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New York Jews Rock!

E | 28.02.2002 20:35

Unity, Peace, Love, punk Jews

It's a frightening time, my friends. As a new breed of anti-Semitism sweeps certain parts of the world, and in lieu of Daniel Peal's tragic death, we must band together as humans and hold off this language of hate that has haunted my people for thousands of years, paving the way for the Death camps. Once again people are loosing their individualism, succumbing to "groupthink" and acting in fascistic ways biased on racial hatred. I now feel more connected to how my relatives must have felt during WWII as the stories of terror and death began to waft over seas. Being proud of being Jewish means loving others of different ethnic and religious origins. For me it also means being highly critical of the Israeli’s government's actions, as well as against the terrorist forces. As New York Jews and radicals, we must stand with all people as the advocators of peace that we have always been.



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