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28-04-2002 22:39

Heavy (very heavy) photos of the victims of IDF war crimes. If you think you can handle it - go to:

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28-04-2002 22:29

A memorial commenmorating Martin O Hagan will be unveiled on May day in belfast.

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America hijacked

28-04-2002 21:34

Who ever would believe that the American administration couldn’t do more to protect the Palestinian population? Who ever would believe that this population is nothing but a pack of terrorists? If this is what the American people believe, then all the Arabs are damned! But if this is not what the Americans think, so who has been hijacked? And in which conditions? And for what purpose?

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A Roundup Of Many A20 Stories

28-04-2002 21:13


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European Social Forum

28-04-2002 21:11

The European Social Forum is scheduled for November / December in Florence. So far, Italian left parties dominate the organisation of the ESF.

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Public Resource Page

28-04-2002 20:09

anarchist,anti-war,animal rights links.

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Indian Farmers in British Development Office

28-04-2002 19:42

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Video of Kissenger Demo, 24th April. London

28-04-2002 19:35

On April 24th 2002, Kissenger arrives in london to stiff protest, which included the arrest of Guy Taylor of Globalise Resistance....

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Corporatewatch Video

28-04-2002 19:33

play the video

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Focus on Global South Blows Whistle on International Union-World Bank Love-In

28-04-2002 19:00

Focus on the Global South (Bangkok)rejects World Bank invitation to a confidential consultation with NGOs, publishes the correspondence and reveals that the International Confederation of Free Trade Unions (Brussels) is in the WB's 'Core Group'for this event. An Introduction provides background and indicates furthe resources

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Bush-voter suggests final-solution to Mid-East

28-04-2002 18:47

When the A-Bombs start falling in Iraq, and neighbouring countries, don't pretend surprise - the Yanks have been successfully psyching-up their trailer-trash for some time now...
Note the reaction of the Moderator?

This 3 min. mp3 clip comes from the 'Talk of the Nation' radio show on NPR, broadcast date 11Mar02.

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Police sued over May Day protest

28-04-2002 16:51

Police sued over May Day protest

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Online Voting Not Safe: Definitive Proof

28-04-2002 16:45

Financial Times reports the case of the Vivendi company, which has been thrown into chaos after its own internet elections were hacked.

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Henry the Great on September 11

28-04-2002 15:33

Henry Kissinger posts the Anti-Terror battleplan at at 9:04 pm on September 11. When did he write it?

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28-04-2002 12:52

fuck CCTV

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Silly anarchist limerics

28-04-2002 12:38

Things aer getting too serious round here - particularly me. This morning I wrote a load of silly anarchist limerics to cheer meself up. Here's a selection. Warning: they are groaningly bad!
Revolution through laughter!

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7 arrested officers in italy

28-04-2002 11:54

Senior Ministers in Italy have sprung to the defence of seven police officers arrested for allegedly participating in the beating and humiliation of anti-globalisation protesters in Naples last year.

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Israeli operation in Qalqilyah foils series of huge terror attacks

28-04-2002 11:43

Israeli military sources said Sunday that the IDF's operations in Qalqilyah on Saturday prevented one of the largest terror attacks seen in Israel