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Civilian Casualties

01-03-2002 03:47

electronica song with reports of Afghani casualties

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al queda hunger strike !

01-03-2002 02:12

MIAMI (Reuters) - Nearly 200 al Qaeda and Taliban prisoners at the U.S. Naval Base in Guantanamo Bay, Cuba, refused to eat some meals on Thursday after guards forced a captive to remove a turban during prayers, military officials said.

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Gov To Track All Civilian Vehicles

01-03-2002 01:57

The government may begin to track all vehicle's paths in a radical new plan to 'cut congestion'.

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Race Laws In Italy

28-02-2002 23:43

Race Laws In Italy
A very italian axis of evil.The coalition of parties guided by Berlusconi introduce racial laws against "non-europeans" just like Benito would have done in the ol'days. Read on to feel sick.

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Sept 11: Unanswered Questions

28-02-2002 23:09

Criminal negligence, on the part of civilian air defence, (including elements of Air Traffic Control, FAA, NORAD, the Pentagon) -and the Bush Admin- existed alongside the attacks of Sept 11th. Without this, the planes would not have reached their targets. Routine procedures were repeatedly, and systematically ignored. This is now proven: thoroughly documented, using official government and mainstream media reports. We have been lied to. It’s time to begin building a serious case before the American people.

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New York Jews Rock!

28-02-2002 20:35

Unity, Peace, Love, punk Jews

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Praise to the co-operative, flexible Burmese junta!

28-02-2002 19:38

If they junta were being 'co-operative' and 'flexible', one must wonder what they're like when they get pissed/feel threatened. No, don't tell me, I already know.

Burma defends handling of nasty ILO types-Beeb news

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Free Charles Schwarz!?!

28-02-2002 19:07

Defend the right of police officers to sexually violate people with batons (but only if they're black!)

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massacre by isdf in palestinian refugee camps

28-02-2002 16:56

report of dreadful massacre in palestinain refugeecamps (needs confirming)

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28-02-2002 16:21

Against the terror of capitalism, governments and religious bigotry.

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Starting the Propaganda War

28-02-2002 15:58

The need for materials grows ever stronger to combat the ignorance about Anarchy. Which needs to get onto the streets and into people Volcabolary

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Student protest as Kissinger visits Dublin

28-02-2002 15:09

Student protest as Kissinger visits Dublin
Visiting Kissinger enraged by link to Milosevic
FORMER US Secretary of State, Dr Henry Kissinger, denied being a war criminal yesterday, claiming it was an insult to human intelligence for protestors in Cork to compare him with Slobodan Milosevic.

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28-02-2002 13:39

Friends of the Earth has welcomed today’s deal between the Government and US corporation Scotts which will save three of the UK’s top wildlife sites from being destroyed and virtually end commercial peat-cutting in the UK. FOE has campaigned to save these bogs for 12 years.

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A Massacre in the Making

28-02-2002 12:56

IDF Calling for Evacuation of Innocent Persons From Balata
( The army is calling on “innocent civilians” to leave the Balata refugee camp between 12:00pm-3:00pm today. Army officials stated any unarmed person would be permitted to leave unharmed.

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interview with manu chao

28-02-2002 12:17

brief interview with manu chao, the real peoples musician (and band.)

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28-02-2002 11:46

A short piece of critical writing

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Organising for this weekend's march

28-02-2002 11:33

Discussion about organising for this weekend's protest

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Greenpeace Article (incinerator)

28-02-2002 11:02

We've shut down Britain's 'flagship' waste incinerator in South London...

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Mystic Meg and attacking Iraq

28-02-2002 11:00

MEDIA LENS: Correcting for the distorted vision of the corporate media

February 27, 2002