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anti war actvists blockade and inspect NW London terror base

10-12-2001 09:09

anti war actvists blockade and inspect NW London terror base
British Military HQ Northwood being blockaded NOW.
It's on the Met Line, why not go down?
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Robert Fisk : My beating is a symbol of this filfthy war

10-12-2001 01:08

Report by Robert Fisk in Kila Abdullah after Afghan border ordeal

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My Resignation From the Democratic Party

09-12-2001 23:37

The United States has effectively become a military dictatorship with a mere window dressing of democracy. This is unacceptable to myself and to the immortal soul of the Constitution of the United States of America.

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09-12-2001 23:14

Cops torturing a man on the streets of england and yet I heard about it from IMC Italy, is Indymedia UK not open on sundays. perhaps no one reads the news of the screws.
Well humble apologies for quoting a link from the auld enemy but I think you'll agree that this story deserves a mention
lets hear it for the boys in blue !!!!!

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Bush talk

09-12-2001 22:29

I know people are worn out by the onslaught of bad news, and will go the way of activist only, personal paranoia, or infighting. But the facts of 9-11 are still worth uncovering.This came from, but the contains some refutations.

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Labour Party Conference Aftermath

09-12-2001 22:02

Info required regarding Labour Party Conference Arrests

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Aachen-BruXXels: Mass border crossing

09-12-2001 16:58

Several days of action, discussion and protest will take place in Aachen, Germany this week, culminating in an attempt to collectively cross the German-Belgium border on Friday morning to take part in the anti-EU protests in Brussels.

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Surrey Activist Group Meeting

09-12-2001 16:55

Surrey Activist Group (SAG) are having another meeting on wednesday prior to the action on the 15th.

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Protest Against Wexforf Asylum Sekkers' Deaths

09-12-2001 15:46

Fortress Europe Has done it Again!

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Bill Clinton coming to Manchester

09-12-2001 15:45

Bill Clinton is coming to Manchester, Tatton Park. Come and say "Hi"

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Sheffield anti-war demonstration 8th December 2001

09-12-2001 15:31

Sheffield anti-war demonstration 8th December 2001
Around 1,500 people marched against the war on a sunny December day in Sheffield, England.

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'poor quality' Bin Laden confession tape surfaces

09-12-2001 15:15

the 'bin laden' confession saga takes another inevitable turn as a so called confession tape surfaces once again ... this time it is not a transcipt of a nonexistent tape but rather a 'poor quality, grainy' confession the new digital age can we ever again believe what we see and hear?

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09-12-2001 14:38

Harper-Collins is refusing to publish Michael Moore's new book for having criticized Bush

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European Appeal Against Anti-Terror Laws

09-12-2001 14:01

European Appeal - use as basis for petition or letter / email template.


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No to the policy of fortress europe: protest tomorrow in dublin

09-12-2001 12:44

notice of a protest monday 10th december

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8 more refugee deaths

09-12-2001 11:23

The bodies of 8 refugees were found in a container, in Wexford, this morning.

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Israeli troops storm West Bank villages

09-12-2001 10:16

Violence has been mounting for days Dozens of Israeli tanks and armoured vehicles, backed by two helicopter gunships, have stormed Palestinian villages in the West Bank to arrest suspected militants.

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So kind of you to allow me in, what can I steal?

09-12-2001 08:23

Warning to wealthy Widows! This may again get suppressed so copy it, save it and share it!

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Warning to Wealthy Widows!! Oath of Deceit

09-12-2001 08:18

Deceiving wealthy widows with one foot in the grave is just one way that these creatures exploit people. Copy this, save it, share it! Be wary of this scurge!

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Do it our way...or we will kill you !!

09-12-2001 08:14

I am the present General of an organization that is responsible for the slaughter, purging, liquidation of Jews, Muslims, Protestants, Buddhist you name it! If you refuse to kneel before us, you die its that simple! Think I am kidding?