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30-01-2006 12:51


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Mindwalk 29: We Are The Media

30-01-2006 09:01

Oh those wacky NSA... always joking. Thanks Gen. Hayden! Loved you in "Hogans Heroes"! Followed by Jack Blood from 2005 on Iran. Skidmark Bob brings us the awesome Fear mix care of Wanda Sykes, and Chris Rock. Yo Shefield... Unchecking me is cool.. but I have mates there. Just trying to keep in touch globally. Solidarity and such.. etc.

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Eviction against self-organised homeless camps in Osaka, Japan

30-01-2006 06:56

Homeless Liberation movements in Osaka, Japan, appeal for solidarity actions against Japanese Embassy, in wake of new round of evictions and their brutal consquences.

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A visit to Smithy Fen

30-01-2006 02:33

Patrick McCarthy stands in his pot-holed road
A visit to the (mobile) home of Patrick McCarthy, 69, and his wife,
residents of Smithy Fen, Cambridgeshire who are threatened with eviction from their own land and not allowed to maintain their road.

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West Mids Anarchists-Minutes 27/01/06

29-01-2006 20:11

Minutes from West Midlands Anarchists most recent meeting 27/01/06

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Abramoff and al-Arian: Lobbyist's "Charity" a Front for Terrorism

29-01-2006 19:12

More indications that Abramoff may have been more than a lobbyist, but in fact was an agent for Israel, like those exposed lasy year, hiding inside AIPAC. This angle, as well as his clear connections to 911, have been entirely ignored by the tightly-controlled US media, perhaps because it threatens to blow the entire game wide open.

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anti fascist leafletting success

29-01-2006 17:28

Anti-fascist activists gave out fliers today after the holocaust memorial event at Leeds Town Hall. What better occasion to remind people that extreme far right politics and opinion is far from a thing of the past, and still needs vigorously opposing?

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Hands Off Iran protest, Glasgow

29-01-2006 17:06

Stop the war against Iran before it starts!

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Bristol - political street artivists in print

29-01-2006 16:53

Street art book cover
bristle presents: Political street expressions in Bristol & the South West – a photo archive 1998-2005

200 full colour, A6 size pages, with nearly 500 different images of stencils, murals, graffiti, subverts and other expressions which our cameras have been collecting for seven years.

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29-01-2006 15:09

Bechtel will use a money making transport scheme Crossrail causing social, financial and environmental harm to communities in the East End of London. Please share information on Bechtel and Crossrail. Original story on

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Bradford Fascist "Night Owl" Scrutinised

29-01-2006 13:51

After serious allegations were made on this medium regarding Bradford fascist, Arthur Bentley (aka Night Owl,) we offered Arthur a chance to clear his name, and set the record straight about his involvement with the attack on BPP leader Eddy Morrison as his alleged collusion with Searchlight.

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Respect backs Brick Lane campaign against Crossrail hole

29-01-2006 12:37

George Galloway's RESPECT coalitioin has today confirmed its backing to the campaign against the Crossrail hole Bill. They also vow to scrap any agreement the Tower Hamlets Council may have made for the Crossrail assault on the local community if RESPECT win control of Tower Hamlets Council at the scheduled May 2006 local election

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Art of War : La Commune de Paris 1871

29-01-2006 07:56

La Commune de Paris 1871
La Commune de Paris 1871

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Murray attacks SOAS lecturer over Karimov

29-01-2006 06:27

SOAS academic Dr Shirin Akiner
SOAS defends academic freedom - but only for approved viewpoints

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A Letter From Victoria County Jail

29-01-2006 05:49

Diane Wilson, the author of An Unreasonable Woman writes of the deplorable conditions in the Victoria County Jail where she is serving a sentence for speaking out for the injustices committed in the name of CORPORATE GREED.

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Sea Shepherd ship held in South Africa: Payback begins

29-01-2006 05:00

The Farley Mowat and Crew, Antarctica 2006
The anti-whaling protest ship 'Farley Mowat' has been detained indefinitely at Cape Town after seven weeks at sea

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Lost property, amputated genitals and legs, beaten Philiphines & free riding Mus

29-01-2006 00:52

Destiny of a draftee having lost his legs and genitals after his superiors’ assaults has raised demonstrations in Russia. In Tsheljabinsk’s tank officer academy were 19-year old Andrei Sytshev assaulted for hours, after which his both legs and sexual organs had to be amputated”.
Since CIA has offered prisons to Europe and has been flying the Muslims around the Europe with their air-force, MI has been beating some Philiphines in Athens, and Russians are castrating each other, what do you say palls, if you finally would agree on one thing; why don’t you all make a refreshment trip to Finland, because I’ve got too huge job for one man, and there’s plenty to do

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Acoustic night at Shearbridge Squat

29-01-2006 00:43

Tuesday social/acoustic night at shearbridge squat...

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ABC Bradford Meeting

28-01-2006 23:41

Bradford ABC meeting at Shearbridge Squat

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Oxford police left standing as animal rights protesters run rings around them.

28-01-2006 23:28

Billed as the latest large scale protest in the city following the resumption of building at the controversial new animal laboratory on South Parks Road, the animal rights protestors today adopted diversionary and autonomous tactics that left the police panicking.