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Government Reaches for the Sky in War on Drugs

28-07-2002 20:38

A small weekly business paper in Texas recently published a story that gives new meaning to the phrase “getting high.”

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The UK's Top Terrorist Targets - GCHQ

28-07-2002 18:47

There are a number of high profile Terrorist Targets
within the UK. GCHQ is one such target but, in a uniquely
British way, the terrorist threat is not being taken seriously.

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Bath hospital is officially the worst in the UK

28-07-2002 16:13

Bath hospital is officially the worst in the UK
Well it ain’t all Jane Austen and sedan chairs in the floral city of Bath. The beautiful south it may well be but if you only take the time to scrape away the veneer of tourism you realise that its having a crisis like it aint ever seen before. ( trust me I’ve lived here for long enough…) Its always been a tale of two cities. The have-nots are rarely acknowledged whilst the haves hog the headlines. Who gives a monkeys about Bath’s fucking rugby team?

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Stopping the war on Iraq

28-07-2002 16:12

If/when the war on Iraq starts, people need to take more direct action than was taken during the Afghanistan campagin, since the protests then did not prevent the bloodshed in that country, which is still going on now.

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28-07-2002 12:20

Home Office Minister Beverley Hughes shows the ruthlessness at the heart of 'New' Labour in her treatment of the Ahmadi family's case...

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The situation in Brazil

28-07-2002 12:01

This is the situation in America Latina and Brazil

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28-07-2002 09:16

To come straight to the point: I don't like demonstrating. The larger the demonstration, the more it grates. What, in Bakunin's name, is the point? The great majority of demonstrations are boring and as far as I am concerned belong to the category pointless political folklore. The main reason that I occasionally go to a demo is to bump into people I know from other parts of the country, to have a chat and network a bit during the course of a "themed" stroll.

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A new history website

27-07-2002 21:34

A new history website
The Historician is a free history website where the Internet surfers will find biographies, documents, interviews, monographies, investigations, anecdotes, analysis of history films, audio and photographs about the Argentinian History.

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The Covert War Against Rock:

27-07-2002 19:52

What You Don't Know About the Deaths of Jim Morrison, Tupac Shakur, Michael Hutchence, Brian Jones, Jimi Hendrix, Phil Ochs, Bob Marley, Peter Tosh, John Lennon, The Notorious B.I.G. (Add, Bruce Lee, Otis Reading, Janice Joplin, Kurt Cobain, Garnet Silk and George Harrison to this list of dead heroes.)

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NYC IMC Newspaper to accept paid advertising

27-07-2002 17:05

Paid advertising? When did IMC decide to adopt a capitalist fundraising model? Even with the accountability measures outlined in the document below, what prevents the Indypendent from becoming dependent on advertisers for survival? How will the Indypendent maintain its editorial autonomy when so many other so-called progressive publications have failed? What's next? Paid ads on IMC websites?

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27-07-2002 16:57


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The SWP, the Revolutionary Left and Armed Struggle

27-07-2002 16:29

Has anyone noticed the contradictory positions that the SWP hold on the question of armed struggle? After September 11, the SWP declared in the pages of Socialist Worker that this was an event much like other urban guerrilla actions and dug up a few quotes from Trotsky to back their claim that this event would not shake US capitalism and the US state.

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A New Olympic Event - Torture

27-07-2002 15:56

As the 2004 Olympics approaches, animal torture in Greece is reaching ever higher levels.

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US bill allows copyright holders to hack P2P networks

27-07-2002 13:52

Copyright owners would be able to legally hack into
peer-to-peer networks, according to a bill introduced in the House of
Representatives on Thursday July 25th.

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How will we fight the War on Iraq?

27-07-2002 13:50

Time to prepare for (Anti-) War

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Latest update Strassbourg 27.07

27-07-2002 13:11

Latest update Strassbourg 27.07 Demonstration has been stopped by police forces

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SIS Technical Research and Human Rights Violations

27-07-2002 12:08

SIS Research & SIS Violations of Human Rights (article 1)

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Ahmadi family - BBC report

27-07-2002 11:47

The latest on an Afghan family who are facing deportation from this country, a quite harrowing story that has quite rightly got the attention of the regular press.

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Barely worth a mention - anonymous Palestine

27-07-2002 11:28

continuing update from Jenin & thereabouts