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Iraq attacks down 22% since Saddam capture.

13-01-2004 19:24

The Iraqi Resistance Packs it in - It's Official!! According to USA Today , that bastion of serious news coverage, attacks on US troops are down 22% since Saddam Hussein's capture. What we are supposed to infer from this is that the Iraqi resistance was a concoction of Saddam Hussein and the Ba'athists. They don't represent the Iraqi people, (even when polls show they do), and they obviously don't have the usual rights that occupied citizens have to resist their occupiers...

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British Iraqi Goes On Trial for Protesting at Arms Fair

13-01-2004 18:03

Mehdi El-radhi, a British Iraqi, faces trial by jury at Snaresbrook Crown Court during the week of 9th February, 2004, for taking non-violent direct action at the DSEi Arms Fair in London in September 2003.

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They don't want you to see their stuff goin down...

13-01-2004 17:52

New resatriction on travel to the Occupied Palestinian Territories will facilitate the speeding up of this silent genocide...

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thessaloniki benefit - help wanted

13-01-2004 17:45

Help! Acts needed.
we are needing various actors and performers

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Jocelyn Hurndall: The Israeli army shot my son, and the toll continues to rise

13-01-2004 17:36

What price a life?

The Israeli army shot my son, and the toll continues to rise

Jocelyn Hurndall
Saturday January 10, 2004
The Guardian

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GM maize lurches closer to commercial growing

13-01-2004 17:25

UK government advisory committee (ACRE) gives go ahead for commercial growing of GM maize.

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APC Special Round-Up Report on WSIS

13-01-2004 17:15

APC Special Round-Up on WSIS
December 03

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George Galloway in Cardiff

13-01-2004 16:53

AT every antiwar meeting people have asked what is the alternative to New Labour.

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CHERYL SEAL REPORTS: To Win in 2004, the Democrats Must Reclaim America's Soul

13-01-2004 16:48

Thanks to the Bush Reich and his neofascist goons in Congress, who helped pave the way for his dictatorship, America's center has been pulled so far to the right that the country is in danger of toppling over. To win in 2004, the Democratic Party must reclaim the center - and its own soul.

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British Airways advertises in Israeli settlements in Occupied Territories

13-01-2004 16:29

BA adds appeared in Ariel, an Israeli settlement in the Occupied Territories

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Media Hacklab work days and benefit

13-01-2004 16:22

A new Media Hacklab is getting started in the east end of London. Based at the Freedom Press bookshop and social centre, it will be an open access computer lab with internet access. Going beyond the preponderance of internet cafes, a Hacklab is a political space used for alternative media, the use and development of free software and other emancepatory techologies, skill sharing and collective learning, community projects and anything else we can organise. The projects that happen there will depend on the commitment of those involved.

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life after the oil crash

13-01-2004 16:02

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13-01-2004 15:48

The national meeting of the Italian Anarchist Federation (FAI)
Milan 2004, 01, 10-11 about repression against anarchist and letter bombing

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Statewatch News Online 12th Jan 04

13-01-2004 15:45

Statewatch News online, 12 January 2004

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Imagine Autonomy - Enero Autonomo Argentina

13-01-2004 15:38

Imagine nine hundred and forty people sharing practices and theories in a truly horizontal manner. Imagine that all are participants in anti-capitalist struggles representing more than ten countries. Now imagine that all consider themselves and their practices autonomist. ... Enero Autonomo in Argentina ...

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Travellers' site needs help

13-01-2004 15:06

The site at Bulkington (near Coventry) needs help to defend against eviction this week.
The residents, who own the land, have been there for a year and successfully resisited dozens of police and bailiffs yesterday (Mon) by burning barricades at the site entrance to prevent access. But the council has made a public statement that they will push ahead with the eviction.

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ISM Reports: Israel Increases Restrictions Of Visitors To Occupied Territories

13-01-2004 14:31

12th Jan 2004
New Restrictions By Israeli Govt On Those Entering Occupied Territories

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Boycott: George and His elecion fund.

13-01-2004 14:09

we've all heard of Esso's relationship wih Bush. (which seems not to exis any more) lists the top ten products whose perent companies. Hers the top ten, listing brand name , company and donation:

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samsung uk: sweatshop labour?

13-01-2004 11:44

Chinese man dies after working for 24hours solid at Samsung Uk and hired thru a N.Korean gangmaster.

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Issue #13 of Canada's Grassroots National Newspaper

13-01-2004 06:30

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