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Sea Shepherd Receives Message From the Australian Government

29-02-2008 15:37

Japan's quota is to kill up to 1000 whales this winter
Captain Paul Watson onboard the Sea Shepherd vessel Steve Irwin received an email from the Australian government. See the letter and Captain Watson’s response below..

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Home Office Appeal against SIAC Decision: No Deportations to Libya!

29-02-2008 15:33

Peace and Justice in East London outside High Court
Another one of those issues happening right under our noses that we know little about: the British government is seeking to deport foreign "terror suspects" to countries where they face the risk of torture and the death penalty. The British government must respect human rights law and understand that a "suspect" is no more than that.

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Flood Victims blockade Government Office in Leeds

29-02-2008 15:21

Flood victims from Yorkshire and Humberside have taken up temporary residence outside the Government Office in Leeds to protest at its continued promotion of airport expansion. The "Climate Camp" style action used pop-up tents to set up camp and blockade the main entrance.

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Vegan Prisoner Support Group Benefit Gig Birmingham

29-02-2008 14:53

Benefit Gig for the Vegan Prisoner Support Group on Saturday 5th April at the Wagon and Horses in Digbeth Birmingham (near the Rainbow Pub).

Bands in the yard
DJs upstairs
4 till 2

£5 in and a free vegan curry!

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Stop the Camden town Death Lab!

29-02-2008 14:38

A new campaign to stop the Camden Death Lab.
The MRC intend to build the "world's largest ever, highest level, virus containment facility and animal testing lab in Camden on a Camden council estate. {As seen in Camden New Journal}.

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London to Aldermaston Bikeride

29-02-2008 14:36

To mark 50th annivesary of the Aldermaston March and joining the CND Mass action on 24 March

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Reel News Film Night @ The Synergy Centre, Southwark, London

29-02-2008 13:35

The first of Reel News short film screenings at The Synergy Centre, Southwark, London.

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Ex-SAS man accuses Britain of wholesale complicity in extraordinary rendition

29-02-2008 13:05

Ben Griffin, former SAS soldier's banned speech to Stop the War conference in London on Thursday 28 February on Britain's involvement in extraordinary rendition. A gagging order was put on him immediately afterwards.

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Hackney Social Centre..Tonight (friday)

29-02-2008 12:54

Cafe, open mike,

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Around the Campaigns Friday 29th February 2008

29-02-2008 12:37

Constance & Andreas / Helen & Alistair / Evelyne & Adou
Removals from the UK were down again in the last quarter for which the Home Office have released figures.

Am sure all the campaigning had a lot to do with it!

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AR activists targeted by "Myspace Mafia" numpties and The London Fiend....

29-02-2008 12:33

Some numpties running a "Protection Racket" over myspace are targeting individuals including AR activists. These silly people are even sending out threats via bulletins. Many people don't read their bulletins so rather like TV license letters people are recieving messages such as "We contacted you several times for over three months, why are you ignoring us?" You couldn't make it up. We haven't.....

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Human rights hypocrisy over Simon Mann

29-02-2008 12:31

Questions raised over the treatment of mercenary Simon Mann by the government of Equatorial Guinea do not reflect British policy, finds Rob Ray for Freedom newspaper

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Jeff leurs sentence reduced to 10 years! Release date December 2009!

29-02-2008 11:26

This is excellent news considering that his release date would have been sometime in 2024 !! It would mean Jeff has another 2 years and would be able to get back to his family in relative freedom.

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Circus 2 Iraq 2008 updates

29-02-2008 11:12

The Boomchucka Circus 2 Iraq is doing it's unique thing again...

Our site has more information about how you can help us out...

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Harmondsworth public inquiry hearing 4 March 2008

29-02-2008 11:01

A demonstration will be held outside the Court of Appeal as it prepares to hear a case brought by Liberty asking for a judicial review of the government's refusal to hold a public inquiry into the disturbance at Harmondsworth in November 2006.

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Help Farid Hilali - Please Sign Petition

29-02-2008 10:45

Farid Hilali was extradited to Spain on February 8th 2008, after the House of Lords ruled that he may be sent under the terms of the European Arrest Warrant. This was in spite of a number of irregularities with the warrant, not least that it was reliant upon phone evidence that had previously been deemed inadmissible within the Spanish judicial system. Please sign the petition and help him.

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Photo Essay - Londons Secret Social Centre

29-02-2008 10:30

Owners seemed to want to make the building uninhabitable
Londons Secret Social Centre...

When a possession order was granted to the owners of the squatted block of properties in rampart street which houses the rampART social centre, a scurry of activity began to secure a new building to act as a backup venue during the uncertain period prior to eviction. A suitable property was found and entered for the first time on new years eve and occupied a couple of days later.

Only a short walk from the rampART, the new building was also a commercial premises with three floors. While the area of each floor was only about two thirds of that enjoyed at the rampART, the new building benefited from the addition of a basement which looked like it could make a great gig space. The ground floor had a tiny kitchen but with a bit of work it would clearly make a good space for a cafe and free shop. The first floor was mostly open plan, a good place for large meeting. Meanwhile the upper floor had been subdivided into offices and planned to use it for residential accommodation. The most exciting thing about the new space however was the yard which gave us potential to do things we could never do a rampART.

Despite all it's potential, the place was a mess. The owners had completely trashed every floor. Wiring had been cut, light switches smashed, false ceiling and lights pulled down, partition walls torn down or holed. Additionally, the only two toilets in the building had been smashed to pieces. However, we didn't think it would take long to put in shape. We took over a load of bedding and cushions, fold up table and chairs, water, wind up torches, candles, smoke alarms and fire extinguishers and settled in. Now split between occupying two spaces we put a call out for help occupying both buildings and preparing the new building to become a social centre...

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Harmondsworth disturbance, demand for a public inquiry hearing

29-02-2008 10:07

A demonstration will be held outside the Court of Appeal as it prepares to hear a case brought by Liberty asking for a judicial review of the government's refusal to hold a public inquiry into the disturbance at Harmondsworth in November 2006.

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Around the Campaigns Friday 29th February 2008

29-02-2008 10:03

Saddiq Family Detained after Dawn Raid in Leeds
The Saddiq family are from Karachi in Pakistan. They fled to the UK in 2005 because Saleem suffered persecution due to active membership of a minority political party.

Helen & Alistair Itanje:
I really wish every body could understand that Millbank is a torture chamber, the conditions there are more inhuman than that of a detention centre. I really feel somebody have to do something to stop them from treating asylum seekers in the way that they do, I really do wish they could be exposed.
Editors note: There is a new Home Office scheme, 'Alternative to Detention' being piloted at Millbank induction centre, run by Migrant Helpline

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A Climate Camp visits the Government Office in Leeds

29-02-2008 09:44

Residents from flood stricken areas of Yorkshire and Humberside today blockaded the Government Office in Leeds to protest at its continued promotion of airport expansion. Inspired by last year’s camp for climate action at Heathrow, the protestors from Hull, South Yorkshire and the Calder Valley used pop-up tents to set up camp outside the main entrance.