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Repression against Refugees and Supporters in Northern France (again)

calaisnoborder | 27.06.2009 12:32

Happenings on the Wednesday of the week of the NoBorder camp in Calais

Fourteen people were arrested by police Wednesday morning in Norrent-Fonts:

Thirteen Eritrean migrants, arrested at the camp, and a volunteer of the association of Terre D’errances. Monique A. was arrested at her home, her house was searched. She was taken away and locked up with migrants at the center of administrative detention Coquelle. For several years, she has assisted migrants. This is what earned her arrest.

On the same day and for the same reasons, Pierre,in Boulogne-sur-mer, was also arrested. For Jean-Pierre L. , it was for ‘outrage’ due to his work with migrants in Calais. The hearing was postponed.

In the late afternoon, dozens of people from Steenvoorde, Calais, Boulogne, Dunkirk and Norrent-Fontes gathered around the center to express their dismay, their anger and support for those locked up.

Monique was held for eight hours and released in late afternoon. At the time of writing migrants are still locked in Coquelles.

Members of Terres D’errances do not understand what is Monique supposed to have done, what are the migrants alleged to have done, what is the state doing in this story, what will become the men and women who have fled their country and have become the arbitrary prisoners of our borders.

The government still seems unable to recognize the reality of the drama of these refugees, that of their inability to go and be anywhere, living in the cold, and under constant police threat.

We are not ashamed to assist migrants who pass through Norrent-Fontes. We are happy to meet them. We are responding to the shortcomings of the state.

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