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Aachen-BruXXels: Mass border crossing

alien8 | 09.12.2001 16:58 | Brussels

Several days of action, discussion and protest will take place in Aachen, Germany this week, culminating in an attempt to collectively cross the German-Belgium border on Friday morning to take part in the anti-EU protests in Brussels.

According to EU officials and the corporate media, the European unification process is about opening up borders. Both refugees and oppositional groups have experienced that for them the exact opposite is the case. While business, police and secret services are the main beneficiaries of "unification", refugees find it harder and harder to reach Europe and to receive refugee status, and protesters are subjected to travel restrictions and restrictions of the right to demonstrate. Many of them won't be allowed to enter Belgium to protest against the EU-summit, a number of them will even be forced to remain in their town of residence.

During the week before the EU-summit, people will meet in Aachen, Germany (close to the Belgium border) to discuss repressive EU-policies, such as travel restrictions, new anti-terrorism laws, surveillance, etc. Starting on Tuesday, 11th, there will be three days of workshops, but also demonstrations and actions at the border.

On Friday morning, people will attempt a mass border crossing and thereby make border restrictions and EU repression public. If everyone is allowed to cross the border, or if a collective border crossing can be enforced, then everyone will travel on to Brussels to take part in actions and demonstrations there. If people are stopped at the border, actions will continue in Aachen throughout the weekend.

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