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Ahmadinejad Won Indeed

28-06-2009 12:45


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Occupation of Ann Keen MP's house (from the occupiers!)

28-06-2009 12:31

In the early hours of Saturday 27th June we (as a collective) legally and legitimately entered and occupied the property of Ann and Alan Keen MP....

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Fury; garment worker shot dead in Bangladesh

28-06-2009 10:08

The persistent outbreaks of workers' anger continue in the Bangladeshi garment industry. A strike escalates...

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Communications House Protest supports Yarls Wood Protesters

28-06-2009 08:38

Laureine Tcuapo speaks
Seventy people demonstrated outside Communications House in London on Saturday afternoon (27 June 2009) in a protest organised by Fight Racism! Fight Imperialism! in support of the SOAS workers who were detained there, the protesters at Yarls Wood and all migrants in struggle against Britain's racist immigration laws.
Pictures Copyright (C) 2009, Peter Marshall, all rights reserved.

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Nomade 1, 2 & 3 - Calais NoBorder Newspaper

27-06-2009 23:12

Newspaper Nomade written, layoutted and distributed in Calais during the NoBorder Camp

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What's body fascism doing in a nice riot like this?

27-06-2009 23:02

Imagine the following scenario: a reporter from a mainstream magazine goes to a Climate Camp event, and asks for someone to do an interview with. The media team sends a camper to do the interview, and this camper happens to be Asian, or black. The reporter says: "Sorry, our readers prefer to look at pictures of white people. Do you have anyone white we could interview?" How would the Climate Campers react? Hopefully they would tell this reporter to fuck the hell off, at the very least.

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Demo at (Mis)Communications House in solidarity with Yarl's Wood hunger strikers

27-06-2009 22:20

Communications House and the demo outside

About 50 people gathered today outside Communications House, one of London's two immigration reporting centres and so-called 'short-term holding facilities', to protest against immigration detention and deportation and show solidarity with the Yarl's Wood hunger strikers. Many leaflets were given out and chants of 'No borders, no nations, stop deportations' filled the air of Old Street. One of the hunger strikers addressed the crowd on the phone and speakers, including an ex-Yarl's Wood detainee, delivered moving speeches about the inhumane conditions inside detention centres and migrants' struggles against the government's racist immigration policies.

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Airport expansion halted!

27-06-2009 19:48

As an act of direct action training, to empower and equip festivalgoers at Glastonbury who have had no previous contact with direct action or groups that actively campaign for a better future in the face of climate chaos, the outrageous plans of expansion to a third runway of Greenpeace International Airport were halted today by a handful of members of the public who formed an affinity group in a short space of time and locked on to prevent the demolition of a locally organised recreation of Sipson village.

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Demonstration in Calais Sat 27 Jun -pics

27-06-2009 17:50

Samba Band
The first estimates reports that there were about two thousand people in the demonstration.

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The truth on Pellas Group's shameful insensitivity

27-06-2009 16:37

Boycott Flor de Caña
Since March 9, former sugar workers suffering from Chronic Renal Insufficiency have been camped in Managua calling for compensation.

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July Delegation to Venezuela: Human Rights, Food Sovereignty & Social Change

27-06-2009 14:39

July Delegation to Venezuela: Human Rights, Food Sovereignty & Social Change

The Alberto Lovera Bolivarian Circle of NY invites you to join us in July for a 10-day trip to Venezuela examining advances in food sovereignty and other initiatives for social change.

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Housing Activists Seize “Mr and Mrs Expenses MP” Home!

27-06-2009 14:04

The happy couple
A group of locals and housing activists have seized the constituency home of the MP couple who had the highest expense claim of all!

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Iran crisis (by Latuff)

27-06-2009 13:21

Iran crisis
Copyleft artwork by Brazilian cartoonist Latuff.

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Repression against Refugees and Supporters in Northern France (again)

27-06-2009 12:32

Happenings on the Wednesday of the week of the NoBorder camp in Calais

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Transnational demo for freedom of movement, Calais, Sat 27th June

27-06-2009 11:50

In Calais there are around 800-1000 migrants at any one time that are trying to cross the Channel, under constant harassment from the police.
These migrants are harassed because they do not have the right papers, or in many cases no papers at all – they are 'sans-papier'.

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Transnational Demonstration in Calais (updates 1pm)

27-06-2009 10:42

Today people demonstrate in the Ferry Port of Calais for Freedom of Movement (see )

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June London Critical Mass ride pics.

27-06-2009 06:47

Several hundred riders. Warm weather. Still no cycle police.

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America's "Bases of Empire"

27-06-2009 05:05

US military troops and bases around the world
Besides waging perpetual wars, nothing better reveals America's imperial agenda than its hundreds of global bases - for offense, not defense at a time the US hasn't had an enemy since the Japanese surrendered in August 1945.

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DISARM DSEi 2009 - 8th September 2009 - City of London

26-06-2009 23:54


Defenc e Systems Equipment International (DSEi) – the world’s largest arms fair – is due to take place in East London between 8 and 11 September 2009. At DSEi 2007, there were 1352 exhibitors from 40 different countries with a total of 26,5000 visitors.