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Fact-sheet on Iraqi oil union

Naftana | 16.09.2005 11:23 | Anti-militarism | Social Struggles | Workers' Movements

The GUOE is an anti-occupation, anti-privatisation and politically independent union of Iraqi oil workers, who are fighting to resist both the corporations and the US/UK occupation forces. It is a non-sectarian union, that aims to unite all oil workers in the South of Iraq, and has also worked to expel oil company bosses who were supporters of Saddam Hussein.

Members of the GUOE face harassment, intimidation, and threats of death on a daily basis, and support from other groups, such as UK activist groups, is critical if independent trade unionism in Iraq is to survive.

Here is an A$ fact sheet on the GUOE, prepared by Naftana (arabic: 'our oil'), which is the UK support committee for the General Union of Oil Employees, Basra, Iraq (GUOE).

You can also sign up to our email list at

This email list will give supporters of the GUOE regular updates on the unions' progress (about twice a month). It will also function as an alert system, in the event of assassinations of GUOE members, or any other repression of the GUOE.

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