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House Demolitions Planned in Jordan Valley, Palestine

22-04-2007 20:23

Internationals from Brighton and elsewhere are staying with bedouin villagers in Al Hadidi to defend their homes against demolition by the Israeli Army.

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Support Palestine! - Northern Rally and Festival to take place in Sheffield

22-04-2007 20:20

Support Palestine! - Northern Rally and Festival to take place in Sheffield
On May 12th a coalition of Northern PSC branches is organising a major rally and festival calling for an end to 40 years of Israeli occupation and for justice in Palestine.

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Anti Gatwick detention centre demo

22-04-2007 20:11

Anti Gatwick detention centre demo.

Pictures to come.

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Italy: Sharing of self-produced video

22-04-2007 19:47

Sharing of self-produced video Vicenza demonstration against enlargement of USA military camp

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WALES Anti-Nazi MASS Demonstration!

22-04-2007 19:29

Pickett 6-7pm Tuesday 24th April,
BBC Wales Offices,
Broadcasting House,
Llantrisant Rd, Llandaff, Cardiff CF5 2YQ

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Protestors plant GM trial site with organic potatoes. (press release)

22-04-2007 18:09

People from all over the country are currently planting organic potatoes in the field proposed as a GM potato trial site outside Hull. It is hoped that the donation of safe spuds will prevent the planting of the controversial crop, which threatens the livelihoods of local borage growers and organic farmers.

Anna Lock explained;
“If you want to eat good safe potatoes, you have to plant good safe potatoes. By planting organic potatoes in this field today, the field will be rendered unsuitable for the GM trial. Scientific experiments need controllable variables, tiny organic seed potatoes hidden deep in the ground are a variable controlled only by nature. These seed potatoes will grow and BASF’s experiment will no longer be possible on this site.”

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support the edo mbm 3 in court monday onwards

22-04-2007 16:53

roof top protesters are in court from monday the 23 rd to friday 27 th of april...on friday there is a demo outside brighton magistrates court at 1 pm...bring pots/pans whistles ect ect..but most importantly just come along...take time of work and treat yourself by starting the weekend early!!! allso support all week inside the court itself is encouraged/wanted..its important to let the fuckers know we three do not stand come down and show your solidarity inside or outside the court from monday 9.45 am onwards..we are winning lets keep up the pressure....onwards in solidarity

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Speak Out For ESOL

22-04-2007 16:48

On Saturday 21st April, almost three hundred people assembled on Sheffield's Devonshire Green and marched through the city centre to hear speakers from many organisations at Barkers Pool. These people were demonstrating their rejection of the Government proposals to cut the provisions of free ESOL classes.

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Photos of GM trials site [cambridge]

22-04-2007 16:17

This lane runs along the eastside of Girton Woods. The fields are just ahead.
These photographs were taken in the afternoon of Sunday 22 April.

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Russian Roulette and the War on Iran

22-04-2007 15:38

While Moscow was the only major global power condemning the kidnapping of Iranian diplomats early this year in Northern Iraq, it sharpened the tone as it considered Iran’s seizure of British spies and its subsequent pursuit of its nuclear research activities despite the latest Security Council resolution a ‘provocation.’ A major commentator from Russia’s state news agency, RIA Novosti, even concluded that it is Iran that is ‘provoking’ a war. A couple of days later, the same praises to the skies Tehran’s adroit release of London’s soldiers, thus preventing a possible U.S. attack on April 6. Moscow’s state-run news agency was also the very first one to report the immediate danger of a U.S. nuclear assault on Iran for this month. But in recent days, it seems to backpedal while citing sources assessing an American strike on Iran is not going to happen. But what can we conclude from this potpourri of messages and reports echoing from Moscow?

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Hands Off John Bowden!

22-04-2007 14:23

An update on the latest situation with long-term prison resister John Bowden.

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Femicide in the Aftermath of Guatemalan Civil War

22-04-2007 14:14

Actress Samantha Mathis discusses violence against women in Guatemala, including the recent increase of murders. This article is adapted from her testimony before the Congressional Human Rights Caucus on September 13, 2006.

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The Ongoing Trials of Mordechai Vanunu

22-04-2007 12:29

On April 30, 2007 Mordechai Vanunu will learn if he will return to jail for speaking to the media in 2004.

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Urgent Appeal - Help halt the deportation of Jack Ikegwu

22-04-2007 11:49

Following the protest against the new proposed Immigration Removal Centre (IRC), No Borders London put out this urgent appeal to halt the deportation of 18-year-old Nigerian-born Jack Monday Ikegwu.

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There’s hope for us all. Starvation is just a “phenomenon.”

22-04-2007 10:59

Nowhere to live? Don't worry; it's just a phenomenon.

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Psychics snub The MOD

22-04-2007 09:36

Pschics refuse to take part in remote viewing attempt in "War on Terror"

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A march in Lewisham, London.

22-04-2007 09:09

Video Poster
Spirited small local groups and families in Lewisham came together yesterday to march from Catford to Lewisham Police Station. They were protesting, among other things, about the use of deadly knives and guns in the community.

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Public Funds Wasted Busting Party in Granchester Meadows.

22-04-2007 04:03

Not a UFO, but the Copper Chopper!
If you go down to a field tonight you're sure of a big surprise, because you may find yourself surrounded by Police, out to use the full weight of the law and the resources of the State to stop you having any fun there!

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Bats Out of Hell: SEE CIAs in Dulles Airport on Way to Crimes

22-04-2007 03:40

Building for Meeting CIA Agents
You can meet, anytime, at a public airport (PHOTOS BELOW), the U.S. government's Criminals In Action (aka CIA) on their way to commit crimes. The Landmark Aviation terminal (FIRST PHOTO) at the Washington (DC) Dulles International Airport (code: IAD) is the place these batty hellions fly out of. It is open to the public to mingle with the CIA agents.

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Australia: Behind the ANZAC Myth - Conscription and World War 1

22-04-2007 01:39

The ANZAC myth has become an integral part of Australian folklore, as the last living witnesses to the carnage that occurred cannot personally challenge the idealised sanitised accounts that are being trotted out each ANZAC Day.