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Lancaster protests

Steve Booth | 04.12.2001 22:41

Shell protest Lancaster, drive thru' McD's blockaded Morecambe.

On Saturday morning, 1st December 2001, Shac protesters blockaded the Lancaster Shell garage in Caton Road. It seems the police call these protests 'Shac Attack'... About two vans and three police cars turned up for the small group of protesters. Later another police car turned up with sirens and lights going full pelt after a customer took umbradge at the gruesome anti-HLS leaflet.

After this, Saturday afternoon, a a drive thru' Muckdonalds was blockaded in Morecambe. The protest van was parked in the entrance, so they had to call out a towaway truck, said to cost them approx £200. When the van arrived, the protesters scarpered.

About the same number of cop vans and cars turned up at this second event.

The same day, there was also an anti war demo in Lancaster town centre, and an Esso blockade somewhere in the Lancaster area.

Steve Booth
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