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new feature at portland indymedia: 9.11, the peace movement in oregon, usa

02-02-2002 17:04

The straight-up, non-corporate dope on the peace movement in Oregon, USA. Ongoing coverage.

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MMR - PM remains tight-lipped

02-02-2002 15:52

Blair has refused to comment on the following Independent report. Gettin Tony to admit to his son's vaccination is like getting Usama to admit to 9-11. Perhaps for the same reason. Neither of them have committed the respective acts.
Check links for further information on MMR and vaccinations in general (article 1)

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Argentina / WEF Solidarity - London report

02-02-2002 15:36

Argentina / WEF Solidarity - London report
Around 50 people held a noisy picket outside the World Bank offices today in London in solidarity with the Argentinian people and the protests against the WEF and NATO.

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WEF Website crashed

02-02-2002 15:30

An invisible cyber assault has cut off access for the second day running to the Web site of the World Economic Forum

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Secret CITY Authority to give Business Vote and invade East End

02-02-2002 12:58

Rich and unaccounable authority, the Corporation of London, a symbol of capitalism is seeking to invade the East End by extending its property portfolio and give business a vote at the expense of local people.

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Violent Protests Shake Boston

02-02-2002 08:35

Austin correspondent, the slave, covers violent protests in Boston. Stay informed Citizens.

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Bush is 'Axis of Evil'

02-02-2002 05:17

Bush is 'Axis of Evil'
Straight from New York anti-wef, the truth!

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Mass arrests in Munich (NATO) / Tear Gas in Zurich (WEF)

02-02-2002 05:11

An anti-NATO press conference in Munich turns into a protest with around 2000 people - police disperse and make mass arrests - meanwhile 2000 people protest in Zurich switzerland against the WEF and are met with tear gas. Solidarity action continue around the world.

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dragons snakes and lizards back on line

02-02-2002 00:51

the alien domination explained. Worth perusal. Click the link

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A lone anti-zionist Jew in Israel speaks his mind

01-02-2002 23:52

This piece was posted on Israel indymedia. In the west, we are led to think that all Israelis are behind Sharon... This is clearly not the case and let us hope the protest grows.

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01-02-2002 23:35

i am georg this iz mi life clik belo y indimeeja wont to take mi link

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World Bank Insider Speaks Out

01-02-2002 23:29

The World Bank’s former Chief Economist’s accusations are eye-popping - including how the IMF and US Treasury fixed the Russian elections

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Jeff Rense interview with David Icke (audio)

01-02-2002 23:01

Jan 31, 2002 interview.

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Blair on mission to colonies

01-02-2002 22:59

Tony seeks to heal the world through more arms sales more conflict, globalisation, the new world order. Sort this fucker. Click the link.

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Song and Poem: Hold On and Headlines

01-02-2002 22:46

A song titled "Hold On (Eyes On The Prize)" and a poem
titled "Headlines"

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Which World since Bush? A 'Bush Horror Show' with Blair as Actor

01-02-2002 21:23

Which World since Bush? A 'Bush Horror Show' with Blair as Actor
Which World since Bush? A 'Bush Horror Show' with Blair as Actor (article 1)

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A Life Filled with Tragexdy

01-02-2002 20:01

a partial autobiography to be part of a book

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Nick your bosses car - SUBVERT

01-02-2002 18:49

Nick your bosses car - SUBVERT
i like this one...its by the St Pauls M32 roundabout, Bristol

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Blair meets Darth Vader of global warming

01-02-2002 18:44

Even as the Enron scandal explodes Blair can't break his addiction for cosying up to rich folks.

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Breaking News Reports From WSF in Porto Alegre

01-02-2002 17:55