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03-09-2005 18:53

Troops begin COMBAT OPERATIONS in New Orleans

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New Orleans: Billions in Overseas Aid to US Refused by US Government

03-09-2005 18:35

The United States Government and its People Respectfully Decline your offer of assistance...

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[istanbul] freedom for mehmet

03-09-2005 17:50

advertising for militair
On 11 August 2005, Turkish conscientious objector Mehmet Tarhan was sentenced to 4 years imprisonment, on two charges of  "insubordination in front of his unit".
Today, on the 3rd of September, a demonstration against militarism took place in İstanbul around Taksim square.

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Judgement - Video

03-09-2005 17:23

This Poem filmed outside the social centre in Manchester is called Judgement by Carol Batton, a psychiatric system survivor.

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Tune Liberation Party

03-09-2005 15:46

We champion the world’s finest free music to collectively demonstrate that there is much more to modern music than the mundane mainstream. The Pi Music Communication Network also has many facilities for independently minded, forward-thinking creatives and we shall promote our revolutionary communication ideology by nurturing the most potent musical community the world has ever heard - to challenge all who claim that commerce is the only thing that really matters...

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Hurricane Katrina's aftermath: From national disaster to national humiliation

03-09-2005 15:25

The central lesson of New Orleans is that the elementary requirements of mass society are incompatible with a system that subordinates everything to the enrichment of a financial oligarchy.

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Gold fever in Europe`s rainforests

03-09-2005 15:13

Few are aware that the EU has tropical rain forest
areas under their jurisdiction. Fewer even will be
aware of the bad ecological and humanitarian situation
French-Guyana is an integral part of France in South
America, and therefore the EU. 95% of its area are
covered by equatorial rainforests. But known is
French-Guyana mainly for the Ariane rocket-launch in

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Breakfast Against Trade With Israel Delayed til Wednesday

03-09-2005 12:39

Due to the Carmel Agrexco court Case being Delayed

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Notes from Inside New Orleans

03-09-2005 11:29

The following is a short report and background piece about the situation in New Orleans from the perspective of a radical union organiser who is based there.

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GMP use taser again

03-09-2005 10:11

GMP have used their taser guns for the 2nd time

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School to make evolution optional

03-09-2005 05:58

Unintelligent debate over intelligent design
It may be less heavy-handed, but the actions of the Kansas board are just as political -- and no more based in science -- than the tactics of the Dover school board. With all due respect to our elected officials, including the president, decisions about what counts as good science in public schools must be made by scientists, not politicians.

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New Old Orleans

03-09-2005 04:18

The inadequate response to the recent crisis in New Orleans is not surprising in view of the ideology of American conservatism, specifically its social Darwinist aspects. Social welfare rates extremely low on the conservative scale of priorities; egocentric endeavours and an individual focus outweighs concern for the group; if the people complain then “let them eat cake”, but in New Orleans, let them eat air!

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'Different times' call for bill of rights, says QC

03-09-2005 02:36

To ensure no future government can erode basic human rights
But I don't know where he gets that from at the moment Australia's Human Rights record is appalling just ask any Refugee! Anyway I do understand pragmatism so I won't knock him any further because he wants to compromise with the government about their human rights record.

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Shut DSEi - Public Meeting - Reading, 08/09/05, 8pm

02-09-2005 23:05

Please forward where appropriate:


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War, Capitalism and Elections

02-09-2005 22:41

"In capitalist countries economic activity is directed toward enlarging the profits of the people who own the economy.."

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Death Dealing DSEi to be targeted in Oxford.

02-09-2005 20:46

Calling everyone who believes in a fairer world without arms and the death and destruction they cause. A demonstration will be taking place this Thursday in solidarity with those campaigning against Europe's largest arms bazaar, DSEi. If you want to take part please meet on Thursday, 8th September at Carfax tower, from where we will be moving on to sites around the city. Bring bus money or bikes.

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Brighton Blue Arrow picket pigged out

02-09-2005 19:57

Police threatened to arrest leafletters outside Blue Arrow on Queens Rd in Brighton this afternoon. A seargeant used the Secondary Picketting Act 1992 setion 224 (2) under Trades Disputes law on 3 people handing out leaflets to passers by.

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It’s official – looking like Jack Straw is now a criminal offence.

02-09-2005 19:50

Police yesterday got a bit fed up as South Wales anarchists stubbornly refused to stop looking like Jack Straw.

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Punk and Soundsystems to support G8 protesters

02-09-2005 19:00

That story in pictures
On the 1st of October, East Oxford Community Centre will be the scene of a long night of punk bands, DJs, spolen word, acoustic acts and art displays. The funds raised will be used to cover costs involved in the protests against the G8 and for the London group Campaign Against Climate Change.