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March Of A Million Youth

18-02-2008 11:02


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Denmark: 3rd night of riots in Copenhagen

18-02-2008 09:27

Denmark. The struggle for a new social centre and youth house in Copenhagen continues. Yesterday was the 3rd nigth of riots in the Dansih capitol.

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Printer Tracking Dots

18-02-2008 02:23

Printer Tracking Dots
Tracking dots are the secret marks that many popular color laser printers and photocopiers scatter across every document they touch. The marks, almost invisible to the eye, uniquely identify the printer that produced the document, and, as EFF uncovered, can even automatically encode the time and date it was created.

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Palestinians Tortured after being Incarcerated

18-02-2008 01:59

Beaten and not given access to medical care inmates threaten and threaten suicide.

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Tyneside family face 2nd deportation attempt after 8 years in Britain

18-02-2008 01:12

A Nigerian family face a second deportation attempt after being snatched in a dawn raid from Byker in Newcastle last Wednesday. They were not put onto a flight on Friday, due to protests from TCAR combined with resistance at the airport but now they have been given another flight date on Tuesday and Yarlswood is refusing to let Kunle, the father of the family, see a psychiatrist.

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Venezuela: ... Autonomous struggle from the ground up!

17-02-2008 23:30

El Libertario # 52
* Issue #52 of El Libertario is out In its editorial we reaffirm the commitment of this voice of Venezuelan anarchism to maintain a critical viewpoint on the country's realities, as well as our stand in solidarity with the struggle for liberty and equality.

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Food Not Bombs (Brixton) - Police Repression.

17-02-2008 23:26

Sunny Winter's Day, Tasty Vegan Food, Anti-Social Behaviour?!?!
Those enjoying the regular open picnic were forced to leave Brixton Town Square today in a typically heavy-handed Metropolitan Police fiasco.

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Antifascist in Moscow stabbed by Nazis - 14th February

17-02-2008 22:51

Antifascist in Moscow stabbed by Nazis on Valentine's Day march for sexual minorities

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Thousands of Kosovo Albanian refugees cleberate Kosovo Independence in London

17-02-2008 22:16

Remember back 9 years to 1999 and the war over Kosovo when thousands of Kosovan refugees fled to Britain. Well today in anticipation of impending Kosovo to be anounced independence tommorrow thousands of them took to the streets of central London and rallied in Trafalgar Square to celebrate.

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ALF liberate piglet from slaughter in Auckland

17-02-2008 20:10

Auckland Animal Action anonymously received the following communique:

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Hands off Iraqi Oil Day of Action - Cardiff Protest

17-02-2008 15:58

Assemble 2 pm, TOTAL Garage on Cathedral Road, Cardiff
(OR meet 1.30 pm, Nye Bevan Statue, Queen Street to walk there!)

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Obama: The “Best Face” For Imperialism

17-02-2008 14:51

Sullivan writes that a (ruling class) “consensus” agenda for endless war and increased repression will be in effect regardless of who is president. He challenges the reader to pick who could best implement all this in the face of global isolation and profound domestic alienation. And, in the process, he sheds light on the real role of elections in this society.

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Venus, OIL & Eros.

17-02-2008 14:16

Venus and Eros surrounded by OIL
Traditionally, tourists flock to Piccadilly circus to experience the bright and colourful but insanely expensive high tech billboard adverts. Yesterday however, Operation Infinite Love reclaimed the space beneath the statue of Eros for people and partying. The tourists absolutely loved the party in preference to those soulless repetitive animations promoting greedy destructive corporations. OIL is all about reclaiming love from the Valentine's day profiteers - the chocolate, card and flower producers. OIL proclaims loudly that love should always be free and is the answer to nearly all the world's problems whereas corporations and their violent lust for ever greater profits are the cause of so much injustice and environmental destruction.

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Support The Harmondsworth 4! - Demonstrate 18 February 9.30-10.30am – Jury is no

17-02-2008 14:00

On Friday 15 February the judge finished summing up in the trial of four men who were in Harmondsworth IRC at the time of the protest there on 28 November 2006. The jury are now considering whether the four should be found guilty of various charges, the main one of which is conspiracy to commit violent disorder. There has been a demonstration each Monday morning throughout the trial, and solidarity is even more important for this final week. Please join us!

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Essex Students Reclaim Their Union

17-02-2008 13:50

ViVA ESSEX - for another union
The majority opinion after the 2008 Sabbatical Elections of the Essex University Students’ Union was that the mandate for change that had been growing over the years was confirmed by the victories of the ViVA ESSEX sabbatical candidate team, who were aiming to reclaim the direction of the Union that saw its officers usually dominated by liberals and conservatives. However the night was bittersweet for many as the solidarity they shared began to hurt as their Presidential candidate narrowly failed to win the top position.

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Driving 1,500 km to shop - “Rudd should hold his head in shame”

17-02-2008 11:35

Michael Anderson
Sydney, 17 February 2008 -- How would you feel having to drive 1,500 kilometres to buy your household supplies, limited to 60 dollars per person?
How would you feel about police and troops with guns swarming through your community, your house, your possessions totally accessible to them without any legal instrument?
How would you feel about not being able to spend your own or your dead husband’s war veterans pension after he served in Vietnam?
All of that and more is happening in the intervention in the Northern Territory, which is moving up community after community from the South Australian border to the coast, terrifying people.

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Holding Barack Obama Accountable

17-02-2008 11:12

What would holding Barack Obama accountable on war and peace, on social security, health care and other issues look like, and is it possible to hold a political "rock star" accountable at all?

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East Oxford Vamp Flick

17-02-2008 09:41

A community film made many years ago with the oldy school oxford activist scene.

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IWW Branch Meeting -Wednesday 20th February

17-02-2008 09:40

Monthly meeting of Manchester Branch of the Industrial Workers of the World.

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Video: Nobel Prize speaks about imperialism and war

17-02-2008 02:09

Harold Pinter, the Nobel Prize in Literature 2005
Video of his lecture:"Art, Truth & Politics"
45 minutes about US imperial policy, war and truth. Watch here: