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No word on Elmer

24-01-2011 17:09

Rudolf Elmer, rearrested just hours after appearing in court last Thursday could be held indefinitely due to further investigations. A decision is due to be made today.

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Campaigners slam energy secretary’s attempts to hide truth about nuclear energy

24-01-2011 15:35

Following Chris Huhne’s visit to Hinkley Point nuclear power station in West Somerset today, campaign group Kick Nuclear has slammed the Energy Secretary's glowing appraisal of the government’s consultation on the revised draft National Policy Statements on energy infrastructure and its plans for a new generation of nuclear power stations.

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Palestine Today 01 24 2011

24-01-2011 15:20

Welcome to Palestine Today, a service of the International Middle East Media Center,, for Monday, January 24 2011

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National demo against education cuts and fees

24-01-2011 15:12

There will be a national demonstration against education cuts and fees in central London on Saturday the 29th of January. The starting point is Malet Street outside the UCL near Russell Square tube station at 12noon.

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Greyhound breeding scandal

24-01-2011 14:23

New survey by Greyhound Watch highlights the lack of protection given to greyhounds used for breeding.

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GMB Members Fight Plans To Cut Wages At South East Coast Ambulance Service

24-01-2011 13:24

GMB consider that paramedics, technicians and other ambulance workers provide a vitally important service to the public and they should be paid properly for doing so

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Bristol's legacy 'down under' to be covered in Australia Day broadcast

24-01-2011 12:22

Bristol Community FM documentary reveals city's significant contribution to the development of modern Australia.
‘Convicts, Geniuses & Dreamers: How Bristol shaped Australia’ explores Bristol’s historical connections with Australia, in particular through the remarkable and contrasting stories of Francis Greenway and the Steam Ship Great Britain. Greenway was a Bristol architect turned convict, transported for forgery but who eventually became 'Father of Australian Architecture'. The SS Great Britain was the forerunner of long-haul commercial travel between Britain and Australia, and Bristol’s leading visitor attraction once provided passage for thousands looking to start a new life in a new world.
The documentary features interviews with a broad range of experts and historians, recently recorded in Bristol and Sydney. There’s a rare interview with the Great Great Great Granddaughter of Francis Greenway, we hear from the Bristol academic on why shipping teenage criminals to the ends of the earth was once a cornerstone of the criminal justice system, and Rhian Tritton from the SS Great Britain shares tales of life aboard the 'floating Big Brother' as hundreds of people from all backgrounds made the 60-day voyage from Liverpool to Melbourne.

The documentary will be broadcast at 15:00 on Bristol Community FM (BCfm) on Australia Day, Wednesday January 26th 2011 (Australia Day is a public holiday down under marking the date when the First Fleet of white European settlers arrived at Sydney Cove in 1788).

People outside the city can listen online by going to the station’s website – The programme can also be listened to for up to seven days afterwards via the playback facility, also on the website.

The documentary was made by Andrew Parsonage, a volunteer presenter with BCfm. Andrew is happy to answer any questions about the subject or how the documentary was made.

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These are photos of the canal boat Tamarisk - Mark Kennedy

24-01-2011 11:12

Tamarisk Registration Number
Tamarisk photographs for general release from a very trusted source.

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Interview with college students on education cuts and resistance

24-01-2011 10:27

Interview with a college student activist from Leeds, and testimony from others around the country, on the impact of government cuts, and the resistance to them.

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Calais Migrant Solidarity Info Night, London, Monday 24 Jan

24-01-2011 08:51

Films and discussion about the current situation on the ground in Calais.

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Bristol Bookfair news and related events

24-01-2011 06:22


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11 Day Fast to in D.C. to Close Guantanamo Ends with Blockade of Dept.of Justice

24-01-2011 05:49

Flickr Slideshow and Video of Blockade of Department of Justice in Washington D.C.
at conclusion of 11 day Fast to Close Guantanamo (11/1/11-22/1/11) on

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Australia Floods - Climate?

24-01-2011 03:08

Terrible floods in Queenland, Australia - with record rapid rainfall. Another extreme precipitation event, like caused by warming oceans, from climate change. Says Professor Matthew England from the Climate Change Research Centre, at The University of New South Wales, in Sydney. 13 min interview with Alex Smith, Radio Ecoshock.

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The Food Bubble - Lester Brown

24-01-2011 01:25

You have seen food prices going up at the local grocery store. That could be just the beginning. According to Lester Brown, a leading expert in both the environment and world agriculture, those bulging supermarket shelves are part of a "food bubble", which could crash. Radio Ecoshock interview. 24 min

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InfoUsurpa 24th - 30th January 2011

24-01-2011 00:22

InfoUsurpa brings you this weeks events happening in London's autonomous spaces and beyond...

Download, print and stick it up for others to see



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Target Barclays - Bristol

23-01-2011 23:25

Protesters in Bristol successfully shut down Barclays in Broadmead after entering the building and some conflict with police and security guards.

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Boycott Carluccio's They're Sellin' VEAL!

23-01-2011 21:25


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OFFMARKET, a new squatted open space in Hackney, London

23-01-2011 20:08

OffMarket is a new open squatted space, a small shopfront on 111 Lower Clapton rd E5 0NP. It is run by volunteers who all live in or around hackney. The aims of the space is to be an open resource for local people and groups, but also to house various projects: InfoLibrary with books and zines, a FreeZone, info about squatting, skill sharing...

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Advocating Domestic Extremism - Cops on Indymedia - An Exposé

23-01-2011 19:53

On April 27th, 2010, a comment appeared on the Indymedia UK newswire entitled Don't use SPEAK as a model. The comment, on an article entitled New animal lab at Leicester; New nationwide campaign to start urged readers to respond to the campaign by "Model{ling} the campaign on a successful AR campaign such as Hillgrove cats or Darnley(sic) Oaks etc". Readers familiar with those campaigns will be aware that the campaigns are alleged to have included violent actions against individuals, including a a letter bomb in the Hillgrove Cats campaign, and the removal of Gladys Hammond from her grave.