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AfricaVox 2007: fresh perspectives on the G8

30-05-2007 15:11

At next week’s G8 Summit in Germany, the spotlight is once again on world leaders to see if promises that were made in 2005 have been kept. AfricaVox 2007 brings you new perspectives and differing views on the G8.

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Good Riddance Attention Whore

30-05-2007 14:47

Cindy Sheehan has sadly announced her retirement from the peace movement.

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Indymedia G8 Timeline online!

30-05-2007 14:15

From now on, you can find verified, up-to-date news also via the new Timeline webpage: for English and for German.

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New Useful G8 Info Online!

30-05-2007 13:38

The Interventionist Left's (IL) website has been updated with new and important info. Take a moment to check it out!

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Indymedia Photo Exhibition

30-05-2007 13:15

There are plans to put together an exhibition of photos published on Indymedia which can be put up on display at social centers or taken to outreach events such as the alt media tent at the Big Green Gathering this year etc. However, there have been no clear ideas on how photos might be selected so over to you....

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Anarchists join Gay Pride march

30-05-2007 12:24

Local anarchists supported the march and distributed leaflets.

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Week of actions against NATO in Sweden

30-05-2007 11:53

Noise demo
The 9th - 14th of May saw an intense week of actions against NATO Response Force in Göteborg, Sweden. NATO:s new response force NRF, was started on initiative of Donald Rumsfeld, and can be deployed within 5 days to, among other things, combat terrorists.
The response force held a huge naval exercise in the Baltic Sea at the end of May, and 37 ships stopped in Göteborg beforehand for preparations.

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The G-8 Meeting...

30-05-2007 11:27

Perhaps someone with one of those new computer programs developed by Bill Gates could calculate the resources being used for war expenses at the cost of education, healthcare and culture for humanity...

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G8 infoweek and more at rampART

30-05-2007 09:59

While the G8 summit takes place in Germany, the rampART will be hosting a series of G8 Info Nights with indymedia access point,presentations and discussions along with the latest news of what's going on at the protests. Each night will have a specific theme as well as screenings of the latest footage...


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Afghanistan: war crimes amnesty prepares further atrocities

30-05-2007 09:46

NATO/US operations across the country
US forces continued to deny basic rights to some of around 500 detainees at its Bagram base accused of links with the Taliban and Al Qaeda, Amnesty noted, and the Afghan security forces—to whom US/NATO forces routinely hand over detainees—were “accused of illegal detentions and torture and other ill-treatment.” Meanwhile local officials/commanders, some of whom ran their own prisons, were never held accountable for their actions, Amnesty said.

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‘I took a picture of Tower Bridge and was arrested for terrorism’

30-05-2007 09:35

Salam Abdulrahman

A chilling glimpse of ‘stop and search’ Britain

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Republican Candidates Employ “al-Qaeda” Fairy Tales

30-05-2007 08:29

Like paranoid schizophrenic neglecting his meds, Senator John McCain tells us Osama will get us if the United States pulls out of Iraq.

Bush supporters, soon enough to lend support to McCain, Guiliani, or Romney, are so inculcated with impossible and fantastic Brothers Grimm stories about turban-wearing terrorists they have completely surrendered their higher reasoning faculties, that is if they had any to begin with.

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The Basement Social Center needs you!

30-05-2007 01:13

After the fire on Lever Street, the Basement Social Center is in need of urgent help.

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Black Ribbon Campaign

29-05-2007 21:56

The news is that many people around the world have had enough of the killing of human beings and animals. The Black Ribbon Camapign urges all your readers who feel likewise to wear a black ribbon to show you want an end to the killing.

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Bush's New Middle East

29-05-2007 21:43

" ... under the sky
without hope
the self inside me dies ...

I will always be from nowhere
Without a face, without a history
from nowhere."

"Traveler without Luggage" by Abdul-Wahab Al-Bayyati

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Simon Reynolds interview: Pop, politics, hip-hop and postpunk

29-05-2007 21:34

Jamie Reid's 1977 cover for the Sex Pistols' single God Save The Queen. You can see the original artwork and much more at Panic Attack! Art In The Punk Years, an exhibition at the Barbican art gallery in central London running until September 2007.

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Saturday Inspiration: Peace is Possible

29-05-2007 20:14

copyright Mr. Brian W. Haw
Peace is Possible - People do Care

R.S.V.P. - Saturdays - Parliament Square

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The Vicar of Baghdad, peacemaker or powerbroker ?

29-05-2007 19:25

The five Britons kidnapped in Baghdad work for Garda World, a Canadian security firm. Channel 4 news tonight led with a feature on them, where Jon Snow was pretty sceptical about their chances of survival due to their profession. There are 20,000 foriegn 'private security guards' in Iraq who are widely hated for acting like private mercenaries unconstrained by laws or morals. Jon seemed surprised to hear a few hundred of them have already been killed.

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Gulf Stream Slowed by 30% Since 1957

29-05-2007 17:37

Failing ocean current raises fears of mini ice age

By Mike Rhodes
From the NYCity IMC, 5/25/07

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Amazing 911 truth video

29-05-2007 17:26

911 truth activism