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US accused of excessive force

01-04-2003 14:42

Article in the Guradian on how US forces have been seen to be using excessive force on Iraqi civilians.

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To all true anti war protestors

01-04-2003 14:38

To all true anti war protestors
After following this website (IMC-UK) for few days this is a desperate plea. PLEASE DO NOT POST SHIT OR SEEK TO ADVERTISE OTHER CAUSES at these sad times.

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01-04-2003 14:33

The following letter has now been signed by more than 150 Jews in the diaspora who thereby renounced their legal right to Israeli citizenship and was sent to the Israeli embassy in New York. By this gesture, the signers rejected any approval or support of Israel's dispossession of the Palestinian people, the brutality of its occupation, and the undemocratic/racist nature of its policies.

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Jenin: Israeli Army Retracts Claim that ISM Sheltered Armed Man

01-04-2003 14:24

The latest ISM reports

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01-04-2003 14:00

14 singersongwriters from the Netherlands, Belgium, USA and the UK on a anti-war cd

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Upcoming events in Edinburgh

01-04-2003 13:51

upcoming events, particularly radical and alternative films and theatre play

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"Red Alert" Means Martial Law; Where do You Get War News?

01-04-2003 13:46

Not Just Bush's War War Hawks Backtrack, White House "somber" Bring Our Lads Home -- Send Rumsfeld to War Instead Radio Giant Agitates For War Organic Agriculture Helps Fight Cancer Spectre of McCarthy Haunts Hollywood

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Brian Haw on Hunger Strike

01-04-2003 13:41

Brian Haw on Hunger Strike
Parliament Square peace protester Brian Haw is now on hunger strike to protest against the Anglo-American invasion of Iraq.

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Venezuela fires on Colombian paramilitaries

01-04-2003 13:22

CARACAS, Venezuela (AP) - Venezuela's military exchanged gunfire with Colombian paramilitaries and bombed a zone close to the border as a warning to the fighters, President Hugo Chavez said Sunday.

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M29 Protest Dublin Video

01-04-2003 13:20

Video of protest in Dublin on saturday march 29th (3.6Mb, 3 mins 10 secs)
Start of video is mostly marching and the fire outside the dail, with excerpts from speeches at the end.

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Colombian police fire tear gas on anti-war protesters who burn tires, U.S. flag

01-04-2003 13:11

BOGOTA, Colombia - Police fired rubber bullets and tear gas into a crowd of more than 1,500 demonstrators Thursday who tried to march on the U.S. Embassy in Colombia to protest the war in Iraq (news - web sites). No serious injuries were reported.

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Bristol anti war activist in Iraq on way back to UK

01-04-2003 12:50

Bristol anti war activists on her way back to UK

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War fuels attacks and abuse on Muslims

01-04-2003 12:41

Backlash against Muslims has begun

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Police and the Anti-War Protests

01-04-2003 12:40

Please pass on any complaints about the Police in London

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worldwide-revolution 04.04.2003

01-04-2003 12:35

please raed website

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Colombia, not Iraq, is Haunting the Empire

01-04-2003 12:10

Publisher's Note: While the population of the United States is transfixed in front of the screen, obsessed with the "war" that Power wants them to see, that Power designed to distract them from all other realities, a long-running war continues to rage in our own hemisphere; a 50 years war: The Colombian Civil War.

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Time to die!

01-04-2003 12:07

Time to die!
russian anti-tank units let burst Abrams tanks like ballons

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US investigates death of Iraqi civilians at checkpoint

01-04-2003 11:59

from BBC website

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Protest at war(s) multiplies in Colombia

01-04-2003 11:40

Protest at the war in Iraq and the Colombian government’s support for it has multiplied in Colombia. The protests have linked the invasion to the war in Colombia and cutbacks in social spending and services. The following takes in events in the capital Bogota, indigenous action in the countryside, and the coastal town of Sincelejo.