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Recent calls and a few old no sign of justice deception uncovered today by cops

26-11-2013 02:32


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Report from Cannafest 2013 in Prague- Cannabis Trade fair

25-11-2013 17:26

A video report from one of Europe's largest Cannabis trade fair

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The Solidarity Collective

25-11-2013 16:44

Our first statement after forming on the 14th of November 2013

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9-11 truth activists deliver letter to Guardian newspaper

24-11-2013 18:39

Inspired by the ReThink9-11 campaign which has put a massive billboard opposite the New York Times HQ, 9-11 Truth activists in London decided to deliver a letter of their own to the UK's own liberal voice, the Guardian newspaper.

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Syria Peace & Justice London speaker event & planning meeting this Wed

24-11-2013 11:54

You are warmly invited to join a talk and discussion on the situation in Syria, followed by a planning meeting, on Wednesday 27th November, from 6.30 to 9.30pm.

Venue: London Action Resource Centre (LARC), 62 Fieldgate Street (corner of Parfett Street), Whitechapel, London E1 1ES

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Extreme warming "not compatible with human existence"

24-11-2013 07:25

Heat and human health expert Elizabeth Hanna (ANU) on current and developing costs of climate heating.

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Protest occupation camp against Sect 144 squatting law at Finchley Tory Office

23-11-2013 20:07

Squat campaigners have occupied and camped in the forecourt of a Tory Constituency Office in Finchley. It's the office of Mike Freer MP, one of the architects of the Section 144 law against squatting. They've received a lot of support from locals and are set to stay awhile.

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#670 - Thinking Clearly About The Vast Machine (& The Hopelessness It Produces)

23-11-2013 07:01

This episode looks at one aspect of the machine referred to by Graeber in episode 624 - the propaganda that is churned out and which prevents people from clearly facing their dilemma. We begin with a 2009 speech by Sut Jhally on advertising, consumerism and what this has done to the US population. After contributions from Chris Hedges and Robert Jensen, we finish with an optimistic vision by Nafeez Ahmed.

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From Bristol With Love 49 (The last ever show)

22-11-2013 19:28

From Bristol with Love is a showcase for local music, local news and new forms of local thinking.

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Don't let Isa die in detention

22-11-2013 17:23

Please support the vigil outside Harmondsworth detention centre. Sunday 24th November / Monday 25th November
Isa has been on hunger strike for almost three months. He is now dangerously ill. Last week a judge refused to release him from detention because the Home Office had issued him removal directions even though Isa is too sick to move from his mattress on the floor in the detention centre’s medical centre.

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The Flowers of Evil

22-11-2013 14:56

Why is the mud sticking to Labour about one Methodist Careerist being suspected of a Peruvian Marching Habit? Maybe it is all about the good day to bury bad news.

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Indymedia Ireland editor child porn conviction raises spying concerns

21-11-2013 14:15

Indymedia ireland editor Patrick Corcoran, resigned a week ago after he was convicted on child pornography possession charges . The collective issued a statement last week the full content of which can be read at the link below .There have been concerns expressed on the site about current editors downplaying the incident .

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David Graeber, George Caffentzis & John Barker speak in London this week

21-11-2013 13:19

Meetings on Thurs, Fri and Sat.

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RSVP-SUN NOV.24TH.-Reflections on the War on Terror- Film,Music & Carmen Trotta

21-11-2013 09:51

* Lovers Electric "Storm"
(new album out soon!)

VIDS *Carmen Trotta at White House speaks on Shaker Aamer
* Lovers Electric "Storm"
* Razz "Help" for Pvt Manning (live "stadium rock" version in Wrexham Wales)

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Shame of Camden council vote to ban spontaneous music and to control busking

20-11-2013 21:54

On Monday 11th November, Camden Council voted to introduce a draconian new licensing scheme to tightly control busking and street performance in a controversial move that will likely change the face of the popular tourist destination by introducing a heavy-handed ban on spontaneous music from any public area. The policy is backed up with enforcement fines of up to £1000 and the power to seize and sell musicians’ instruments!

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Home Office preparing to let hungerstriker die

20-11-2013 21:15

A man being held in Harmondsworth migration prison has been on hungerstrike for nearly 3 months. He has been deemed medically unfit to be detained but rather than release him the government are getting ready for his death.

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Public Meeting Newc 30 Nov: Organise to Appeal Against the Bedroom Tax!

20-11-2013 19:51

Newcastle City Council: acting UNLAWFULLY!
Come to the meeting to plan action we can take against the council, DWP and the tribunals services to force them to hear all appeals and stop implementing the bedroom tax! Sat 30 November, 3pm, St Michael's Centre, 2 Raby St, Newcastle NE62AL.

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Basque Political Prisoners on Hunger Strike

20-11-2013 18:35

On the 28th of October 2013, 11 of the 13 Basque Political Prisoners who
are in Sevilla’s prison started a hunger strike to fight for their rights.

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Is Canada Guilty of War Crimes?

20-11-2013 17:56

This article examines a recent request to the International Criminal Court asking for an investigation of alleged war crimes by Canada in relation to complicity in torture and complicity in illegal extraordinary rendition of detainees. The article appeared in the Canadian Civil Liberties newsletter Rights Watch, and can be accessed at the address at the bottom. The original article contains hyperlinks which access the full request to the ICC and all attached documentations.

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Update on Ubica appeal, Uyrecht NL

20-11-2013 17:25

Ubica was a long-term squat in Utrecht, the Netherlands. It was evicted in May 2013 ( and the court cases are ongoing. The appeal results were revealed this week...