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Indymedia DNS-Server unavailable

23-03-2012 10:38

currently both dns-servers pointed to by internic serving seem to be down.
here are some entries for you host-file: chavez

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Hare Coursing fans caught REDHANDED attempting to rig opinion poll!

22-03-2012 23:40

Anti hare coursing campaign wronged by attempted vote rigging in online poll
Massive vote rigging opereration uncovered in online poll on hare coursing

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Fire station to be evicted

22-03-2012 22:55

An abandoned public building being used as a social centre for the general public will be evicted in a few days at great expense to the taxpayer.

The building at 1 Whitgift Street is at the centre of a planning controversy after residents of the area signed a petition against it being converted into luxury flats on TWO separate occasions.

The Fire and Emergency planning authority have issued an Interim Possession Order for the building which was found in a badly kept condition by its current occupants.

It has since been cleaned and opened to the public as a much-needed community space last Thursday. 

One visitor to the social centre described the way the potential of the place. “After the government released its latest budget attacking pensioners and community areas we find the expensive eviction of these premises to make a mockery of Cameron’s Big Society model.

“At a time when we need to stick together to fight the latest cuts the government has gone for the most expensive way to evict people disregarding local concerns for the community use of public property.”

The building has been disused since 2008 when the crisis first hit as bankers’ mistakes created a financial crisis which has affected millions in cuts to public welfare, health services and pensions.

“The tough reaction of the authorities to this social centre and others is a sure sign of more repression to people interested in sharing with others what they know and care about,” said Chris, who was visiting the centre for the first time.

As a new law to ban squatting is being discussed in the House of Lords, he added: “Social centres like this show how a disused public building can be put to effective use without expense to public purse. It seems that the only thing the government is concerned about promoting is projects that are run by multinational corporations in the interests of financial profit as opposed to cultural or social value”

Workshops on bicycle maintenance, yoga and dance are being run throughout the open day at the space near Lambeth Bridge on the south side of the river almost directly in front of Parliament. 


Fire stations around the country were shut down under budget cuts with some taken on by volunteers, a move which could the general public at risk, according to some analysts.

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Broken doors, solid resistance

22-03-2012 22:55

This week local anarchists, squatters and housing activists were lucky to meet a good man, allbeit under the stress of a violent eviction by Bristol City Council and it's hired thugs. The world needs more people like Gordon; a rough diamond, angry, undefeated and a headache for the authorities. He's been on the receiving end of a long history of neglect, abuse, punishment, intimidation and violence from council, courts and cops alike but remains defiant, with a well developed and entirely justified hatred of authority alongside a sense of humour which has carried him through all the shit they have thrown at him over the years. His stories are tragic in the extreme, but somehow he tells them in such a way that we all end up laughing at it all with him. As the bailiff scum and the filth began their dirty work, smashing through his front door early on Tuesday morning and Gordon knew he would soon be homeless, we still managed to share a laugh and a joke in the face of their brutality and violence, as we piled the contents of the flat onto the barricade. A police "negotiator" who'd been watching too many cop shows on TV provided us with much shake your head in disbelief style amusement. How we laughed at the council officials there to simply tick their boxes, trying to convince us that they're only trying to help, giving the nod to the tooled up thugs to continue the "assistance" by means of a bit of old fashioned door smashing.These embarassments to humanity even whistled and chuckled while they worked - for the first five minutes! We were agreed on a guiding principle of "Well, let's make these bastards work for their dirty money!" and these tools certainly didn't have an easy job of it. It took them half an hour to break through with a crowbar, sledge hammer and battering ram, which was plenty long enough for us to make our own noise with a few home truths and tell them exactly what we thought of their chosen careers. Strong men wielding all the power of the law, but with no integrity and no real power over their own lives, breaking down doors, destroying homes and ruining lives because they're told to do it by the boss. What a waste of a life! You could see in their dead eyes they were way too far gone to reason with, having sold themselves a long time ago. Their dignity is as broken as that front door; well beyond repair. The same goes for the council officials, hiding behind their "proper procedures" which only serve their interests and offer no real help whatsoever to people on the sharp end of their policies. These tools have no idea, in their cosy little lives, what the reality of life is like for the people they profess to be "helping". Gordon, on the other hand, walked out with his head high, knowing that he'd lost another home but kept his integrity through struggle and he was clearly happy that this time he was not alone.

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District court of Kallithea, Athens, burned down by FAI cell (Greece)

22-03-2012 20:06

claim of responsibility by International Revolutionary Front – Informal Anarchist Federation / Incendiary Cell of Attack / Path of Ashes for March 14 2012 arson of the district court in the area of Kallithea, Athens (Greece)
re-posted from

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Incendiary attack on power company offices by FAI cell (Italy)

22-03-2012 19:58

15-03-2012 claim of responsibility by Federazione Anarchica Informale – Fronte Rivoluzionario internazionale / Individualità Sovversive Anticivilizzazione for incendiary attack on Punto Enel Green Power offices, Rome (Italy)

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NO TAV – Juan’s communiqué from the prison of Trento (Italy)

22-03-2012 19:52

communique from Juan Sorroche Fernandez, anarchist prisoner of the No TAV (high speed rail) struggle in Italy, re-posted from

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March 15th: The Vengeance… “Fight the Police!” (Canada)

22-03-2012 19:48

A compilation of three texts published on Sabotagemedia [] about last week’s riot against Police violence and the events that led to it. Re-posted from 325 [].

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Bank attacked by FAI cell (Chile)

22-03-2012 19:22

responsibility claim by Federación Anarquista Informal/Célula Incendiaria Efraín Plaza Olmedo for incendiary attack on a bank in Chillan (Chile), 20 March 2012

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Support Alfie Meadows at his court appearance.

22-03-2012 19:15

SOLIDARITY WITH ALFIE MEADOWS -JOIN THE COURT PROTEST 26TH MARCH Assemble, Monday 26th March, 9am, Kingston Crown Court, 6-8 Pnehryn Road, Kingston, KT1 2BB 10 mins walk from Kingston Station.

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Protestor Offered Money to 'Disrupt Occupy'

22-03-2012 16:55

broken britain

Details of the arrest of Bryn Phillips, his interview with the British Security Services, and the involvement of The City of London Corporation in his arrest.

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Bad News!

22-03-2012 16:13

Bad News!!

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IPC Preliminary meeting slammed as a shambles

22-03-2012 15:03

Queue for the IPC Preliminary Meeting
Report from the Sham Infrastructure Planning Commission process which began yesterday

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Guide to NHS Bill, Pics Bristol NHS Demo and useful links for sharing

22-03-2012 12:55

NHS: the end is Nye.

So the Condems have got this appalling bill through, which will lead to a commodification of peoples house, which could ironically be labelled sickening, it is likely to lead to disparate health services as GP's are forced to protect budgets rather than tend to people's health issues. We already have a two tier health system, but this is going to force more people into the private sector as they seek help with health problems, that GP's are going to struggle to provide due to putting money first over people. Also GP's are going to have to deal with internal markets and competition through a new 7 tier system. See belwo and here for more reasons why NHS bill is very bad.

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Free Daniel! Solidarity with the Hunger Strike!

22-03-2012 11:36

An injury on Daniel's arm from a previous deportation attempt in 2008
A Congolese man has gone on hunger strike to demand his release from an Immigration Removal Centre near Heathrow Airport.

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Budget Day Protest Council House Birmingham

22-03-2012 10:31

Union Grandee's sabotage success

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report and pics on budget day parliament protests

22-03-2012 02:55

keep off the grass

after the ukuncut action at downing street this morning, protests focussed mainly on the media village at college green, with chanting and banners impingeing on broadcasts throughout the day.

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Van Zellers Caught Selling Foie Gras Again !!!

22-03-2012 02:31

Ohh deary me it appears that our fine friend tom van zellers has decided to start selling foie gras again much to the anger of local and national campaigners

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Spontaneous demo against privitisation of NHS

22-03-2012 00:55

You know when you read a headline that just trips the world from under you? For those of us who'd been trying not to pay attention, there was a certain vertigo that came from seeing that last night they rubber stamped the privitisation of the NHS. You know, the NHS. That system that has saved the lives of probably at least half a dozen people you love. That remarkable outcome of struggle for a better world in our strange little country. The service that used to be about saying- making money out of illness is wrong. That free universal healthcare is too important to leave to buisness. They're selling it off.