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Zapatistas at the Radical Dairy, London

15-11-2002 11:31

A Night of discussion, Films and Mexican Food!!

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Ratio 18000:1 - thinking of winning a law case ?

15-11-2002 10:52


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15-11-2002 10:12

Night blitz of Italian police: 20 activists from the "Rete del Sud ribelle"have been arrested charged with subversive association

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A proposal for a national anti-war action.

15-11-2002 09:49

A group within the Stop The War Coalition has put forward a proposal of a national action to blockade major interections in London on the 21st December to grid lock the centre. The timing is that this is the biggest shopping day of the year and would have major economic effect of business.

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Demo: Against Fascist Spain Saturday 16th Nov

15-11-2002 09:36

Demo: Against Fascist Spain Saturday 16th Nov 2002, 12 noon.
Against Fascist Spain
Demo outside the Spanish Embassy in London (39 Chesham
Place, London SW1X 8SB)

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Welcome to Rio de Janeiro (by Latuff)

15-11-2002 09:15

Welcome to Rio de Janeiro (by Latuff)
Urban violence is reaching unbearable levels. Inhabitants are caught in a crossfire between drug gangs and police, both armed with full-auto rifles.

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Spiritualism of Activism: Alan Clements Interview on KPFK (MP3)

15-11-2002 08:51

1 hour interview with Clements on freedom, spiritualism and social activism

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John Moore

15-11-2002 07:51

Anarchy becomes universal

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terror flight school owner implicated in 'protected' drug trafficking ring

15-11-2002 04:15

Mohamed Atta snorted coke; Seized Learjet came from same source as Barry Seal's.

Mounting evidence in the investigation into the terror flight schools in Venice FL is raising questions of whether an officially-sanctioned drug trafficking operation there discouraged the FBI from taking action against the terrorists that might have averted the World Trade Center disaster.

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Why Tony Blair may support an invasion of Iraq

15-11-2002 04:10

Why has Tony Blair not distanced himself from George W Bush on Iraq? This is a question that is being asked not only in Britain but also in other parts of the world. Few believe that Saddam Hussein, vicious though he is, poses any great threat beyond his region. But the risks of undermining the legal and ethical framework holding countries back from attacking their rivals and killing large numbers of civilians, and undermining the United Nations as a force for peace, are immense.

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Inside the US Stupid Voters - Danger!

15-11-2002 02:02

Only 32 percent of voters went to the polls as most people think it a chore and would rather wash the new -zero interest rate - auto. Center Left Democrats suffer worst defeat in history - may be permanent.Blame rests with moderate and green leaders who refuse to discuss reality - I know - I taught them! Then I warned Them - no listen...

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the war only about to begin

15-11-2002 01:12

The Record for the record

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and so it goes

15-11-2002 00:53


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enforced smallpox vaccines

15-11-2002 00:25

Dont ever touch this smallpox vaccine
They'll seize your property and sling you in gaol in the US if you don't obey their health directiuves

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Human Rights Update from Israel Palestine- inc.- human shield, child death, more

14-11-2002 23:28

An update on Human rights from Israel/Palestine. Middle November. 4 points.

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Demo: Against Fascist Spain Saturday 16th Nov

14-11-2002 22:16

Demo outside the Spanish Embassy in London (39 Chesham Place, London SW1X 8SB)

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14-11-2002 21:18

please join and debate in the new and growing Iraq war forum

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(Not) The Anarchist Travelling Circus report from Anarchist Bookfair

14-11-2002 20:55

Brief resume of what was said, and where we go from here

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Internationale in the Irish Language / Internationale i dteanga Gaelach

14-11-2002 19:55

Do you have the word to the Internationale in the Irish language?

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Dossier on America

14-11-2002 19:24

An accounting of American violations of international norms, common morality, and human decency. In the spirit of the recent "Dossier on Iraq" published by the U.K. government, we hereby present a "Dossier on America".