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Estate Agents attacked - Bristol

21-07-2011 12:10

Last night (20 July) the windows of Maggs & Allen Bristol were smashed.

We did this in response to Maggs & Allen's part in the threatened eviction of the Freeshop and the Emporium, two squatted spaces on Stokes Croft. Our solidarity goes out to all people being threatened with eviction, from those in squats to those who can't afford their rent.

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Stop GM Camp

21-07-2011 10:47

Spuds Don't Work rally and Camp Against the Come Back this weekend

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Agents Provocateurs

21-07-2011 09:12

The insurmountable problem for those who categorise any accusation of the state acting deliberately wrongly as a “conspiracy theory”, is truth. There is, beyond any doubt, a police operation to infiltrate left wing groups in the UK with spies.

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Anarcho-Punk zine: PunkWay #6, summer 2011

21-07-2011 00:59

PunkWay #6
Hello, activists, and everyone who just getting train!) Tis number took away from us much time and eforts as never before, which is why we delayed twice its exit, but (independently of whether you’re waiting it out, helped to create it or never heard about) PunkWay zine # 6 is in front of you. Tis time the magazine was released in two versions: Russian and English. Te English version made in order to make zine became more interesting in a way of unite all punks who knows English and free-
thinking people from all over the world to share experiences and works at the following edition of zine. Does it sound as a great idea? Let’s see what will happen...) And now read reports that shares events, tips, a lot of theory, creativity and a lot of practice from the activists from the CIS countries!

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21-07-2011 00:55

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G8 Genova 2001, Open letter to Antonio Manganelli.

20-07-2011 22:55

Esimio, spettabile, gentile, caro, egregio {eminent, esteemed, gentle, dear, distinguished} Dr Manganelli? I don’t know how to start off this letter, the second one I’ve sent you. Thus I’m going to call you “signor Manganelli” and I hope that doesn’t displease you. I’m writing to you because I feel uncomfortable. I feel there’s a growing separation between the Police and the citizens that I find to be crazy and that doesn’t belong to the culture of this country and even less to the State organisation that you lead and represent. 

In Great Britain, there’s been the resignation of Paul Stephenson the head of Scotland Yard and his deputy, John Yates, because they are suspected of having received favours from the publishing organisation led by Rupert Murdoch. They resigned because of suspicions, not because of a judgement in the courts of the Kingdom. In that country, ethics for the public functionaries is more important than the verdicts. In recent days there has been the tenth anniversary of the G8 in Genoa and the "macelleria messicana" {Mexican butchery} at the Diaz school. You are aware that for that happening, Spartaco Mortola was found guilty and on Appeal was given three years and eight months for “falsi dei verbali di arresto” {falsification of the arrest records} at the Diaz school and was sentenced to a year and two months for “l'induzione alla falsa testimonianza del questore di Genova” {persuading the chief of police in Genoa to give false testimony}. Italian citizens would expect at least that he would be suspended from service; however, Mortola has been promoted to the position of chief of police in Genoa. He’s not the only one among those found guilty by the tribunals of the Republic for the G8 happenings that has made progress in his career. Alessandro Perugini whodelivered a kick in the face to an unarmed young man on the ground in a scene that went round the world, is today the chief of police in Alessandria. The list is long and I’ll save you from reading it. 
I don’t feel that it’s right, and I think that very many Italians feel the same, that anyone who has been found guilty (even though still not by the Court of Cassation) continues in service and is even promoted. Thousands of police officers are risking their lives every day, and often they lose their lives, to protect citizens. They don’t deserve to be associated with those who have cast a blemish on the uniform and the whole organisation to which they belong, during the G8. Quite frankly, I would find it intolerable. The citizen should not have the tiniest doubt about those who are delegated to protect him, in fact he must have maximum trust and willingness to cooperate. I am making two proposals to you and I hope you would like to support them. The first is the introduction of a system ofidentification for each police officer, as happens in many other countries like the United States. The second is a series of open meetings with the citizens and the Police in various cities during which every type of problem relating to safety and security is discussed and tackled. The police force belongs to the citizens, not to the source of Power, and it is with the citizens that it has to come face to face. I trust, as ever, in a response from you. Yours sincerely.” Beppe Grillo

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Direct action @ Kensington & Chelsea Council’s Cabinet Meeting

20-07-2011 20:02

The Town Hall, Hornton Street, London W8 7NX

at 5.30pm on Thursday 21 July 2011

The Supreme Court has ruled in support of Kensington and Chelsea council’s withdrawal of overnight care to Elaine McDonald to save money.

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Occupation of Shell peat storage facility in Rossport

20-07-2011 17:13

on a digger with sign
Shell to Sea protest halts Shell's peat works for second day

At 10.30 am this morning Shell to Sea campaigners stopped work for the second day in a row at the Bord na Móna site at Shramore, near Bangor, Co. Mayo. They are currently on the site and occupying machinery.

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Palestine Today 07 20 2011

20-07-2011 16:19

Welcome to Palestine Today a service of the International Middle East Media Centre, for Wednesday July 20th, 2011

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10 questions the MPs did not ask Murdoch

20-07-2011 13:53

As predicted the day before the Murdoch's were questioned by MPs, the difficult questions did not get asked.

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Help needed in exposing fascist

20-07-2011 13:53

Poster on U75, DR RingDing

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Court Judgement: Mark Kennedy acted as an agent provocateur

20-07-2011 13:32

No doubt the defendants will be posting on their site about the court of appeal decision and also Tweeting about it, but in the meantime following are extracts from a Guardian article.

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Peel Holding getting subsidy yet again

20-07-2011 11:28

The opening of the new museum on Mann Island will mean that Peel Holding will receive an annual ground rent estimated at £2m although the exact figure is highly secret (because we're a democracy).

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Why did police declare death of News of the World whistleblower “not suspicious?”

20-07-2011 09:42

When the former News of the World reporter Sean Hoare was found dead Monday at his home in Watford, north of London, the immediate response of the Hertfordshire police was to issue a public statement declaring his death to be “unexplained but not thought to be suspicious.”

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Cairn obtains legal interdict: ‘Twitter ban’ and 'gagging order' for Greenpeace

20-07-2011 00:04

In its latest move to cover up the truth about its Arctic drilling, Cairn Energy has obtained an extraordinary, wide-ranging legal interdict (injunction) against us, gagging us from posting Tweets and Facebook updates containing photos of yesterday's occupation of their Edinburgh headquarters.

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Defend Internet Activist Aaron Swartz

19-07-2011 22:44

Aaron Swartz, who has been a life long progressive and highly ethical, internet activist, who founded Demand Progress, has been charged in the US for downloading academic documents and potentially faces up to 35 years in prison and a $1 million fine. A political campaign to support Aaron Swartz has been launched and he deserves the widest support — the charges, threatened sentence and fine are truly outrageous.

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Breaking news: Police less than honest

19-07-2011 20:53

Inside Fortum & Masion
Monday saw the Crown Prosecution Service announce that charges would be dropped against 109 activists who occupied Fortnum & Mason on 26 March 2011. On Tuesday, 20 environmental activists had their convictions for attempting to shut down the Ratcliffe-on-Soar power station overturned. As well as involving several activists from Oxford, these two cases had something else in common – blatant dishonesty from the police (or maybe the CPS – who can tell the difference?).

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Transition in Cities and the #SpanishRevolution

19-07-2011 19:45

Attached are three recordings from the UK Transition Network Conference 2011, which was held in Liverpool from 8th to 11th July.

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Activist Legal App now available

19-07-2011 18:47

Animal Rights UK would like to introduce our legal App for Android devices.

We hope this App helps Activists across all movements keep in action and out of police stations

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Charlie Gilmore's sentance and the corrupt establishment

19-07-2011 18:11

The imprisonment of Charlie Gilmore and other students is an example of what a spiteful, vindictive and politically corrupt little nation the UK has become.