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Chemtrails or Contrails: Conspiracy or Simple Science?

19-04-2001 05:28

The conspiracy theory is that government officials are conducting experiments in atmospheric science, and some of them involve a highly classified military project which involves protecting us from some as yet unknown threat. The side effects of people getting sick is part of the price we
pay for defense.

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Free Trade of the Americas fueling fundamental radical movement.

18-04-2001 21:25

Watch a movement shaping here.

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NO HIDING PLACE -surveillance, UK and paranoia

18-04-2001 20:20

Britain is now a surveillance state. The authorities may be prying into your 'private' life this second. And in the electronic age, it is much easier for innocent people to be mistaken for criminals. Bryan Appleyard investigates
(Borrowed from the Sunday Times Magazine)

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Mumia Abu-Jamal speaks on the FTAA and Global Corporatization

18-04-2001 18:31

Information from International Action Center ( New York)regarding the FTAA events in Quebec...and commentary by Mumia Abu-Jamal on globalization.

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USA TODAY - Special Edition on Mayday Monopoly

18-04-2001 17:23

USA TODAY - Special Edition on Mayday Monopoly
USA Today Corp.announces the year of 2001
as the year of Worldwide Mayday Monopoly.

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Oil Pipeline Spill in Alaska

18-04-2001 17:20

Oil Pipeline Spill in Alaska

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12 years jail for an antiracist actvist in Slovakia?

18-04-2001 16:15

We ask you to support Mario Bango, an 18-year-old Roma activist in Slovakia who is facing 12 years in prison for defending his family against a racist assault. His case is symbolic of the plight of the Roma people, so-called "Gypsies," in East Europe today.

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Evening Standard Web Poll - do u support mayday protests?

18-04-2001 13:51

Evening Standard website - - web poll - you get to vote!

VOTE: do you support the protests?
Do you support the May Day protests?
Yes/ No
currently voting stands at: NO 54% YES 46%

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Mike Taylor Found Guilty of Defending Asylum Seekers

18-04-2001 12:29

The trial was a farce and a complete travesty of justice. Though there were three magistrates sitting on the bench. Mike was effectively tried by the clerk of the court.

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Reclaim the Streets to de-brand BP re-brand on April 19th, (Car-Free Day).

18-04-2001 11:42

As BP prepare for their annual general meeting on the 19th of April, London Reclaim the Streets (RTS) announce their intention to strike at the heart of the oil giant’s glossy public image. ‘Green’ makeovers and stage-managed meetings cannot hide what goes on behind the grand facade of BP’s corporate headquarters. The irony of a BP AGM on car free day was too striking for RTS to ignore.

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Ken Livingstone - "don't attend May Day Monopoly actions"

18-04-2001 10:36

Ken Livingstone joins police in appealing for people not to take part in mayday demonstrations! He says he has been well briefed by the police - in which case he should know about the NUMEROUS peaceful protests and actions planned throughout the day!

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The biggest action on a nuclear weapons base in history of peace movement

18-04-2001 09:49

Kleine Brogel, Belgium-On Easter Monday 16 april a non-violent WAR CRIMES INSPECTION is organised by Forum for Peace Action (Flemish branch of War Resisters International) and For Mother Earth. 850 activists non-violently entered the nuclear weapons base of Kleine Brogel...

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FTAA Quebec Summit online protest action

18-04-2001 09:21

Check the site out tomorrow / on the 20th for details of the electronic actions...

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Right to rebel

18-04-2001 08:21

Lorenzo's good oil.

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Mayday Newspaper Report: The Guardian (Monday 16th April 2001)

18-04-2001 07:45

Mayday newspaper report: The Guardian - 'Never mind the danger, I've got a deadline' (Monday 16th April 2001)
Nick Hopkins undergoes riot training for journalists.

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WOMAN ALERT! Librese - Oppressing the Earths Cunt

17-04-2001 20:25

WOMAN ALERT! Librese - Oppressing the Earths Cunt
What`s between a pair of legs that changes from
white to red periodically?

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IMC Weekly PDF #1

17-04-2001 20:13

weekly PDF #1 (16 April 2001): The FTAA

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Frogs: An Early Indicator of Global Disaster

17-04-2001 16:35

Frog populations around the world have showed increasing signs of stress in recent years

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Protest against Bush + Climate Stance 05.05.01

17-04-2001 15:37

About time someone organised something big - only annoying that it clashes with J day cannabis march and party - that'll draw a lot of people away:

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The Times - Special Mayday Issue!! 17.04.01

17-04-2001 12:44

4 articles in The Times (17.04.01) all about Mayday...