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Hula Greyhounds, Juggling Mowtown

07-04-2011 02:33

SumacNews: Hula Hoop Shaking; Greyhound Rescue Benefit; Juggling Veggies Burgers; help Lab Animals; Mowtown & more.

This week were really going to be working up an appetite as we are
making and shaking hula hoops....

Thursday, 7th April from 4pm at the Sumac Centre

School-a-hoop present...Make your own hoop!

Hooping as liberation and exercise....a perfect way to make use of
your body...its quite addictive too! At this skill share were going to
be making hoops from reclaimed/scavenged piping and decorating them
with tape, material scraps and shiny keep your eye on the
building sites and bring some pipe if you can. We'll have materials
for covering hoops, but we'll ask for small donation to cover costs of
some specialist tape. (We also run weekly skill share style hooping
sessions at QMX dance studio, in Old Knows Studio every Wednesday,
6.30-8pm. It's £5 to cover room hire.)

Dinner at around 7.30....or come a bit earlier and help the chefs.

As always, please continue to bring any surplus food you have and if
you're interested in getting involved in cooking in future weeks
please chat to us/sign up on rota on Sumac notice board.

If you're interested in sharing a skill please contact: Sarah on or Alice on


TIA Greyhound and Lurcher Benefit at the Sumac on the 9th April.

2pm - various stalls and events. If anyone wants to come along and do
a stall or fun event they are more than welcome - get in touch.

Followed by gig in evening with The Wankys, Drunk In Hell, Diet Pills,
More Than a Joke, Cry Havoc, The Dead Resurrected, Kerbface. £6
donation requested for evening gig. (Sumac is a private members club,
but guests are welcome).  See

Details from


The 24th British Juggling Convention is at Nottingham's Harvey Hadden
Stadium from Friday 15th to Thursday 21st April 2011. Veggies will be
catering at this event and it's a lot of hours to cover. If you can
spare a few hours to help Veggies - please txt/call 0787 086 1837.

Details from


The same weekend also sees the National March and Rally in Manchester,
to mark World Day for Laboratory Animals, to call for an end to animal
experiments. It is the biggest event on the Animal Rights Calendar and
Veggies are hoping to cater there too.


The same Saturday 16th also features Sumac's annual Mowtown & Soul Night

It's time to swirl and swoon and show the floor what your booty's for
at Merrick and Andy's birthday night of irresistible soul stompers.
7pm-midnight at the Sumac Centre. Sumac is a private members club, but
members and guests are welcome at this event.

With Andy's newly acquired massive collection of killer 45s, this year
there'll be his choice tunes as well as stalwart soulster Merrick
spinning chart-toppers, classics and rarities, every one a vintage
floor filler. No door tax, great music is a right not a privilege.

Details from


Full details of Sumac Events (and many more from like-minded groups):

Veggies Twitter:

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Trafalgar Square occupation call-out

06-04-2011 22:22

Following the successful 24-hour peaceful anti cuts occupation of Trafalgar Square last weekend by an array of individuals and groups - 150 strong at its height - it was decided unanimously to return at 6.30pm on Saturday 9 April for another 24-hour occupation.

6.30pm Saturday 9th April - Trafalgar Square

The group now invites others to join them in creating an overnight camp in Trafalgar Square, building on the momentum of the anti cuts campaign following the half-a-million strong march on 26 March. Present last week were anti cuts activists, students, workers, trade unionists and professionals.

The peaceful occupation intends to raise awareness about how the ideological cuts that the Government is instigating - without mandate - are affecting society’s most vulnerable. The occupation strives to create a common space, in opposition to the increasing privatisation of the public sphere. This will be a safe space for all, including parents and children, where alternatives to current policy can be learned about and discussed. There will also be a variety of activities including workshops, talks, debates, music, games and art.

In addition, following the violent eviction of peaceful protesters on 26 March, the group is determined to defend the right to peaceful protest. The group wishes to show that people can organise themselves peacefully and lawfully, without police intervention. This was successfully demonstrated on the weekend of 2 April, when the police stayed at a distance for the entire occupation, and there were no conflicts or arrests. If there are attempts made to remove participants, they intend to resist non-violently. The group also wishes to show support to those arrested for protesting on 26 March, including the 138 UK Uncut protesters who occupied Fortnum & Mason.

There will be a synchronised pitching of tents at 6.30pm. Individuals and anti cuts groups are invited to join in, bringing their own tents, provisions, banners and flyers. Those unable to camp overnight are welcome to come and visit throughout the occupation. To make the square liveable for 24 hours, participants are asked to look after the area and put litter in bins provided.

Messages of support have been received for the occupation, including from John McDonnell (Labour MP and chair of the Labour Representation Committee), Derek Wall (Green Party), Nicole Lukas (London South Bank Student Union Education Officer-Elect), Peter Tatchell (human rights campaigner), Bill Clarke (Positive Money) as well as members of Coalition of Resistance and UK Uncut.


More information:

Website -

Facebook event – Trafalgar Square Anti-Cuts Occupation - /

Twitter -

Defend the Right to Protest Campaign -


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Remember Libya: One of history's terror bombing victims

06-04-2011 20:26

Like Cast Lead against Gaza, Odyssey Dawn is criminal imperial war, willfully attacking non-combatants and civilian targets, including vital infrastructure, hospitals, non-military airports and buildings, ports, power generating facilities, and other sites unrelated to military necessity.

US combat operations are always lawless, in direct violation of US and international law. Terror bombing is against civilians to intimidate, break their morale, cause panic, weaken an enemy's will to fight, and inflict mass casualties and punishment.

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New Identity Workshop

06-04-2011 20:15

A DIY workshop on lawfully building new natural persons

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You are cordially invited ...

06-04-2011 19:40

No money for schools, hospitals or libraries? Let’s have a bloody big wedding with the money instead then!

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Syria CS gas may have been made in the UK

06-04-2011 19:05

CS gas canister used in Daraa, Syria

The CS gas used by Syrian security forces against civilian protesters may have been made in the UK. Video footage from a protest in the southern city of Daraa shows a CS gas canister bearing the distinctive red stripe that appears on some UK-made CS gas canisters. At least one person has died as a result of inhaling the supposedly 'non-lethal' gas, while many others have been killed by bullets and guns made in other western 'democracies'.

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For the Attention of anyone contacted about Kennedy Documentary

06-04-2011 18:15

a couple of days ago we posted the following piece.
Which unfortunately led to a slanging match between various posters(including ourselves) using names with big A's, circled @'s, little a's, the colour black and something to do with blocs (not Lego) . Various threats and rude words were used.

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Palestine Today 04 06 2011

06-04-2011 14:04

Welcome to Palestine Today, a service of the International Middle East Media Center,, for Wednesday, April 6, 2011.

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fact cinema bookshop

06-04-2011 12:41

closure of shop

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European Copyright Law: Collusion for the Control of the Net

06-04-2011 11:44

Today, a college meeting of the European Commissioners will take place to decide the future of European copyright policy. This revision takes place in conditions that raise severe concerns from a democratic perspective and put fundamental rights at risk, especially when it comes to the Internet.

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US/Saudi Deal: You invade Bahrain. We take out Muammar Gaddafi in Libya.

06-04-2011 11:28

You invade Bahrain. We take out Muammar Gaddafi in Libya. This, in short, is the essence of a deal struck between the Barack Obama administration and the House of Saud. Two diplomatic sources at the United Nations independently confirmed that Washington, via Secretary of State Hillary Clinton, gave the go-ahead for Saudi Arabia to invade Bahrain and crush the pro-democracy movement in their neighbor in exchange for a "yes" vote by the Arab League for a no-fly zone over Libya - the main rationale that led to United Nations Security Council resolution 1973.

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Russia -Novosibirsk: Unlimited Protest March April 1

06-04-2011 11:28

Can't see this being on Indymedia for long, but for interested readers, this seems an ongoing protest in th city of Novosibirsk, Siberia, with numbers increasing each time. The method of constant hammering at the authorities with no let up is something the UK left is doing but needs stepping up I reckon.

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Ian Tomlinson inquest - police officer crumbles under examination

06-04-2011 11:22

Simon Harwood - the police officer who assaulted Ian Tomlinson shortly before he died - is not doing very well under examination by the lawyer for the Tomlinson Family.

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Troublemakers to Descend on London

06-04-2011 10:22

"Wacky" capitalist troublemakers are planning to descend on London on Saturday May 14th for what they are calling a "Rally Against Debt."

The event follows successful protests by anti-cuts activists including the 500,000 strong demonstration on March 26th.

Organisers claim the rally will be a "polite demonstration," but critics claim that this "is nothing more than a Bash The Poor march."

Ringleaders are believed to include the so-called Taxpayers Alliance, Toby Young and Anabelle Fuller.

The Taxpayer's Alliance is a small group of harcore capitalists with links to the far-right Tea Party in the US.

Young writes for right-wing publication called the Evening Standard and is the co-founder of a West London-based "free school," a secretive education establishment set-up with minimal government oversight.

Fuller was the former adviser to Nigel Farage, the leader of UKIP, an extremist anti-Europe organisation.

Pressure group the Coalition of Resistance described the event's supporters as "some of the wackier far right elements."

Concerns have also been raised that ringleaders have secured the use of a lorry for the demonstration, which could be used to block roads or even ram key buildings in the capital.

The lorry is allegedly to be provided by a shady organisation known as Keltruck.

Inspector Knacker of The Yard said, "We are obviously concerned about the threat these groups pose, not just to ordinary Londoners, but also to our jobs.

"With the police facing cuts along with everybody else, we'll be watching this protest carefully and dealing with any troublemakers appropriately."

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Drop the charges for Fortnum 138

06-04-2011 06:22

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Are 'dissident republicans' really behind Omagh Catholic policeman's murder?

05-04-2011 23:21

Every week on Behind The Headlines we unpick some of the national and international spin, as well as picking out particularly significant stories for discussion

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World on Fire

05-04-2011 22:26

Latest episode of It's the End of the World as we know it from the Stimulator, featuring footage provided by Northern Indymedia and London Indymedia during the March 26th 2011 anti-cuts protests in London!

This week:

1. Nippocalypse
2. Green Party uber alles
3. VerMutants
4. The E.N.D. of the U.K.
5. Conspiracy Rap
6. Squaddafi

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Anti-nuclear stall in Wrexham: Free Bradley Manning!

05-04-2011 21:53

letter-writing stall
On Monday 4 April 2011, peace and justice activists in Wrexham held a stall in the town centre, calling for the government to abandon plans to replace the Trident nuclear weapons system in Britain as well as all plans for a new generation of nuclear power stations. Half the stall was dedicated to letter-writing to prisoners, including Bradley Manning, along with anti-Trident ‘DisarmNow Plowshares’ activists recently jailed in the US.

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Attack of the cruise missile liberals

05-04-2011 21:40

Americans are warlike – as long as they think they can be victorious. These nominal Democrats and Republicans “differ only on who they want to see doing the dominating.” Today, a Black Democrat is the head killer in charge, allowing the likes of Ed Schultz, Bill Maher and Juan Cole to endorse the criminal assault on Libya. When the chips are down, fraudulent anti-war liberals show their true racist, Manifest Destiny-loving colors. “The true anti-war movement must reawaken itself and hit the streets in the hundreds of thousands.”

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Anti-Benefit Cuts Activity This Week Glasgow

05-04-2011 20:43


G2 7AB