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Anti Gatwick detention centre demo

Brighton No Borders | 22.04.2007 20:11 | No Border Camp 2007 | Anti-racism | Migration | London | South Coast

Anti Gatwick detention centre demo.

Pictures to come.

A march against the new Gatwick detention centre took place in Crawley today 21st April 2007. Around 150 people from across the country met up Jubilee Field in Three Bridges at noon and marched to the Crawley town centre. The march took to the streets stopping traffic, shouting slogans against detention centres and for the freedom of movement of all people. The mobile demo circled around the busy shopping centre along with the samba band ending up at the memorial gardens where a rally took place. The main aims of the demo for to widely publicise and bring to the fore the building of a new racist prison right outside Crawley. Hundreds and hundreds of leaflets were given out to onlookers. The police was fairly low key and mostly aimed at intelligence gathering and filming.

This is just the beginning of our struggle against the new Gatwick detention centre and for the closure of all detention centres.

Free movement for all! No borders no nations!

Brighton No Borders