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Around the Campaigns Tuesday 13th October 2009

13-10-2009 08:48

Children held in UK immigration removal centres develop mental and physical health difficulties

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Change Your Diet, Save the Climate

13-10-2009 01:15

"Climate Change and Livestock Farming" slideshow by
An open letter to Greenpeace, and all too many other 'environmental groups' , in response to their ongoing campaigning against SOME of the causes of climate change.

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Support the Asnar Family - Brighton-Tubas Friendship and Solidarity Group Appeal

12-10-2009 22:01

URGENT: Support Ezat's right to visit his sick daughter in hospital

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Eviction of the new squat in Vienna – call for solidarity actions!

12-10-2009 21:34

On the 2nd of October we squatted the Triesterstrasse 114, an old school building in the south of Vienna to establish a houseproject: a space for self-organised, non-commercial projects and communal living. The initial concept was to have an action-week with programs and discussions there and force the city to talk to us (which they otherwise don't do). We got violently evicted today (12 of October) and therefore we call for solidarity actions!

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Obama and the Nobel Prize: When War becomes Peace,When the Lie becomes the Truth

12-10-2009 20:56

We are the crossroads of the most serious crisis in modern history. The US in partnership with NATO and Israel has launched a global military adventure which, in a very real sense, threatens the future of humanity.

At this critical juncture in our history, the Norwegian Nobel Committee's decision to award the Nobel Peace Prize to President and Commander in Chief Barack Obama constitutes an unmitigated tool of propaganda and distortion, which unreservedly supports the Pentagon's "Long War": "A War without Borders" in the true sense of the word, characterised by the Worlwide deployment of US military might.

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UN urged to intercede on behalf of seven 'disappeared' Saharawi human rights adv

12-10-2009 20:40

The President of the SADR writes to the UN to highlight the arrest of seven Western Saharan human rights activists in Morocco

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The Moment Has Come for a New Constitution in Honduras

12-10-2009 20:29

“We reiterate our condemnation of the coup d’etat and call for national reconciliation, which is why we propose reforms to the Electoral Law and that political organizations convene a referendum so that the citizenry can vote on a new Constitution,” said Alvarez Casildo.

“For black people, this is the moment the entire country finds itself in. It affects everyone. And it represents a historic opportunity to change the direction of Honduras so that the great majority benefit.”

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Obama Nobel Peace Laureate (by Latuff)

12-10-2009 20:02

Obama wins Nobel PEACE Prize!!!
Copyleft artwork by Brazilian cartoonist Latuff.

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Palestine Today 101209

12-10-2009 19:58

Welcome to Palestine Today, a service of the International Middle East Media Center, for Monday October 12, 2009

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HLS Customer - Teva UK - Head Office Demo'd

12-10-2009 19:55


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Saturday's EDL demo: photographs

12-10-2009 18:14

These photos relate to the article "Poor Turnout For EDL Demo" posted on Sunday.

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Vestas Wind shares decline 10/10/2009

12-10-2009 17:05

Shares of Vestas Wind Systems A/S, the world's biggest maker of wind turbines with facilities in Colorado, dropped to the lowest since April in Copenhagen after Svenska Handelsbanken AB cut its recommendation to "reduce" from "accumulate."

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Anti anti Semitism with Norman Finkelstein

12-10-2009 15:51

Norman Finkelstein lecturing at DePaul University
What links ex-president Jimmy Carter, Baroness Jenny Tongue and the University of California? All these have been recently been accused of anti-Semitism, vilified in the press for questioning Israel’s occupation of Palestine. It is a reflex action of pro-Israel groups to publish slander against vocal critics, and few have been more systematically targeted than political scientist Norman Finkelstein.

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Whither Resilience and Transition? Why 'Peak Oil' Has Yet to Outlive its Usefulness

12-10-2009 14:05

It's been a fascinating few days. Early in the week, Nate Hagens and Sharon Astyk were suggesting the perhaps the term 'peak oil' has outlived its usefulness, given that we have almost certainly peaked, and that the peak oil movement needs to shift its focus. It echoed something I wrote a while ago, likening ASPO and the wider peak oil movement to a Loch Ness Monster Society, dedicated to establishing the existence of this fabled creature. They organise conferences, scientific searches of the loch, write papers and journals, and then one day, an entire, intact Loch Ness Monster washes up on the shore. Then what? They have no reason to exist any longer, their whole raison d'etre vanishes overnight.

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UK government condemns British mining company Vedanta

12-10-2009 13:48

In an unprecedented attack on a major British company, the government ruled that Vedanta, ‘did not respect the rights of the Dongria Kondh’; ‘did not consider the impact of the construction of the mine on the [tribe’s] rights’; and ‘failed to put in place an adequate and timely consultation mechanism’. Devastatingly, it concluded, ‘A change in the company’s behaviour’ is ‘essential’.

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Is climate action at a tipping point?

12-10-2009 13:00

We’ve seen victory after victory this week and that’s just the major iconic battles. Not only have Eon and BAA thrown in the towel on Kingsnorth and Heathrows third runway, but also the rejection of the proposed agrofuels power stations Portland, Dorset and in Southall, Ealing last month.

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eviction of st.pauls squat

12-10-2009 12:21

on friday around twelve o,clock our squat was under eviction ... st pauls squat london

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Mass deportation flight to Southern Iraq this week

12-10-2009 12:20

A specially chartered, mass deportation flight is scheduled to leave to southern Iraq for the first time. The flight is expected to go to Baghdad.