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More Pics and Report of Protests at DSEi Gala Dinner

16-09-2005 18:31

main banner at the protest
Some more snaps and report from Thursday's protests at the DSEi gala dinner in upmarket Park Lane.

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16-09-2005 18:22


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DSEi Video - KinoKast

16-09-2005 17:25

8min video of two days of protest at the DSEi in East London.

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Military requests medics from Anarchist relief project

16-09-2005 16:52

The situation in Algiers got a bit more surreal this week when the U.S. military asked the anarchists for help in providing basic services to local residents. A medical military clinic commander asked the folks running the Common Ground Clinic if they could lend a few medics and doctors to the military until the military sets up a “permanent” health clinic on Newton Avenue on Monday.

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Blitzkrieg Victory for Anti-fur Campaign in Israel

16-09-2005 15:42

Animal rights activists in Israel were a bit surprised to learn that, after a short, low-key, no-budget three weeks campaign, they managed to get one of Israel’s leading fashion chains to stop selling furs.

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Vigil tomorrow for Manuel Bravo, driven to suicide in Yarl's Wood

16-09-2005 15:42

Vigil to be held tomorrow in memory of Manuel Bravo, born 1970 - Died September 15th 2005

Another victim of the UK's "unjust and inhumane" immigration rules

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Notts NO2ID meeting

16-09-2005 15:14

Notts NO2ID meeting Thursday the 22nd of September at 7pm in the Malt Cross 16 St. James's Street Nottingham

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After The Fair Is Over

16-09-2005 14:53

reflections on scumbag pigs

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some pics from dorchester dinner protest

16-09-2005 14:52

pig city
police busy protecting the dinner of dsei delegates against angry protestors
park lane blocked for about half an hour

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Blitzkrieg Victory for Israeli Anti-fur Campaign

16-09-2005 14:40

Animal rights activists in Israel were a bit surprised to learn that, after a short, low-key, no-budget three weeks campaign, they managed to get one of Israel’s leading fashion chains to stop selling furs.

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DSEi gala dinner

16-09-2005 14:22

Security breached at Dorchester Hotel during DSEi Gala dinner.

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This weeks SchNEWS - Ashes to Ashes

16-09-2005 14:07

It's just not cricket
“Even those of us who have tried to follow the war closely are not aware of a fraction of the horrors unleashed in Iraq.” Author Arundathi Roy at the World Tribunal on Iraq, Istanbul, 2005.

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Section 60: Glasgow mega-benefit gig 30.09.05

16-09-2005 14:01

The G42 Collective, Reshape Glasgow and July 2005 Solidarity groups are hosting an all-night benefit gig in the east-end warheouse used as the Glasgow convergence centre during the G8.

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Police- Approved Tactic?

16-09-2005 13:54

The court heard that Pc Latteman had used a police-approved technique to stun a struggling suspect with a hard blow to a cluster of nerves in the neck and face.

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Weapons inspectors visit Norwich factory

16-09-2005 13:12

To coincide with protests at DSEI a group of weapons inspectors entered an arms manufacturer in Norwich on Friday 16th September. MSI Defence Systems, who have been in the business for 80 years, have a stall at the London Arms Fair promoting their missile and naval gun systems.

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Judge accussed of viewing childporn holds out

16-09-2005 12:00

He is not the only judge in the world facing allegations of accessing child pornography, but it is now looking like Judge Brian Curtin in Ireland is at the centre of one of the highest profile child pornography cases in the world.

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Fact-sheet on Iraqi oil union

16-09-2005 11:23

The GUOE is an anti-occupation, anti-privatisation and politically independent union of Iraqi oil workers, who are fighting to resist both the corporations and the US/UK occupation forces. It is a non-sectarian union, that aims to unite all oil workers in the South of Iraq, and has also worked to expel oil company bosses who were supporters of Saddam Hussein.

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The Blairs and their use of the security services for private purposes

16-09-2005 10:20

On March 13 1997 Tony Blair and his wife made a complaint against Robert Henderson to Belgravia Police. The complaint concerned letters sent to the Blairs by Henderson. The CPS rejected the complaint within hours but Henderson was placed under Special Branch investigation

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Charles Clarke speaking on Monday at London Uni

16-09-2005 10:11

Prison Reform Trust Annual Lecture 2005
Where Next for Penal Policy?
Rt Hon Charles Clarke MP, Home Secretary

Monday 19 September 2005 at 6.30pm
Senate House, Malet Street, London WC1E

Lecture starts at 6.30pm. Reception from 7.30pm.