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Alvaro Uribe coming to London on Wednesday

11-07-2005 14:17

killd for militar
On Wednesday afternoon the President of Colombia Alvaro Uribe and narco-terrorist coming to London ,in everning he to turn to Colombia

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Pride in refusing to kill - Defend Mehmet Tarhan

11-07-2005 13:20

Mehmet Tarhan, a gay man and anarchist activist, declared his conscientious objection to military service on 27 October 2001. He has continued publicly to oppose killing, including by the US and UK in wars against Afghanistan and Iraq.

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Theological Reflections on Economic Values

11-07-2005 13:06

"A quality of a society is measured in its relations with the weakest.. The economy exists for the sake of people.. God's economy aims at the survival capacity of planet earth and its people.. Our life is connected with all life.."

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And just so the Muslims can hate too, the Srebrenica ceremony

11-07-2005 12:57

Is the timing of the Srebrenica memorial ceremony just a coincidence?

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Nottingham Bomb Scare, Mansfield Road [another false alarm]

11-07-2005 12:55

Luckily, it was another false alarm. But, this is now a feature of life in Britain, with everyone on such a 'short fuse' after the London Attacks. To see the military on our streets is still quite a shock to many of us that are more used to a civil society.

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Has It All Come To This ?

11-07-2005 12:16

The very cynical view of the t.v stations on the handling of the London bombings. Human beings are dieing and we are more concerned with showing the feckin footsie results right over the pictures of carnage and horror !

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London bombings could be covert US P2OG type "psycho-op"

11-07-2005 11:27

... millions thought it is a US P2OG op.
Posted by: verite on Jul 11, 2005 4:14 AM [Report this comment]

Whether a "stimulating actions" US P2OG type initiated atrocity (to maintain UK troops in Iraq) or not, the effect among an the better educated (than US) population will be to increase demand for withdrawal of UK troops now, as happened in Spain.

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Blair 'to reject bombs inquiry'

11-07-2005 11:25

Tony Blair is expected to reject Conservative demands for an inquiry into the London bombings when he makes a statement to MPs later on Monday.

The prime minister is due to underline his confidence in the intelligence services after the attacks which killed at least 49 and injured 700.

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What now after G8?

11-07-2005 11:06

There was a long build up, loads of effort, outreachm fundraising, discussions and training etc.

Now what?

With the G8 over, how do we maintain energy and direction?

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G8 reach agreement on Climate Change.

11-07-2005 10:19

Yup, it's hotting up folks, Bush & Blair say so, so it must be true.

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11-07-2005 09:43

Let's march in London to express remorse and solidarity in the aftermath of last week

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London Bombs: Police wants to have every mail and SMS contents

11-07-2005 09:29

Reuters titled yesterday: 'Police seek emails and SMS from day of blasts'

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Manchester 'Kissit' campaign bed push and demo 14th July 2005

11-07-2005 09:02

Last minute details of the above event

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11-07-2005 02:16

Invitation to join a new group for radicals who want to debate publicly without excessive interference from inane fascistic fools. Anonymity is respected. Check out the principles and topics and then get the conversation started...

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'Police shot bombers' reports New Zealander

11-07-2005 01:50

A Mainstream New Zealand media outlet is claiming a New Zealander working for Reuters in London says two colleagues witnessed the unconfirmed shooting by police of two apparent suicide bombers outside the HSBC tower at Canary Wharf in London.

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Faslane 'Really Big Blockade' Video

11-07-2005 01:47

4th of July 2005

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Auchterader video

11-07-2005 01:42

10min video of Auchterader G8 Alternatives March - 6th of July 2005

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Netanyahu wants West to 'rein in' Iran

11-07-2005 01:21

THE Israeli finance minister, Benjamin Netanyahu, has warned that the West must do more to counter Iran’s potential nuclear threat following the election last month of Mahmoud Ahmadinejad, the hardline mayor of Tehran, as president of the country.

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CAP helps stop famine in Africa : Stop being conned by free market

10-07-2005 23:50

The free market worjks for all industry byut not for foodm, health, educatrion and other essential opublic services food is an essential public service and needs ameasure onmf control. Where does Bob Geldof think food aid comes from? Answer he doesn't want to relaise it comes from Overproduction of food in Europe.