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Oxford gets taste of animal rights fury again as builders restart work on lab

07-12-2005 02:54

Masked up worker at the lab
Just under a week ago Oxford University decided it would restart work on its controversial new animal laboratory on South Parks Road. Since then protests from animal rights activists have been on the increase and spilled out into the city proper with a vigorous demonstration in the centre on Tuesday evening. Campaigners however remain unrepentant and unbowed, repeating their declarations that the lab would never been completed.

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Dalkeith Park Treesit Video

07-12-2005 01:12

This is a short film about the Dalkeith Park anti-bypass treesit currently ongoing jus outside Edinburgh. Take a look and then get up there!

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Christmas Card to Tookie Williams from Dublin

07-12-2005 00:18

Thanks to the UK IMC for hosting video content for Ireland IMC. We're too poor to do it ourselves.

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BNP bumps into trouble with multiple copyright breach

06-12-2005 23:33

BNP breaches copyright laws wholesale

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Furious Gate Gourmet workers march in Southall

06-12-2005 22:43

Southall beats.
On Sunday several hundred sacked Gate Gourmet workers and their supporters held a march led by a traditional drumming duo (who were brilliant) through Southall. It was followed by a rally in a local hall addressed by speakers from across the Trade Union movement.

Previously the workers had marched chanting vitriolic slogans about Gate Gourmet and British airways. Now their condemnation also targets their own trade union the T&G and its leader Tony Woodley. TUC chief Brendan Barber is also in the frame for selling them out.

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Saturday 10th December - National Day of Action: Boycott Israeli Goods

06-12-2005 20:45

Support B.I.G. activity in Birmingham City Centre this Saturday afternoon between 2 and 4pm

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subMedia seeks content for second issue of ¡Molotov!

06-12-2005 20:11

Independent Media Group subMedia ( is looking for writings, films, digital art and music for the second issue of its multimedia DVZ (DVD/Zine) ¡Molotov!

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Infousurpa n2

06-12-2005 20:08

Weekly independent social centres activities

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06-12-2005 19:39

weekly independent media poster

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rampART news

06-12-2005 17:09

Regualar events at the rampART

Monday 6pm till 8pm - weekly oganising meeting (2nd floor / office)
Tuesday 4pm till 7pm - screen printing workshops (2nd floor / workshop)
Tuesday 7pm onwards - artjam (2nd floor / workshop)
Wednesday 7pm till 9pm - samba practise (ground floor / hall)
Wednesday 9pm till 10pm - ror meeting (ground floor / hall)
Wednesday (third wednesday of each month) - Womens Cafe / cabaret
Thursday 7.30pm till 9.30pm - spanish / english conversation (library)
Thursday 8pm - free cinema night (see website for details)
Friday (every other) - Radical cheerleaders (hall or library)
Saturday 12 pm onwards - Regular Hacklab drop in session !!
Saturday evening - usually a gig or something / check website
Sunday 6pm onwards - games night (bring your games!)

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Fordhall Farm - The Future of Farming

06-12-2005 16:55

In a corner of the Shropshire countryside a unique experiment is taking place. Fordhall Farm, one of the pioneers of organic agriculture, is the setting for the first Community Land Trust in this country. But it’s a race against the clock to raise the funds needed to prevent the land being sold to developers.

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Fight Racism & Censorship at New School

06-12-2005 16:08

In NYC, New School Administrators are targeting a graduate student because she organized an all-black panel to speak on topics they consider "controversial."

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Theft of the commons

06-12-2005 14:48

The theft of common land helped launch the current airport expansion plans.

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06-12-2005 10:06


Voice Forum Notes From Meeting At House Of Commons
Thursday 29 November 2005

For Decolonialisation – Against Dehumanisation
For Refugee Status – Against Asylum Seeking
For Resistance – Against Removal

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PHILIPPINES: The unraveling of Gloria

06-12-2005 07:06

The assassination of seventy-two leftwing activists during the presidency of Gloria Macapagal Arroyo has hardly produced a ripple of indignation abroad and no more then the usual hackneyed statements of protest at home. After all, the world is focused on human rig

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Hidden in Plane Sight: US Media Dodging Air War in Iraq

06-12-2005 06:23

Please question your local media about this subject.

The Air War in Southeast Asia was the primrary cause of the American Holocaust of the 60/70's. We don't call it that, of course, but all reports place their death toll at over four MILLION.

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Mindwalk 22: Fanatics & The Free Market

06-12-2005 03:12

The reality TV show Trading Spouses. Scary to say the least. How in the world do you reach these people? Also we touch on the topic of The Free Market via Michael Parenti and The Android sisters, followed by a commentary of a podcast which is a commentary on Sean Hannity by Moshe Moscovits of Talk Warrior dot com.

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help free young eco activist sentenced to 22 years 8 months in USA

05-12-2005 23:43

TODAY (5th Dec) is Jeff Luers's birthday, he will be 27, and he will be spending it in an American maximum security prison (pictured above) serving a sentence of 22 years and eight months.

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Marchers to protest at Brighton arms makers EDO.

05-12-2005 22:04

10th December Stop the Arms Trade - Defend the Right to Protest - MASS DEMO Meet Churchill Square, Brighton at 12 noon. More details to be confirmed.

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CANADIAN SEAL HUNT: New attack by Brigitte Bardot and Franz Weber

05-12-2005 21:55

United in a memorable fight in the late seventies, which lead to a 12 years‘ stop of the commercial seal hunt (from 1983 to 1995), Franz Weber and Brigitte Bardot are launching a new attack against Canada at a time when the quotas for the next seal hunting season are being set.