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Protest Report: Pharmacutical companies + S Africa

07-03-2001 16:23

Protest Report: Pharmacutical companies + S Africa
Below are pictures and the text of the leaflet given out at the protest outside South Africa House, London on 5th March 2001.

Protesters moved on to lobby pharmacutical companies calling for them to drop their action.

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Discrimination is alive and well in England.

07-03-2001 03:46

Women will NEVER be treated equally while ever British laws promote discrimination.

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Continuation of Class Struggle

06-03-2001 22:06

irsp calls for the continuation of the class struggle

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Anti roads protest targets blair at 'green' speech

06-03-2001 20:35

Anti roads protest targets blair at 'green' speech
Protestors and anti-roads veterans this morning greeted blair outside the Royal Institute of International Affairs in London - where he was due to give his latest 'green' speech in an attempt to gain votes from environmentalists.

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Creating a rebellion that embraces...

06-03-2001 19:12

The Courage to Stop Worrying about Space Invaders and taking the risk of creating a rebellion that embraces.
Paper presented at "Politics, Power and People: Towards a Popular Radicalism" Seminar - Sign of the Times - London, 10th feb - 2001.

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06-03-2001 11:45

At a meeting in Bangor, north Wales, Clare Short, Britain’s International Development Secretary, has just been custard-pied in recognition of her disservice to the world’s poor. She promotes a version of globalisation which makes the poor poorer, while enriching big business.

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the colombians have arrived

06-03-2001 01:28

Two colombians, Rosana Cuama and Jorge Aramburo, from PCN (Proceso Comunidades de Negras) are in Manchester. They arrived today and a rally was held (we had a permit!?), in the Peace Gardens outside the Town Hall.

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Irish anarchist paper Workers Solidarity online

05-03-2001 12:14

Irish anarchist paper Workers Solidarity online
A PDF version of the Irish anarchist paper Workers Solidarity is now oline for you to print out and if you wish distribute
You can also read the texts of the articles on the web

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Cosmic-Top-Secret...X52 Eyes Only.

05-03-2001 10:13

Nuclear weapons are obsolete.

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A Flight Against the Blockade

04-03-2001 23:22

Flight into Baghdad challenges sanctions.

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EZLN caravan report.San Cristóbal to Tuxtla Gutierrez to Juchitán.

04-03-2001 17:22

25th February, 2001. San Cristóbal to Tuxtla Gutierrez
to Juchitán.

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04-03-2001 11:21

The Pentagon is touting a new "non-lethal" weapon designed to control threatening crowds by using a directed energy beam to inflict a painful but brief burning sensation.

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Strange Message from Russia

04-03-2001 02:41

In connection with the emerging tension both at the international finance market and stock market as well, considerable fluctuation in the oil prices, and some other indicators of instability in the financial world, a group which composed of Russian and foreign financial analysts has made a decision to call a special meeting to debate the current precrisis situation in order to consider ways in which we can meet these challenges and elaborate an optimum strategy for the authorities of financial structures in Russia and in other emerging market economies.

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04-03-2001 00:11

Unwitting children have been frightened into signing over their domain names
over to Warner Brothers.

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Miners Hold Vigil at No. 10

03-03-2001 15:53

Saturday, 15:30. Veteran coal miners are outside No.10 Downing St to commemorate the strike of 1984 and press their case for decent work-related compensation.

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03-03-2001 13:38

Genoa, July 20-22, 2001

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U.K. a no-go!

03-03-2001 13:18

Who is profiting most from the recent foot & mouth epidemic? Surprise, surprise...the Science Minister!

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U.S. Isn't Helping Colombia

03-03-2001 12:49

Published on Tuesday, February 27, 2001 in the Baltimore Sun

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Felony Trials for GOP Protesters Begin With Kate Sorensen-- Accused "Ringleader"

02-03-2001 21:09

Kate Sorensen, a long-time organizer and member of the AIDS activist group, ACT UP Philadelphia, was arrested on August 1, 2000, held on $1 million bail, later reduced to $100,000, and kept in jail for 10 days. She will stand trial this week on four felony charges: riot, risking catastrophe, criminal mischief, and conspiracy.

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A20. Quebec 420 = prison industrial complex. 3rd Summit of the Americas April 20

02-03-2001 19:01

"They plan on erecting a 2.4 mile long metal fence, similar to those found around prisons, in the streets of the provincial capital sometime in early spring. The perimeter will cover approximately 4 square miles of the downtown core. Moreover, all citizens who reside or work in the security perimeter -- nearly 25,000 people -- are currently being given a security pass to enter the area, ... The original police plan to run criminal record checks on all Quebec residents receiving a pass"