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02-11-2002 23:08

The following theory is about a police cover-up. The murder and mayhem described is true. The knife you see may have been one of the murder weapons. If photo does not appear, check back tomorrow.

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How the SWP-GB Turns its Back on Anti-Capitalism

02-11-2002 23:07

End of 'Globalise Resistance'?

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Video of Anti-War Day of Action in Manchester

02-11-2002 22:31

Video of various anti-war actions on Thursday 31st Oct 2002.

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USA: Behind ANSWER's Placards

02-11-2002 18:38

FREE MUMIA. FREE THE CUBAN 5. FREE JAMIL AL-AMIN (that’s H. Rap Brown, the former Black Panther convicted in March of killing a sheriff’s deputy in 2000). And free Leonard Peltier. Also, defeat Zionism. And, while we’re at it, let’s bring the capitalist system to a halt.

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02-11-2002 17:41

Gorizia (north-east Italy)
november 6th - h.15
Casa Rossa Border Station
Let's defend the right of everybody to demonstrate and meet at the ESF in Florence (despite Berlusconi's governement)

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Netherlands - Wild Winter Gathering

02-11-2002 16:47

Netherlands - Wild Winter Gathering
disinfo - training - discussion - action - traditional pea soup ('snert')
Somewhere, December 27-30 2002

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The Penn is mightier than the sword

02-11-2002 15:06

The following article was written by actor Sean Penn. He paid $56,000 to have it printed in The Washington Post on October 19, 2002

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Cardiff Anti War Action 31.10.02

02-11-2002 14:49

The people of Cardiff took to the streets on Halloween to demonstrate their anger at the "war for oil".Despite an aggressive police prescence three to four hundred people marched to the American Consulate, bringing traffic on the main road through the city to a halt.They then took the street again chanting " Whose streets ?? OUR streets!!!"

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Appeal for footage of arrests from 31st Anti war action!

02-11-2002 14:27

Please can any body with video footage, or stills of arrests made at the anti war demo on the 31st of October 2002 contact
So it can be forwarded to the solictors of the people charged.

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02-11-2002 13:01

bingos de mierda(3:55)

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Don't Attack Iraq action in Stoke-on-Trent

02-11-2002 12:42

Don't Attack Iraq action in Stoke-on-Trent
Information and pictures from the Don't Attack Iraq "funeral procession" in Stoke-on-Trent. (article 1)

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Speeches from Parliament Square

02-11-2002 12:14

MP3s of the speeches from Parliament Square at the Stop The War Coalition web site.

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Proactive, Preemptive Operations Group

02-11-2002 11:51

Terror, coming to a city near YOU!

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Royals in the Dock

02-11-2002 11:40

A well known disfunctional London Family flouts the law, again!

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Anti-War Protests in Kingston upon Thames

02-11-2002 10:53

Details of what happened in Kingston, Surrey on Oct 31.

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Aeolus Bea #5 - Now Online

02-11-2002 10:49

Aeolus Bea #5 - Now Online
This month's edition of Aeolus Beta is now online.

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This Week's Collateral Terror

02-11-2002 10:47

This Week's Collateral Terror
This week's headlines from

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Anti-war / peace campaigners block roads (london)

02-11-2002 09:48

Anti-war / peace campaigners block roads (london)
During the anti-war protests in london on 31st october several groups of anti-war and peace campaigners blocked traffic both in whitehall and the surrounding streets as the protests continued into the night. At Aldwych a large group - mostly students - occupied the main junction with a sit down for around twenty minutes.

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Defeat Corporate Communism

02-11-2002 07:39

New book excerpt explaining how everything we thought was bad about communism is what's wrong with corporatism

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U.S. Commander Hails Colombia Troops

02-11-2002 05:37

BOGOTA, Colombia (AP) -- The commander of U.S. military forces in Latin America visited hundreds of wounded Colombian soldiers Friday, calling them ``brothers in blood'' as he recalled his days as a combat infantryman in Vietnam.