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Gush Shalom update 22 May / Avnery

22-05-2004 20:57

GUSH SHALOM - pob 3322, Tel-Aviv 61033 -

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Israeli Death Force treats animals like Palestinians

22-05-2004 19:19

With a parrot that had escaped the Israelis perched on his shoulder, and a kangaroo crouching in the corner of the room, Mohammed Juma contemplated the little that was left of the zoo he had spent five years creating. "This was my life," he declared. "I watched my dream being destroyed."

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Berg beheading: No way, say medical experts

22-05-2004 19:01

US medical experts believe that the Berg video was "staged"... was the video created by the US gov't. to deflect attention away from the mushrooming Abu Ghraib torture scandal? --- Varlet

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Art of War : European Union

22-05-2004 16:43

European Union
European Union

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Once upon a time in Rafah (by Latuff)

21-05-2004 23:59

Kids talk
Copyright-free artwork by Brazilian cartoonist Latuff, on behalf of brave Palestinian people and their resistance against U.S. backed IsraHell's ethnic cleansing.

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Rage against Sharon brings new life to Parliament Square

21-05-2004 23:24

After Brian Hawe's arrest, the square picks up again, this time with help from members of Palestine Solidarity Campaign and International Solidarity Movement. Numbers have varied from night to night, but Friday's was the lowest, with around 20 taking part.

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Police Officer stabbed in Birmingham

21-05-2004 23:19

What goes around....comes around.

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liverpool IMC postcard

21-05-2004 22:19


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Billy Wilson's English Essay

21-05-2004 22:00

not all Americans are afraid of the Bushies...

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Attacks on British Embassy in Tehran: ANOTHER SET UP?

21-05-2004 21:47

Remember attacks on American Embassy in Tehran?

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SAS on streets of Manchester

21-05-2004 19:25

life time subscribers to the tom conti express
The SAS (Speaking Adverts Society), an auxiliary of NATO, have been hard at work on the streets in the North of England of late.
Here is some of their latest work....

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Tajikistan: Strategic U.S. Victory, Tactical Setback

21-05-2004 17:48

US Strategists will hail Russia'a withdrawal from Tajikistan as yet another Cold War victory. But while politicians pat each other on the back, all sorts of smugglers -- from drug dealers to militants -- will be hiking the mountain paths along the Afghan-Tajik border, headed toward the world beyond.

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Protest Israeli atrocities in Gaza

21-05-2004 17:44

If you're going to be in London for the Iraq demo tomorrow...

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The Silencing of America: Americans Are Afraid of Bush’s Violent Regime

21-05-2004 17:16

American Police
George W. Bush is scaring Americans into silent complicity. Creating “no protest zones” patrolled by American police riot squads, aiming high-powered weaponry on unarmed American people TRYING to exercise free speech...this is not freedom.

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Arms company EDO MBM shut down for a day (Pics & Report)

21-05-2004 16:50

The view of arms dealers arriving for work
The arms firm EDO MBM in Brighton was shut down for a day by anti-arms trade activists who blockaded the entrance and occupied the roof. 10 arrests were made.

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21-05-2004 16:05

Following a citizens weapons inspection at HMS Warrior (Northwood HQ) by Trident Ploughshares activists, a report has been produced by the group outlining their findings. (The report is based exactly on a report by Hans Blix of UNMOVIC)

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Getting Away With Murder - From the Bogside to Basra

21-05-2004 15:33

Map of Iraq: "injustice anywhere is a threat to justice everywhere" - Martin Lut
Approximately 150 people gathered today in Guildhall Square, Derry in a show of solidarity with Iraqi victims of British military violence. The crowd gathered around a large black cloth map of Iraq as they listened to families read accounts of how their own relatives were killed by the British military in Derry and Belfast. The families’ testimonials also included references to particular Iraqi victims of British state violence. The event was covered by local radio and news media who photographed and interviewed families.

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Israel fears growing terror threat by settlers

21-05-2004 15:28

Do Palestinians have any rights to defend their homes?
Illegal Settlements: Israel Bulldozes ONLY Palestinian homes and towns in punishments and land stealing,thus creating more homeless refugees, killing women and children, re creating Ghettos, practicing racism against arab israelis and Bedouins..