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Urgent Appeal - Help halt the deportation of Jack Ikegwu

Oscar Beard | 22.04.2007 11:49 | Gender | Migration | Repression | London | World

Following the protest against the new proposed Immigration Removal Centre (IRC), No Borders London put out this urgent appeal to halt the deportation of 18-year-old Nigerian-born Jack Monday Ikegwu.

Jack is due to be deported tomorrow, Monday 23 April 2007. He is currently detained in Colnbrook IRC after being snatched during his last signing session.

His story since entering the UK is the story of so many, too many, people seeking asylum in this country.

His accounts of persecution and torture have not been recognised by the Home Office. They didn't even believe he was a minor. Instead he has been detained a second time and now faces a fast-track deportation to a country where his safety cannot be assured, which is against International human rights.

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Oscar Beard



22.04.2007 14:15

It is true the same story happenes to so many, too many others...What is different about Jack is that he did so much to help others in the same situation, despite being only eighteen! He is even continuing calling detainees from his cell in Colnbrook at this moment of time. He is an inspiration to all of us and deserves all our help.



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  1. Fight departed, Jack Still here! — one of noborders