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Court Judgement: Mark Kennedy acted as an agent provocateur

repost | 20.07.2011 13:32 | Climate Chaos | Energy Crisis | Repression | Sheffield | World

No doubt the defendants will be posting on their site about the court of appeal decision and also Tweeting about it, but in the meantime following are extracts from a Guardian article.

Three senior judges have ruled that the undercover police officer Mark Kennedy unlawfully spied on protesters and arguably acted as an "agent provocateur".

In a damning ruling explaining why they quashed the convictions of 20 climate change activists, the court of appeal judges said they shared the "great deal of justifiable public disquiet" about Kennedy's infiltration.


On Wednesday, giving their reasons for overturning the convictions, the judges made stinging criticisms about Kennedy's undercover operation, which they said was part of long-term police infiltration of extreme leftwing groups.

The judges said Kennedy "was involved in activities which went much further than the authorisation he was given, and appeared to show him as an enthusiastic supporter of the proposed occupation of the power station and, arguably, an agent provocateur".

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