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Pics show german soldiers in Afghanistan `playing´ with a skull

26-10-2006 15:51

Germanys biggest boulevard-newspaper "BILD" today printed photos showing german soldiers in Afghanistan showing a skull for trophy and fixing it to a patrol car. Among these pics also one showing a soldier trying to put his penis into the skull.

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42! UN DEADLOCK BREAKS? plus - pause for thought !

26-10-2006 15:27

. . . . AFTER 41 ROUNDS OF VOTING AT THE UN, the venezuela-versus-guatamala choice as south americas delegate for a two-year seat with the big powers is to transfer to a mutual agreement . . . .
( . . . . happy UN "birthday", plus. . . .

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Living the Co-operative Principles

26-10-2006 13:41

Kiptik Co-operator building water towers
Workers' co-operative donates to Kiptik co-operative community in Chiapas, Mexico to help them build water systems, stoves and create murals to build independence.

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Can coffee trademarks save Africa?

26-10-2006 12:59

Alongside the otherwise successful evolution of the Free/Libre Open Source Software, there is a range of commentators on the digital economy, or the socalled knowledge economy, who help sustain the conventional, capitalist mode of production. Business as usual, the heart of the problem concerns the sanctity and the universal application of private property. This leads from an angry impulse reading today's Guardian - and a quick rant - into a more theoretical territory :)

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Sci-Fi Protest against Nano-Military Conference

26-10-2006 12:46


Workers, consumers, non-human animals and nature are being exposed to nano-particles that have not been tested, all for the sake of the multi-billion dollar nanotech industry.


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Southampton researchers' private jet row spreads

26-10-2006 11:54

Use of private jet by researchers at UK centre for climate change research draws widespread criticism

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Lieberman Is Not an Israeli ‘Internal Affair’

26-10-2006 11:43

The absence of a proportionate Palestinian reaction to the ascendancy of Israel’s far right leader, Avigdor Lieberman, into the mainstream strategic decision-making in Tel Aviv has indicated of how dangerously the inter-Palestinian divide is overshadowing the Israeli threats and encouraged the visiting European Union's foreign policy chief, Javier Solana, to legitimize with a public meeting the only man who could abort not only the mission of his visit but all prospects of regional peace.

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International Action Day "Free Erdogan"

26-10-2006 11:11

action in basel, switzerland, in support of erdogan e.
Switzerland wants to send political refugees back to turkey, where they will face torture and death. We want to stop this and ask for international help.

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Demonstrate Calais - Saturday 4th November

26-10-2006 11:10

4 years after Sangatte, the situation worsened. From now on, of the hundreds of migrants live under conditions worthy of the worst shantytowns. However, these men, these women, these children fled all of the countries where the Humans right are ridiculed. Some risk the prison or death if they are expelled.

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SA Foreign Minister ambushed in London

26-10-2006 10:56

South African Foreign Minister, Dr Nkosazana Dlamini Zuma, was ambushed by 10 black Zimbabwean human rights activists in London last tonight (Wednesday 25 October 2006).

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U.S. Justice Department: No Indictment for Osama Bin Laden for 9/11?

26-10-2006 10:26

The FBI have said "the decision whether to indict Usama Bin Laden for the 9/11 attacks is made by the U.S. Justice Department".

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Every School as a Small Business

26-10-2006 09:25

The Beertelsmann foundation reorganizes German schools according to market criteria. A privatization of the political is occurring worldwide today.. Bertelsmann keeps a tight rein on public libraries, schools and universities through performance standards, rankings, evaluations and other control instruments.

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24 hour peace camp in Parliament Square Sunday 29th October

26-10-2006 09:14

There will be a 24 hour peace camp in Parliament Square starting at 12noon on Sunday the 29th of October. It will begin with the reading of the names of dead Iraqis killed by coalition forces since the 2003 invasion.

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Active-duty US troops voice opposition to the Iraq war

26-10-2006 09:08

More than 100 serving members of the US military have to date sent “Appeals for Redress” to members of Congress, urging “the prompt withdrawal of all American military forces and bases from Iraq.”

Under the Military Whistle-Blower Protection Act, active-duty military, National Guard and reservists are allowed to file and send a protected communication to a member of Congress on any subject without reprisal.

The action represents the first time that serving military personnel are petitioning Congress to end the Iraq war. The organizations sponsoring the effort are Iraq Veterans Against the War, Military Families Speak Out and Veterans for Peace.

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New York Times calls for more troops in Iraq

26-10-2006 09:04

On October 24, the New York Times published an extended editorial (“Trying to Contain the Iraq Disaster”) laying out its proposals for salvaging the US occupation of Iraq. The commentary expressed at once the perplexity and gloom within the US ruling elite over its prospects in Iraq, and its determination to intensify the violence and terror against the Iraqi resistance.

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"War" on Iraq in perspective: the developing US imperialism and demonocracy

26-10-2006 08:08

The US-UK invasion and occupation of Iraq are examined within the context of contemporary US imperialism. The nature of US politico-economic system is identified as imperialism-democracy complex and some general laws on the operation and effects of this complex are proposed.

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Critical Mass London

26-10-2006 05:08

Stills taken from video of September ride.
Following a few hassles with the police previously things quietened down on our September ride and I am expecting a good Halloween ride this coming Friday. The ride meets on the South Bank by the national Film Theatre under Waterloo Bridge at about 6.30pm. Bring you bikes, wheelchairs, skateboards, roller blades, skates and pogo sticks. You can even walk/run with us.

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Swansea Climate change activists target housing development

25-10-2006 23:12

A new action group the Swansea SA1 Snorkellers has used graffiti to highlight the fact that part of Swansea’s prestigious SA1 development on Trawler Road is being built on land that will flood unless Climate Change can be averted.

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25-10-2006 22:45

Che Tricolour
An account of the campaign in Glasgow to challenge recent Labour Council Bylaws which ban political material outside Celtic Park. A report on the latest development which saw the open display of explicitly political material.

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December 7: Day of Solidarity with Green Scare Indictees & Political Prisoners

25-10-2006 21:05

The term Green Scare refers to the Red Scares of the early twentieth century, made famous by the McCarthy hearings and the House Un-American Activities Committee. The Green Scare demonstrates a similar systematic criminalization of dissent as the U.S. government is using all its tactics (e.g., grand juries, specialized legislation, paid agents provacateurs) to target the radical environmental and animal rights movements, those who publicly support them, and others who struggle for a healthy, diverse eco-system and the rights of animals.