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DfIF support for corruption in Nigeria

13-03-2008 15:46

The Nigerian Economic and Financial Crimes Commission has recently documented links between agents of UK DfID and a corrupt state governor in the Niger Delta. Capital provided by the UK government has flowed through its private sector arm CDC Group plc to companies which are believed to be owned by Chief Onanefe Ibori whilst he has sent millions to London bank accounts.

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Police Now At Parliament Square

13-03-2008 15:42

police under the command of inspector fox are currently at parliament square
they are trying to effect an arrest on brian haw and seize property again

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War on the streets in Armenia

13-03-2008 15:19

State of Emergency
February and March in Armenia saw a disputed presidential election (19/2/2008) followed by eleven days of demonstrations in the capital Yerevan, broken up by tanks, police attacks and the imposition of a State of Emergency (1/3/2008). Eight people, including a child, were killed by police and around 100 were injured including 33 police. An apparently unrelated border fire-fight on 4/3/08 in the territory of Nagorno-Karabakh, disputed with neighbouring state of Azerbaijan with whom Armenia is still technically at war, broke a ceasefire agreed in 1994, killing 12 Armenian conscripts.

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Parliament Square Peace Camp display threatened...

13-03-2008 15:12

WebCam Down to cover police attacks, as usual.
The Parliament Square Peace Camp. display is under threat of further theft by Met Police. Superintendant Newman has just given warning to reduce display within half hour or they will be ARRESTING BRIAN HAW.

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I Bike MCR Fest 2008 Starts This Month

13-03-2008 14:33

So the I bike MCR fest starts at the end of this month. Hope you can all get on your bikes to take part

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April2008: one struggle - one fight

13-03-2008 14:14

any april2008 autonomous things going on in london like the rest of europe?

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Now, all I/B claimants face cuts and 'work or no benefits'

13-03-2008 13:15

Existing I/B claimants to face the new Work Capability Assessment(WCA) and attend work programmes.

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Green MEP To Slam ‘Illegal And Immoral’ Foreign Policy At Stop The War march

13-03-2008 13:09

13 March 2008 - Press release to announce appearance of Caroline Lucas MEP at the 5th anniversary Stop The War Coalition rally in Trafalgar Square on Saturday 15 March.

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Last week of ALF/ELF Direct Action

13-03-2008 12:12

Reports from; Mexico, New Zealand, Sweden, Germany, Netherlands, Spain & UK

March: 5-12th

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Foie gras day of action commences...

13-03-2008 11:57

A nationwide day of action has been called for Thursday 13th March against these establishments continuing to support foie gras. This is a limited list of contact details, please look up more easily accessible details relating to these supporters of the cruel trade and duly inform them of the hell these geese and ducks go through.

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Oxfordshire Partnership?

13-03-2008 11:42

Oxfordshire Partnership ... what?

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How the Forgotten City of Halabja became the Launch Pad for War on Iraq

13-03-2008 08:56

When the Bush administration went to war with Iraq in March 2003, the centerpiece of its justification for war was weapons of mass destruction. But its precise timing was driven, in large part, by the anniversary of the poison gas attack on the Iraqi Kurdish town of Halabja. On the fifth and twentieth anniversaries of these two tragic events, a study of the connection between them reveals a deliberate pattern of twisting and fabricating intelligence to meet policy objectives.

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Top US commander in Middle East resigns over Iran war report

13-03-2008 06:42

Admiral William Fallon, head of the United States Central Command, with authority over the wars in both Iraq and Afghanistan, submitted his resignation Tuesday after an article in the April issue of Esquire magazine portrayed him as opposing a Bush administration drive to war against Iran.

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US food prices increase sharply

13-03-2008 06:40

Over the past nine months, global food prices have soared 40 percent, while food reserves are at 30-year lows. The rising cost of food is becoming a major source of global social instability and economic hardship.

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G8 Bolzaneto July 2001: Italy’s Guantanamo Bay

13-03-2008 05:43

Inside Bolzaneto
Prosecutors call for 76 years in prison for police defendants.

INDYMEDIA - 12 March 2008. Genova: In a trial that has seen 209 victims, 392 witnesses and 23 defendants, The Bolzaneto G8 ‘Torture’ trial is finishing in a heated controversial ending.

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Anti-War Activists Attack 4 Targets In Edinburgh

13-03-2008 05:02

This is Fuck the War Coalition, and we want to bring the war home to those who profit from imperialism.

This morning we attacked 4 targets around Edinburgh on the 5th anniversary of the start of the war in Iraq.

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pills profit protest ; film night at the vaults this friday (14th march).!

13-03-2008 01:52

pills, profit protest chronicles the international aids protest movement 7.30 at the vaults an ganden on .

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Syrian Embassy profiling Kurdish protesters

13-03-2008 01:47

the start of the demo
Some 100 Syrian Kurds from across the country held a protest yesterday (Wednesday, March 12th) at the Syrian embassy in London to commemorate the so-called Qamishly Uprising in 2004, where tens of Kurdish rioters were killed and thousands arrested by the Syrian police and army. The demo was again restricted and 'penned in' but one protester, wearing traditional Kurdish cloths, was allowed to deliver a protest letter to the embassy.

A digital video camera was seen in the embassy's windows filming protesters, presumably to profile and punish them, either directly, if they ever returned to Syria, or by proxy, through intimidating their families back home.

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Iraq to end food-rationing system

13-03-2008 01:23

It is estimated that over 5 million Iraqis will be denied assistance!

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No to 7% rent rises and no to privatisation in Lambeth!

12-03-2008 22:51

Rent rises and privatisation:

What do you think about the council’s proposals?

Public meeting for all Lambeth tenants/residents and staff
6.30pm to 9pm
Thursday 13 March
Assembly Halls, Lambeth Town Hall, Brixton