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Police came for me at 5am

(non) Criminal Chalkist | 23.12.2010 14:04 | Education | Public sector cuts | Repression

On the 17/12/10 (Last friday) The police came to my house with a warrant for my arrest. They came like the stasi in the night, getting me out of bed at 5am in the morning.

They had a warrant for my arrest, with the charge of Affray and Conspiracy to affray.

It is relation to a protest I attended about a month ago, which saw hundreds of students from across Bristol join together in the streets to oppose rising tuition fees, cuts to our education and an elitist education system. At the top of Park street (Park row) in Bristol, police had kettled everyone in once again, stopping movement anywhere down park street, park row and back up towards whiteladies road.. The police insisted in an interview that they thought that it was me that threw a firework towards the police which simply isnt true.

I was detained for 12 hours in cell number 9 at trinity road police station, Bristol. After repeated requests to a solicitor I was refused, I was told I would see a solicitor when I was interviewed. I asked for a pen and paper. A pen and paper never came. Out of the three meals I sould have been offered during my detention, I only recieved one meal. After requesting a blanket as the cell I was in was so cold, I was refused, as I had already got one. I also requested to make my phone call, I never got this either.

All of the above apart from the blanket are my LEGAL RIGHT and recieved none of them.

I sat shaking in the cell, not knowing what affray meant, or what was going to happen to me next. The police had made a big mistake. What the hell had I done wrong? When the police turned up on my doorstep at 5am, I was told I was being charged with affray, for throwing a firework at the police at a recent student protest in bristol.

Whilst I was in the cell, one of the detectives came to my cell and told me that they would now be going to my house with a warrant to search it. They took my laptop, my mobile phone, a hard drive, a notepad amongst other things. I am still awaiting my property back :( which I imagine I won't be seeing for a long time.

After being in the cell for nearly 10hours, I was finally interviewed by two police officers: two dectives from the serious crime squad. They showed me a video that includes me stroking a police horse at the front of a police kettle and then suddenly a firework goes towards the police. firstly, they asked me whether it was me in the video. Of course I said it was me, as i have nothing to hide. They tried to pin this on me! they tried to say that it was me that threw the firework, which I quickly denied, of course this was not me! after watching the video shown to me in the interview which was taken from BBC Bristol, I was quick to point out "how could I have thrown a firework if with one hand I am stroking a police horse" Of course, it is obviously impossible to light a firework and throw it with one hand.

This wa bullshit and they know it. They quickly dropped that line of questioning and then accused me of conspiracy to affray. They said that, I was stroking the police horse so that someone else that I knew could throw a firework at the police. This also of course was completely untrue.

Other questions that they asked me were about who I knew, what I did, what internet websites I use(d) etc. They had no grounds to arrest me. They had no grounds to detain me. They have no grounds to interrogate me.


I was released on bail, and am due to make my appearance at trinity road police station on the 26th of January.


(non) Criminal Chalkist
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