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Sheffield protest against repression in Burma

02-10-2007 08:08

The Sheffield protest against repression in Burma
Images from The Sheffield protest against repression in Burma

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Syrian Kurds to protest in London against 45 years of discriminatory policies

02-10-2007 00:53

Tens of Syrian Kurds from across the UK will gather in London on Friday, October 5th, to remember the 1962 exceptional census, which stripped around 120,000 Kurds of their nationality and civil rights. The demonstration, called by the Syrian-Kurdish community in the UK, will start at 13:00 and last for about two hours. A delegate will then go into 10 Downing Street to hand the Prime Minister's office a letter explaining their problems and demands.

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The Military Drills of September 11th: Why a New Investigation is Needed

01-10-2007 23:54

We bring to the attention of our readers this carefully researched analysis.

"Given the warnings of incipient terrorist attacks that had been repeatedly received by the Administration and the FBI, why would anyone coordinate two major annual air training exercises at this time, and divert key resources to the North Pole on an outdated mission? Who was in a position to do this?"

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Heathrow camp for climate action photo update

01-10-2007 23:31

You fly we die
Heathrow diversityphotos update

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Camp Hope

01-10-2007 22:20

Camp For Hope At Staverton Airport, Gloucestershire 20/21st October. Inspired by the Camp for Climate Action 2007 activists and local residents are organising a camp to protest the expansion of Gloucestershire Airport at Staverton. "Camp Hope" will take place at a secret location near the airport on the 20/21 October.

Location is near the airport and to be announced on our website on the evening of 19th October.

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Fight The Pipe benefit gig - Sat 6th Oct - Bristol

01-10-2007 20:51

"the pipeline, the pipeline, it cut through all our trees
the pixies, the pixies, they fucked their JCBs!"

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Sheffield protest against repression in Burma

01-10-2007 20:32

Members of the Karen community in Sheffield were joined by activists and others to express solodarity with those opposing the regime in Burma.

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faslane ppl NEEDED

01-10-2007 19:33

blockades need ppl now- lets keep this going!!

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Gordon Brown will lose credibility by aping Livingstone's Crossrail mantra

01-10-2007 19:03

Khoodeelaar! Demonstration against CrossRail hole in Hanbury Street London E1 Mo
Gordon Brown has been quoted by the London Evening Standard website this evening [Monday 1 October 2007] as saying “…. London businesses and developers who will benefit significantly from Crossrail."

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Liverpool Free Screen This Sunday

01-10-2007 18:53

The latest film night in Liverpool Social Centre (Next To Nowhere) is being held this coming Sunday night, starting a bit earlier this time at 5pm.

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Poster about TETRA:

01-10-2007 17:35

'Radio GaGa'
Just this poster but if you insist:

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Blog strike for Burma! No blogging on 4th Oct: Burmese Bloggers Without Borders

01-10-2007 17:26

Following the lead of the fabulous Medicins sans Frontieres and Reporters sans Frontieres, the ever-fabulous Burmese People established Burmese Bloggers Without Borders on 30th September 2007. They are asking for a strike of supportive bloggers on Thursday 4th October, 2007.

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Arctic Ice Shrinking AND Thinning - Reports

01-10-2007 16:42

A research team from the National Snow and Ice
Data Center, part of the University of Colorado at
Boulder published their report of the annual 'Arctic
Ice Minimum' last week which tells the extent of
the summer melting. It broke the previous record
set in '05, but it did so by a huge margin. The area
that melted this year is 26% more than the '05

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Very Interesting Timeline

01-10-2007 16:23

Mid 80's - Some scientists warn about CO2
and global warming but they are largely
dismissed by other scientists and the public.

1993 - Two separate ice cores drilled into the
Greenland Ice Sheet to depths of two miles
both confirmed earlier evidence of many 'abrupt
climate changes' that have occurred in as little
as a decade rather than the thousand year
transition that was previously believed.

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Germany's Policy towards the Middle East

01-10-2007 16:02

A short abstract about Germany's interest in the Mid-East during the World Wars and presently attachements!

A must read!

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Red And Black Fest - full report

01-10-2007 16:00

a dream is born
On Saturday 29th September, Sheffield Anarchist Federation ran a successful (but short-lived) fundraiser event for Oaxacan Anarchists at a squatted factory in the city centre.

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ASDA: Consulting the public or a foregone conclusion?

01-10-2007 15:53

ASDA have recently been consulting the public about two new superstores in South Birmingham. Is this consultation concerned with our views or just a smear to show the City Council that they have taken on board the public's concerns?

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Pictures of anti Tesco Public Meeting

01-10-2007 15:08

This gives some idea...

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Burma: Thousands dead in massacre of the monks dumped in the jungle

01-10-2007 15:03

I am still shaking, having trouble believing this.