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Party Trafalgar Square - When Thatcher Dies!

05-10-2004 20:06

We all know it can't be long now - and when Margaret Thatcher dies its party time!

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Video Activist films wanted!

05-10-2004 19:41

Have your work seen at BEyONdTV

Do you have a short film, documentary or animation concerning environmental campaigning or social change?

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Precarity Ping Pong Forum/ Launch 15 October 2004

05-10-2004 19:22

PRECARITY Ping Pong: Friday 15 October : 3:00 - 5:00pm, Middlesex University
three action-packed rounds, one multiple and federated fight !
- ROUND ONE: (n)european labour conflict and strategies of self-representation
- ROUND TWO: migrant work/informal economies/affective labour
- ROUND THREE: from flexibility to flexicurity

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Can the Tony and Bob Show really do any good in Africa?

05-10-2004 18:35

Tomorrow, Tony Blair arrives in Ethiopia with Bob Geldof for a meeting of his Commission for Africa. But what do African leaders make of his recommendations and how do they view Mr Blair? Richard Dowden reports from Addis Ababa.

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Stupidity: Another outrageous movie starring Bush

05-10-2004 18:31

For your entertainment!

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Out now: Autonomous Spaces Free Paper

05-10-2004 18:01

20,000 copies of the Autonomous Spaces free newspaper are available now from autonomous info-points around London. Get your copy now and help to distribute...

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Blair's smoking gun - concrete evidence of lies to press and Parliament

05-10-2004 17:37

On 18 September 2004, the Daily Telegraph published extracts from a series of newly leaked documents from the Cabinet Office. The full texts of these documents were not reproduced. Unlike the Hutton or Butler reports, the full text documents provide far stronger evidence not simply of falsehood by omission, but of substantively untrue statements made consciously to press and Parliament; and of the government's explicit intention to use (and arguably abuse) the UN/weapons inspection route to provide a legal pretext for pre-decided regime change, not as a route to peaceful disarmament.

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Kent makes Anti-Gay Stance - Gay Activists fight back

05-10-2004 17:18

Queer Youth Protesting in Maidstone
Gay rights groups have called a day of protest in Kent, following the County Council's continued support of what has been dubbed the 'Son of Section 28'. The protest day, scheduled for Saturday 13th November, a year after the government repealed Section 28 in national law. Immediately after this landmark decision, however, Kent County Council chose to implement similar policies that prohibit the "promotion of homosexuality".

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Buy Nothing Month Coming Soon!

05-10-2004 16:32

Coming very soon-Buy Nothing Month from the end of November to December 24! BUY NOTHING from multinationals!

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05-10-2004 16:05

Colombian trade-unionist and Indian Resource Centre worker coming to talk about the impact of Coca-Cola and other transnationals on their communities ...

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Edward J Ware: conceit & forgery.

05-10-2004 15:13

death trap
This information reproduced from the website, as referred to in 'The Bristolian' this week...

The article was published on, but has currently been removed at the insistence of PIPEX INTERNET, following complaints and legal threats from OSBOURNE CLARKE SOLICITORS.

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fairford flyer

05-10-2004 13:56


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Multinationals still profit from bonded child labour on cottonseed farms/India

05-10-2004 13:48

An estimated 12,375 children are still working in horrendous conditions on cottonseed farms in the state of Andhra Pradesh (India) producing for the multinational corporations (MNC's) Advanta (Dutch), Bayer (German), Emergent Genetics (US, with co-investment from Dutch-British Unilever) and Monsanto (US).
In addition more than 70.000 children are working for Indian seed companies under similar circumstances. Children are working long hours, do not go to school and are often bonded to the employers by loans.

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Controversial Video Bush Doesn't Want You To Watch - From Mad Studios

05-10-2004 12:44

Video Available For Download

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K. Livingstone & the Olympics

05-10-2004 12:24

More prop spending

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Welcome the The Autonomous Spaces Around the ESF!

05-10-2004 12:21

"We want to create open spaces for networking, exchanges, celebration, thinking, and action. We believe our ways of organising and acting should reflect our political visions, and are united in standing for grassroots self-organisation, horizontality, for diversity and inclusion, for direct democracy, collective decision making based upon consensus, and against the false consensus in which power is used to silence others."

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Poetry please for forthcoming magazine

05-10-2004 12:20

Poetry and Prose needed for new magazine

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Another ESF demo is possible?

05-10-2004 11:47

the ESF demo has mutated into a stwc march aound the block, howe has this happened, what can we do about it?

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Calais Demonstr'action 14 October, on the way to ESF

05-10-2004 11:27

Delegates on their way to the London ESF via Calais/Dover are invited to join 300 refugees stranded in Calais in a solidarity demonstration. This action continues the tradition of cross-channel demonstrations.