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Activist´s Struggle against Disability Discrimination

02-04-2004 09:05

One in seven of the UK's workforce are affected by disability. The current law and how it is applied is mostly employer - friendly. If you are disabled and want to work, you have to keep your mouth shut for fear of a life in poverty.

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Abna al-Balad activists on hungerstrike

01-04-2004 22:05

Abna al-Balad activists - on hungerstrike after 54 days in Shabak wing -
need support from the outside to improve their imprisonment conditions.

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Callinicos reveals SWP's crisis

01-04-2004 22:01

Here is some news that will be of interest to every activist in the land who has tried to build anti-capitalist resistance and therefore had problematical encounters with the SWP!

Alex Callinicos reveals how the largest socialist organisation in the UK may be on the edge of a serious crisis.

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Summer of Dissent documentary

01-04-2004 21:49

The Manhattan Neighbor Network has collected footage from protests from all over the world on 20 March 2004 to make this documentary. The IMC footage of the London protest is also in the film. There are two more screenings of this film in April: 4th and 7th. You can watch it on the website (see below).

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Michael Ignatieff and "Empire Lite".

01-04-2004 21:12

Ignatieff. Don't let the name fool you, he really is a terrific moron...

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Durban Activists arrested

01-04-2004 21:07

Legal march attacked, people assalted, arrested, appeal for solidarity

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Pro-capitalists 'CRAP' march in support of capitalism and war...join them

01-04-2004 18:52

CRAP pro-capitalist society is born.

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simon wiesenthal centre appeal

01-04-2004 18:34

in this article the simon wiesenthal centre ask for help to fight atnisemitism

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Mayday - help from an unexpected quarter

01-04-2004 18:29

Anarchists seem to be having trouble getting organised. Let's give them a hand

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01-04-2004 16:42

Power-Not-So-Gen-erous - or, how a corporation will do anything to drive down its costs.

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British Government Murder in Ireland

01-04-2004 16:39

The Belfast based Committee on the Administration of Justice (CAJ), a human rights NGO, has just published the following summary of the findings of Canadian Judge Peter Cory (appointed by the British and Irish governments) in his investigation into the circumstances surrounding the murders of Pat Finucane, Robert Hamill, Rosemary Nelson and Billy Wright. The full report into the murder of Pat Finucane is now available on the Pat Finucene Centre's website:

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[euromayday] Callout for euromayday parade 2004 - milan barcelona

01-04-2004 15:57

Official callout for the EuroMayday Parade in Milan and Barcelona on may 1st 2004

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StrikeSpotting UK 08.03.04 - 01.04.04

01-04-2004 15:54

Summary of strike action in the UK

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Tony Cliff alive

01-04-2004 15:31

Tony Cliff, Yachts and Al-Fayhed

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Aldermaston Rally Bonn Square 10th April

01-04-2004 15:25

Come and support the Youth March from Oxford to Aldermaston.
Rally at Bonn Square, 9.30am, Saturday 10th April 2004

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The disaster continues today

01-04-2004 15:19

The disaster continues today. It should be clear to all U.S. citizens, as it is to most of the world, that our presence in Iraq is hated. Of course our government and corporate media will continue to try to hide and spin events until the cows come home. It’s up to us to carry the truth to our people and end the illegal and immoral occupation of Iraq. Please spread widely, jamie

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The Right to Dissent and the Trial of Camilo Viveiros

01-04-2004 15:14

Camilo with tenet leader
April 7 is the beginning of the trial in Philadelphia, USA of community organizer Camilo Viveiros. This is the last of the criminal trials from the 2000 Republican National Convention. Will a steadfast and dedicated political organizer beat the fate of political imprisonment or will Police Chief John Timoney begin to be exonerated?

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Copyright is Theft - fight the new piracy laws

01-04-2004 14:33

Ever downloaded a song from the internet or copied a tape or CD? Then you're a menace to society, according to draconian anti-piracy laws passed by the EU last month.

The law was supposedly designed to target professional pirates, criminals and counterfeiters who make copies of goods such as perfume, designer clothes or CDs. During the debates, the directive was widened to cover *any* infringement of intellectual property. The directive allows companies to raid homes, seize property and ask courts to freeze bank accounts to protect trademarks or intellectual property they believe are being abused or stolen.
[From Freedom, Anarchist News and Views]

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Social Forum Launch - a view from London

01-04-2004 14:06

Dave Timms works for World Development Movement and is active in organising for both the London and European Social Forums. This was his report on the Sheffield Social Forum launch...