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Walk For Capitalism in Seattle Infiltrated

05-12-2001 12:47

Walk For Capitalism in Seattle Infiltrated
Protesters' spoof? What a capital idea!
By Caitlin Cleary
Seattle Times staff reporter
(pic - bona fide capitalist grls)

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EU announces 4-month probe of Bayer deal

05-12-2001 12:25

The European Commission said yesterday it has opened an in-depth investigation of Bayer's proposal to purchase Aventis Cropscience(ACS) and become the world's second-largest maker of agrochemicals.

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Finland 6 Dec 2001 - The Uninvited guests come again!!!!

05-12-2001 09:44

Here's some info about finnish disobedience action / demo on 6 Dec 2001.

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Palestinians commiting genocide against Israel

05-12-2001 03:50

Palestinians commiting genocide against Israel

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Stop State Terrorism in Colombia - All Out for 10th December

05-12-2001 01:49

Paramilitary atrocities occur every day in Colombia.

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"The Bristolian" - 3/12/01

05-12-2001 01:16


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Ariel Sharon: MURDERER! (Photomontage by Latuff)

04-12-2001 23:55

Ariel Sharon: MURDERER! (Photomontage by Latuff)
Copyright-free image by Brazilian cartoonist Latuff.

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CAABU condemnation - Press release 4/12/01

04-12-2001 23:49

CAABU expresses its deep concern at the current spate of violence in the Middle East. All violence must end - including Palestinian bomb attacks inside Israel but also Israeli actions against Palestinian targets.

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Alert: Indymedia Server Problems

04-12-2001 23:43

Currently image video and audio uploads to imc uk and other imc sites are not working. This is because the server is out of space. People are working to rectify this. Here's a notice from

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National Student Strike Dec 5

04-12-2001 23:10

Forwarded Message about the National Student Strike Dec 5 in London

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Brief report about European No Border meeting

04-12-2001 22:59

Here’s some subjective feedback about the European No Border meeting that took place in Munich on December 1st,2nd by someone who took part briefly.

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Lancaster protests

04-12-2001 22:41

Shell protest Lancaster, drive thru' McD's blockaded Morecambe.

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Calling all students

04-12-2001 21:51

A call to all students fed up with the bureaucratic ineffectiveness of our supposed representatives in NUS, and a suggestion of taking action to change it.

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Berlusconi's mafia lawer resigns

04-12-2001 21:50

reports on IMC Italy are saying that Berlusconi's old buddy
Prof Avv carlo Taormina under secretary at the italian minstry of justice, or something similar, handed in his resignation to the 'capo this afternoon.

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A village is destroyed. And America ...

04-12-2001 19:14

The village where nothing happened is reached by a steep climb at the end of a rattling three-hour drive along a stony road. Until nothing happened here, early on the morning of Saturday and again the following day, it was a large village with a small graveyard, but now that has been reversed.

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4 December 2001 - Latest News from Afghanistan

04-12-2001 18:36

What CNN doesn't show.

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Sodexho Office Occupation Update

04-12-2001 18:20

Sodexho Screws Refugees For Money action update

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04-12-2001 16:47

The use of reprocessed nuclear waste in the US air strikes against the Taliban poses a serious risk of radiation poisoning to the human lives in Afghanistan and Pakistan

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Brussels guide for activists [v.01]

04-12-2001 16:34

Brussels guide for activists [v.01]
Here is a small guide about pratical issues if your comming to Brussels. It's still a bit messy, drafty and definitely uncomplete. Pardon my bad English.
Any question / request / correction? ::
The map should be updated soon.
CONTENT: how to come // transportations in Belgium and in Brussels // weather // languages // accomodation // communication // what to take and wear // more coming soon.

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McChina v McDonald's

04-12-2001 16:14

For ten years McDonald's terrorised a chinese takeaway.