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Bristol Indymedia Film Night: Where are the women? Here they are!

25-12-2010 16:22

10th January 2011, 8pm at the Cube Cinema, Stokes Croft, Bristol
10th January 2011, 8pm at the Cube Cinema, Stokes Croft, Bristol

Entry £3/£4 (but nobody refused entry for a lack of funds.)
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Join us for an amazing evening.

10th January 2011, 8pm at the Cube Cinema, Stokes Croft, Bristol

Bristol Feminist Network, Bristol Fawcett have worked together over the last few years to raise awareness of the representation of women in the media. We were endlessly struck by the sheer absence of women from our culture - from the lack of women performing in comedy clubs, to the lack of women headlining gigs, and the dearth of films being shown by women directors and writers. The lack of women's voices on the radio, the invisibility of women on our TV screens and in our newspapers (except when wearing not much or to comment on women wearing not much...)

Tonight is designed to change all that. We are here to celebrate the talent and creativity of women, from film makers, musicians, comedians and artists.

This is a night to end the absence of women in our cultural landscape.

Find The Cube at : Dove Street South, Bristol BS2 8JD
Directions to Cube:

Entry £3/£4 (but nobody refused entry for a lack of funds.)

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Huge student protest-outside parliament London January 11th.

25-12-2010 12:18

On 11 January, Parliament will vote on scrapping Education Maintenance Allowances. So far this date has not been widely publicised; it looks like the Government is hoping to get the vote through without too many people noticing!

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Bradley Manning's Health Is Declining

25-12-2010 01:38

Bradley Manning
Bradley Manning is a 23 year old man being detained by the US government in regard to footage released by the WikiLeaks site showing the killing of 12 civilians by the US military.

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Using Aktivix VPN service from Microsoft Windows

25-12-2010 00:22

Using a VPN can protect you internet traffic from trivial surveillance by ISP's and the state. More info at

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Vegan for the New Year?

24-12-2010 23:22

vegan buddies can give you some pointers
New Year, New You! Try Vegan!
Don't know where to start? Want a few pointers?

"My buddy and I had a chat last week. She was armed with plenty of vegan cook books. My buddy has offered me practical support with cooking of vegan dishes which I think is what I need most."
A Vegan Buddy can help either on phone, email or in person, for example:

* Find your local vegan food shops
* Give you vegan recipes and cooking tips
* Tell you about vegan social events
* Suggest ideas for eating out
* Listen to any challenges you come across and offer solutions where possible

The meat and dairy industry contribute to approximately 18% of emissions that cause greenhouse gases that will lead to a drastic change in our climate.

You can save around 12 animals a month by being vegan!

A small action today will make a dramatic difference tomorrow.

To sign up or find out more about Bristol Vegan Buddies, please contact

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"WAR IS OVER.. if you want it!"-MerryChristmas from LCW

24-12-2010 22:20

YOUTUBE (4 mins 37 secs)
"WAR IS OVER... if you want it!"
- Merry Christmas from the London Catholic Worker

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Christmas-2010: civilians killed in US-led attack

24-12-2010 22:02

NATO troops in Afghanistan
2 Afghan civilians killed in US-led attack ...... US-led foreign troops in Afghanistan have killed two Afghan civilians during a raid in Kabul, further intensifying security risks to the civilian population in the country. The incident took place early Friday in Block 4 of the Afghan capital when NATO forces attacked a construction company. Two of the company's security personnel were killed and two others were injured. NATO has claimed that the attack was aimed at a suspicious militant base, but Afghan police say no militants were in the area. Thousands of civilians have lost their lives in attacks by US-led NATO forces occupying Afghanistan since 2001 in supposed effort to bring security to the war-ravaged nation.

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Abdel must stay in Brighton - stop his New Year's Eve deportation - ACT NOW

24-12-2010 14:30

Abdelkrim Madjoudj, 39, fled Algeria 13 years ago after being tortured. Since Friday he has been held in Brooke House detention centre and has been served with a removal order that will put him on a plane to Algeria on New Year's Eve. Take action NOW to help stop his deportation...

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Help! Lives are in danger!

24-12-2010 14:21

Afghan and Iranianwomen and children seekingasylum in Greece beingbattered and assaultedby the elite units of the Greek police, right outside The Ministry of Citizen Protection. Asylum seekers, outside The United Nations High Commission for Refugees in Greece, have—once more—sewn their lips!

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What is Activist Trauma Support?

24-12-2010 12:28

Activist Trauma Support is a network of activists and people with skills and experience in the field of mental health, which exists to provide information and support for people experiencing distress as a result of their activism. ATS also provides information about avoiding sustainable activism and avoiding burnout and can support individuals or affinity groups with workshops and debriefing sessions, as well as supporting people to find appropriate ongoing support.

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Solidarity With Palestine

24-12-2010 11:38

National Portrait Gallery
Deck London's Walls with Bethlehem's Calls

Merry Christmas world from Bethleham Ghetto

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Pedal MCR Bicycle Community Centre

24-12-2010 10:22


Pedal MCR shall shortly be opening a bicycle community centre in Manchester where people can socialise and learn new skills.


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UKCMRI Lab Webcast of Council Meeting Vote

24-12-2010 09:22

A webcast is now available of the Camden Council meeting on the 16th December when plans for the controversial massive UKCMRI laboratory for central London were approved by a majority of the councillors on the Development Control Committee who voted regarding this proposal at the meeting. The plans now need to be referred to the Mayor of London and the Department for Communities and Local Government for consideration and also a planned Parliamentary Committee Inquiry into the project has been announced. More below......

A webcast is now available of the Council Committee meeting on 16th December, when plans for the controversial UKCMRI bioresearch project were approved by a majority of the councillors present at the meeting on the voting panel - webcast here (this address may not work as a link but should work when copied into address bar):  The voting starts at around 02:32:52.                     

The four councillors who voted against the proposal are: Claire-Louise Leyland, Conservative (Belsize), Paul Braithwaite, Liberal Democrat (Cantelowes), Sean Birch, Labour (Gospel Oak) and Matt Sanders, Liberal Democrat (Haverstock). The one councillor who abstained is Flick Rea, Liberal Democrat (Fortune Green). The eight councillors who voted in favour of the UKCMRI proposal are: Milena Nuti, Labour (Bloomsbury), Sue Vincent, Labour (Holborn and Covent Garden), Sarah Hayward, Labour (King's Cross), Roger Freeman, Conservative (Swiss Cottage), Heather Johnson, Labour (Regent's Park), Andrew Marshall, Conservative (Swiss Cottage), Gillian Risso-Gill, Liberal Democrat (West Hampstead) and Jenny Headlam-Wells, Labour (Kentish Town).
The meeting, including statements/speeches by the planning officer and others and questions/statements from the voting panel etc took around two and a half hours but apart from two very short statements allowed by two councillors opposed and not on the voting panel, non-voting objectors were given only ten minutes to speak their views. A recommendation was made in the Planning Report, produced beforehand: "GRANT PLANNING PERMISSION SUBJECT TO A SECTION 106 LEGAL AGREEMENT BEING COMPLETED AND SUBJECT TO ANY DIRECTION FROM THE MAYOR OF LONDON STATING THE CONTRARY." The proposal now needs to be referred to the Mayor of London and CLG for consideration.

BORIS JOHNSON'S CONTACT INFORMATION: Mayor of London, Greater London Authority, City Hall, The Queen's Walk, More London, London, SE1 2AA. phone: 020 7983 4100 - email address: 

NEW PARLIAMENTARY COMMITTEE INQUIRY: The Science and Technology Committee has announced an inquiry into the UKCMRI project. This is separate from the planning application made to Camden Council. Written submissions are accepted until 12th January, 2011. Link here to more information and guide to writing submissions - 

BACKGROUND INFORMATION: The gigantic UKCMRI bioresearch laboratory centre project is planned to handle extremely dangerous pathogens in 79,000 square metres of building in central London. Estimated to cost £600 million and a further £100 million per year to operate, the government have offered £220 million towards this at a time of brutal cutbacks. Link here to more information re original planning application. The Evening Standard has found out about a high security "management plan" for it - link to report here

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Catholic Workers "close" Dalston "Arcade of Death"

23-12-2010 21:22

Thursday 23 December 2010 - Pre-Christmas peace vigil in front of Dalston army showroom in east London by London Catholic Workers and friends, in opposition to the war in Afghanistan and the perceived cynical establishment of a military recruitment centre within this impoverished community during a time of economic hardship.

All images are Copyright (c) 2010 D. Viesnik. They may be reproduced free of charge for non-commerical use provided they are credited. For high resolution versions / commercial use, please e-mail.




A merry band of London Catholic Workers and friends, fresh from shooting remakes of videos for John Lennon's anti-war classics "Merry Christmas (War is Over)" and "Give Peace a Chance" (watch this space for the finished videos), took themselves along to their favourite local army showroom, or "arcade of death", inside Dalston Kingsland shopping centre to bring their seasonal message of peace to the happy festive shoppers of east London.

After some initial lively interaction with security guards, who were calmed by police officers who arrived not long afterwards, the peaceful demonstration was allowed to continue undisturbed for an hour or so, whereupon the protesters left of their own volition.

The protest included signs stuck up on the glass doors of the showroom (which was already shut) indicating that it was now permanently shut, since the 'war is over', a duvet sprinkled in fake flowers, framed images of former Beatle and peace activist Lennon - assassinated 30 years ago this month - and Catholic Worker founder Dorothy Day. Also present was a man dressed in an orange boiler suit, wearing shackles and a Father Christmas mask, some of the time covered in a black hood (images to follow), who sat or knelt on the duvet most of the time and sang the above-mentioned songs by Lennon, sometimes accompanied by some of his colleagues.

The war in Afghanistan is now into its 10th year, with no end in site. Lennon's peace activism was spurred on by the lengthy US war in Vietnam at a time when peace activism went together with a vibrant counter-culture movement, and growing anti-war resistance from war veterans themselves. There is perhaps much to be said for fostering such a movement in this country. There is the odd sign of hope in terms of resistance to the seemingly endless western-instigated carnage in Afghanistan, such as the refusal by Lance Corporal Joe Glenton to return there, resulting in his incarceration for several months earlier this year, the many militant but peaceful actions by members of the Democracy Village and Peace Strike in the course of the year, the ongoing long-term witness of the Parliament Square Peace Camp(aign), Peace Strike and others in the vicinity of the corridors of power, as well as various demonstrations, vigils and walks. However, all of this seems a woefully inadequate and pitiful response from the vast majority of us to the level of violence and suffering being carried on in our name in Afghanistan and, increasingly, Pakistan, in the name of the so-called "War on Terror". Will there be a surge of anti-war activism in 2011, or will the current decline in militant anti-militarist activity in the capital and, indeed, nationwide continue into the new year? That is surely for the grassroots activist community itself to decide.

Related link:

All images are Copyright (c) 2010 D. Viesnik. They may be reproduced free of charge for non-commerical use provided they are credited. For high resolution versions / commercial use, please e-mail.


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More CCTV in Hyson Green

23-12-2010 19:23

Council plans to develop the road junction between Alfreton Road, Bobbers Mill Road and Churchfield Road include the installation of CCTV. The council's explanation of and justification for the scheme have been described by a Notttingham Indymedia reader as "confusing."

On the newswire: More info on Hyson Green CCTV | More CCTV slipped into Nottingham

Previous features: Campaign against CCTV in Forest Fields continues to grow | Watching the watchers in Nottingham

The proposed Nottingham camera is at a busy junction with a mosque on it at the heart of the Bobbers Mill area, which has a large Muslim population. It is also a major route in and out of Hyson Green and Forest Fields, which also have large Muslim and immigrant populations. I wonder what reassurances the City Council have for concerned locals that they won't be using this camera to monitor who is coming in and out of these areas? I wonder what kind of access to their data the police will have?

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Fur Demo at Richmond House in Malvern

23-12-2010 17:05

Activists in Great Malvern today held a demonstration outside Richmond House as they think it is acceptable to continue selling real fur.

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Police came for me at 5am

23-12-2010 14:04

On the 17/12/10 (Last friday) The police came to my house with a warrant for my arrest. They came like the stasi in the night, getting me out of bed at 5am in the morning.

They had a warrant for my arrest, with the charge of Affray and Conspiracy to affray.

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Turkey rescue

23-12-2010 13:41

Bernards birds rescued

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Santa graffiti at council offices

23-12-2010 11:46

GRAFFITI artwork of Father Christmas making a rude gesture with the words “Bah Humbug” next to it has been painted on the entrance to County Hall in Chichester, West Sussex.