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Out now: Autonomous Spaces Free Paper

free people | 05.10.2004 18:01 | European Social Forum | Free Spaces | Indymedia | London

20,000 copies of the Autonomous Spaces free newspaper are available now from autonomous info-points around London. Get your copy now and help to distribute...

The paper contains details about the Indymedia ESF IMC at the Camden Centre as well as the other autonomous spaces and their programme of events during the ESF. The centre pages contain a map showing where all the spaces are. Please help to ensure the these papers get out.

You can collect copies from:

LARC @ Fieldgate Street
rampART @ rampart street

and the Camden Centre (during the ESF)

free people


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  1. soft copy? — spanner
  2. hard copy? — x
  3. erm, these are not meant for advance distro — info
  4. or listen online — ramradio