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Manchester Anti-War photos

25-10-2001 23:02

Manchester Anti-War photos
Anti-War stills from Manchester anti-war mobilisations (article 1)

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Observer on lack of Bin Laden evidence

25-10-2001 22:56

Nick Cohen writing for the Observer hinted at CIA/FBI leaks showing lack of evidence to connect Bin Laden to the 911 events.

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25-10-2001 22:28

How far can gene technology be trusted to provide a safe and sustainable
solution to the problem of hunger? Should privately funded research only
benefit those who funded it? Will eating genetically engineered food
affect our health in the long term? Do we have sufficient scientific evidence
and information to make any judgments about these issues at all?

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25-10-2001 22:17

At a debate in the European Parliament in Strasbourg today (Weds) Green
MEP Caroline Lucas will insist that fundamental reform of the World
Trade Organisation's processes and rules must be a precondition for any
new round of trade negotiations that will be demanded by the EU and US
in November at Doha, Qatar.

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Think global - Act global, Take the protest with you

25-10-2001 20:06

When you go abroad or travel in your country,
why not check in the protestcalendar - which some
active people will eagerly after this put up on the
indymedia - and steer your course there where it happens.

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Greenpeace are heading for WTO, Doha

25-10-2001 18:20

Greenpeace is sending the Rainbow Warrior II. more details are on the way!

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Turmoil in Iran

25-10-2001 17:03

Turmoil in Iran
BBC reports student protests as being 'soccer hooliganism'

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Saddams Letter to an American

25-10-2001 15:19

Read it.

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F**** type prisons in Turkey

25-10-2001 15:16

F**** F type prisons in Turkey!

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More Faslane Pictures

25-10-2001 14:30

More Faslane Pictures
Here's some more pictures of peaceful protesters being nicked in defence of an illegal base. (article 1)

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Huntingdon=Death, Demo on Oct 29

25-10-2001 14:16

Stop Vivesecting Cuddly Animals!
Stop Huntingdon Death Sciences!
October 29th demo.

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Why Blair wants Bin laden DEAD:

25-10-2001 12:58

Not surprisingly Blair would like to see Bin Laden dead.
His trial by an international court, if accepted by the U.S
looks like the only way any kind of serious investigation of
9.11, imagine what Bin Laden might have to say about his dealings with Arbusta Oil and he Bush family and the days he whiled away on the CIA payroll. !!! this kind of scenario
would be a disater for all of them. see the torygraf article.

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The American Halloween

25-10-2001 12:01

The Amerikkkan Halloween.
Suits the world? Not really.

A picture tells you more than a thousand words

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3000 marched for peace in Helsinki

25-10-2001 11:47

3000 marched for peace in Helsinki
In Helsinki people received a special welcoming at the square of
railwaystation when latin rhythms flowed towards them.
Many different bands and speakers followed and the mood seemed
to be determined but peaceful. Fire-eaters among the crowd
kept the public warm.

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bigotry test

25-10-2001 11:24

How to tell if you are a bigot.
Read the three jokes below and score yourself accordingly.

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the [isolated] path

25-10-2001 08:39

hastily PDF'd file from back issue of the [path] using free demo WinToPDF software. all about television (TURN IT OFF)

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Animal Rights Showdown in Little Rock, Arkansas, USA this weekend

25-10-2001 08:39

SHAC wants to take down Hundingdon Life Sciences this weekend in Little Rock, Arkansas

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Can you COPEX?

25-10-2001 08:01

Basic info on Copex demo, that will take place next week.

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Public Relations Debacle After Sen. Hillary Jeered & Booed By Heroes

25-10-2001 03:35

Drudge Report. Sunday, October 21, 2001