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Freed British sailors allege torture by Iran: Why do the media ask no questions?

10-04-2007 09:59

The British media have accepted without qualification or question the claims of Iranian mistreatment made by the recently released sailors and marines at a press conference organised by the armed forces last Friday.

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Anarchy on Tristan Da Cunha

10-04-2007 09:23

Fascinating article on anarchy as the form of social organisation on remote south Atlantic island

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Zimbabwe: US Interference Backlash

10-04-2007 07:54

'How do people feel knowing that Western powers have been paying people to criticize the Zimbabwe government?'
'The US "supported workshops to develop youth leadership skills necessary to confront social injustice through nonviolent strategies." This is important to understand the wave of "leftist style" protests that are being used against the Zimbabwe government.'

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Aldermaston Blockade

10-04-2007 07:24

At least 5 people were arrested while are attempting to block access to the Aldermaston Atomic Weapons Establishment in Berkshire this morning in order to disrupt a multimillion pound development project at the site.

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His name is Heine...Ben Heine. (by Latuff)

10-04-2007 05:28

Ben Heine as James Bond
Copyleft artwork by Brazilian cartoonist Latuff, on behalf of Ben Heine, an artist for Palestine.

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"Cruel and Unusual Punishment" is a compilation CD

10-04-2007 05:13

inspired by Hasan Shakur (Derrick Frazier). This warrior struggled not only to save his own life, but the lives of any and everyone on death row in the US. He was unjustly executed

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Grassroots Film Project Seeks Footage

09-04-2007 23:49

The Think Peace Documentary Project, a Vancouver, BC based non profit film project is looking for video footage.

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Covance Chandler Animals Lab Contractors Released

09-04-2007 22:08

Look Her In The Eye And Tell Her You Do Not Care
Covance have just received planning permission to build a big animal laboratory in Chandler, Az, where hundreds of sentient creatures will be imprisoned, tortured and killed in experiments. This sick company have been exposed for cruelty and it has just been revealed they perform necropsies on live primates. Look the monkey below in the eyes and tell it you don't care. It is because of the plans to imprison creatures like her inside this new hell hole that we have released the information below. Every single one of these companies has blood on their hands, every single one of them is involved in the project to construct an animal lab for Covance, every single one is now a target and anyone associated with them can expect the same treatment. Direct action - because animals are dying NOW!

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Etymology and the Israel Lobby: When an Anti-Semite is Not an Anti-Semite

09-04-2007 21:37

What do Einstein, Mahatma Ghandi, Ehud Olmert and, yes, me all have in common? We could each be censured for racism according to the European Union Monitoring Centre's 'working definition of anti-Semitism' which was last week adopted by the UK's National Union of Students as official policy.

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Teetering on the Brink of Disaster: The NeoCons' Decision to Bomb Iran

09-04-2007 21:19

Neo-Con Disaster
Can Neoconservative Belligerent Dogmatism be Halted by the Empire’s Realists?

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RTF Pics

09-04-2007 21:01

Pic 1 -studs
Photos and commentary

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Zach Johnson’s Easter Masters Miracle and the Prophet Zechariah

09-04-2007 20:55

The Easter miracle at Augusta.

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Iran: The threat of a nuclear war

09-04-2007 20:51

General Leonid Ivashov (left) at the Axis for Peace Conference 2005 in Brussels
Strongly convinced that a US nuclear strike on Iran is imminent, General Ivashov analysis the probable outcomes of a United-Stator-Irani war. He confirms, for example, that such a conflict will lead to a military one between Tel Aviv and Tehran which will immediately evolve into a religious one, between Islam and Judaism. He raises his doubts about the real reasons behind the US operation, and points out to the reader that Bush administartion and its allies have already started their psychological readying for the likelihood of utilizing tactical nuclear weapons against Iran. Yet, is it possible to avert the bombing ? One of the questions, among others, to which General Ivashov brings an answer in this article.

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Why the recent Climate Report was so Harsh

09-04-2007 20:50

Here is a collection of reports about the scientific
studies being conducted around the world from
just the past few months. These are the reports
that went into the IPCC's data bank and where
from they came to their latest estimates and
projections. The first few have been published
after the Feb. 2 IPCC release.

The majority of them are from foriegn news
agencies and were never published in the US
media. Our corporate media wants you to know
every detail of a woman who decides to fly to Vegas
rather than get married. They don't care if you are
aware of the facts regarding our changing climate.

Please send this to eveywhere you can.

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Hicks case exposes 'war on terror' sham

09-04-2007 20:46

After five years of solitary confinement in a small metal cell, David Hicks pleaded guilty on March 26 to one of the two charges brought against him by US military prosecutors on March 1, to finally get out of the notoriously brutal US military prison at Guantanamo Bay. Hicks’s case has revealed just what a sham the US-led “war on terror” really is.

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Land of the Free, Home of the War on Terrorism

09-04-2007 20:36

“They told us this was one of the world's worst terrorists, and he got the sentence of a drunken driver,” said Ben Wizner, an attorney for the American Civil Liberties Union, referring to David Hicks, a 31-year-old Australian who in a plea bargain with a US military court will serve nine months in prison, largely in Australia. That's after five years at Guantánamo Bay, Cuba without being charged with a crime, without a trial, without a conviction. Under the deal, Hicks agreed not to talk to reporters for one year (a slap in the face of free speech), to forever waive any profit from telling his story (a slap -- mon Dieu! -- in the face of free enterprise), to submit to US interrogation and testify at future US trials or international tribunals (an open invitation to the US government to hound the young man for the rest of his life), to renounce any claims of mistreatment or unlawful detention (a requirement which would be unconstitutional in a civilian US court).

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Want to Earn Ten Years' Salary? Get Captured.

09-04-2007 20:15

Solitary Confinement
The government is introducing a new incentive scheme for the military. If you get captured you can immediately make a quarter of a miilion pounds, maybe much more.

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Amazonian Manatee is under extinguishing risk. It's not the only one...Why?

09-04-2007 19:16

We want to make in the place a first experience of an untouched reserve with respectful exploitation, in permanent expansion, that later can be taken to other regions of the world.

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Climate Camp organising gathering April 21 and 22, Liverpool

09-04-2007 18:44

Organising for Climate Camp 2007 is well under way and it looks like being bigger, better and more inspiring than last come along to our next gathering, find out what it's all about and get involved...doesn't matter if you haven't been involved before, everyone's welcome. Saturday will focus on camp-wide and how we network the Camp, Sunday is mainly working group time. Again, new people more than welcome in all working groups.

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U.S. Ambassador Sam Fox:From Swift Boat War Fraud to Belgium SWIFT Finance Fraud

09-04-2007 18:35

Sam Fox would be an economic,political and social parasite by any other name but to place him as U.S. Ambassador to Belgium after the W Bush Regime's SWIFT financial spying scandal by ex Treasury Secretary John Snow and the U.S. CIA in Belgium is a lot like putting a fox in charge of the chicken coop.