP, would (a) remove Parliament from the scope of the Freedom of Information Act, and (b) create a new exemption under the Act for all communications between MPs and public authorities. The Campaign believes neither of these changes are justified.

The briefing can be downloaded from

Best wishes,

Katherine Gundersen
Research Officer

Campaign for Freedom of Information
Suite 102
16 Baldwins Gardens




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