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Pro-capitalists 'CRAP' march in support of capitalism and war...join them

Northern Arts Tactical Offensive | 01.04.2004 18:52

CRAP pro-capitalist society is born.

Capitalism Represents Acceptable Policy, are a group who have come together to support the empire of global capitalism and all its side-effects and begin a grassroots fight for the hearts and minds of the British public.
You know we are going to win and that you crazy left-liberals are fighting a loosing swallow your pride and join us. Join the Pro-Capitalist revolution!

To find out how to join visit:

Viva Mammon!!

Northern Arts Tactical Offensive


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  1. please explain — moneyman
  2. Congrats — Karic
  3. Moneyman — Guy Debord
  4. Intelligence x 500 — NATO rep
  5. Wonderful! NATO Rocks 2 — do$$ar
  6. CRAP goes from strength to strength. — CRAP