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New English Language G8 2007 Website Online!

04-10-2006 09:49

The Interventionist Left (a coaltion/network of around 12 groups coming from the radical-left) have set up a special, German and English language, website related to the 2007 G8 Summit.

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G8 2007 Action Conference: Rostock, Germany 10-12 Nov '06

04-10-2006 09:47

The date for the second G8 2007 Action Conference has been set. A broad preparatory group have agreed that “Rostock II” will begin on Friday 10th November 2006 at 7pm, lasting until Sunday 12th November. The Conference will take place at Rostock University.

The preparatory group have published an initial invitation.

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Summit Hoppin' 06

04-10-2006 09:44

Eight years after the first big summit blockades, activists are still
mobilized against. On several different occasions this summer there
demonstrations and discussions about political approaches and the
planning of actions. For example at the G8 summit in St. Petersburg,
Campinski near Heiligendamm, and the PGA conference in France.

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Boris Johnson highlights the abysmal ignorance of the Cameron band: switch it of

04-10-2006 09:35

"Supposing Tower Hamlets or parts of Bradford were to become governed by religious zealots believing in that system. Are we ready for complete local autonomy if it means sharia law?"

as Boris Johnson is quoted in the London daily Telegraph website Wednesday 4 October 2006-10-04

What evidence has Boris Johnson to base that supposition on?
Why does he talk about Sharia law and Tower Hamlets and Bradford?
Why doesn't he talk about other religions? What religious beliefs and views do the local councillors in the rest of the UK belong to? Have their respective religious beliefs led to those councils being undesirably subjected to the policies prompted by those religious beliefs?
And a million other questions.

It seems that Boris Johnson is not alone in this ignorance about the world today.

The curious thing is: how do so many ignorant people get to become MPs

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New pamphlet: George Brown, the cobbler anarchist of Philadelphia By R. P. Helms

04-10-2006 08:50

The Kate Sharpley Library are please to announce the publication of a new pamphlet examining the life of George Brown (1858-1915), Philadelphia anarchist activist. Robert P. Helms traces the life of this anarchist shoemaker from freethinking Northamptonshire to Philadelphia's burgeoning anarchist movement of the 1890s. Never famous, and only occasionally infamous, Brown was typical of many of the militants who made the movement what it was, and his story sheds a fascinating light on the microcosm of a social movement.

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Call for cyberspace protest against 'Redwatch'

04-10-2006 08:33

Direct action needs to be taken against right-wing extremist website 'Redwatch'.

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Regarding Neoconservative, Neoliberal Newspeak

04-10-2006 08:09

Watch our language
The neoliberals have sided with the neoconservatives in almost everything of any great import (in deed, not in speech) so it becomes difficut to tell the two apart any more. All the rhetorical terminology serves only to confuse. What we have are two wings of the business party.

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"Appalling" Yarl's Wood report published today

04-10-2006 07:28

Medical Justice response to the publication on the 4th October of the "Inquiry into the quality of healthcare at Yarl's Wood immigration removal centre" by HM Inspector of Prisons.

Press Conference
12.00 noon Wednesday 4th October
Outside the Home Office - 2 Marsham Street, London, SW1P 4DF

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Crossing Borders- A new Transnational Newsletter Project

03-10-2006 23:48

The first edition of Crossing Borders is now published to coincide with the October 7th Day of Action For Migrants & Refugees. At the moment 'Crossing Borders' is available in 5 different languages, though we hope to have more soon. To get the newsletter, got to
download the .pdf files from the links on the page and print them out.

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Shell Oil in Mayo

03-10-2006 23:46

Irish police and Shell workers have forced an entrance to Shell's self-declared property at Bellinaboy. Urgent action on an international level is needed.

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Human rights groups condemn US law on military commissions

03-10-2006 23:16

American police state
“We only put guilty people on trial” ... Then why have trials at all? Why not rely solely on the judgment of the police, prosecutors and presidents who wield the executive power? The logic of the policies being pursued by the Bush administration, rubberstamped by Congress and the Democratic Party, is the establishment of an American police state.

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the Line

03-10-2006 23:01


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Two Hundred Cops Against Rossport Anti-Shell Campaign

03-10-2006 21:44

Police Presence
The Irish State, supporting Shell, has put the Rossport-Ballinaboy area under full scale police occupation.

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03-10-2006 21:31

The struggle of the teachers in primary and secondary education for higher wages and free education!

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Ben Stein is a big fat homophobe (my apologies to Al Franken)

03-10-2006 18:37

It was bound to happen.

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03-10-2006 18:13


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I, Left Gatekeeper

03-10-2006 18:02

Published on Sunday, October 1, 2006 by Rolling Stone
I, Left Gatekeeper
Why the "9/11 Truth" movement makes the "Left Behind" sci-fi series read like Shakespeare

by Matt Tabbi

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03-10-2006 17:49

C a r d i f f C a m p a i g n a g a i n s t C l i m a t e C h a n g e

How do we stop climate catastrophe?

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Kriss Donald

03-10-2006 17:11

Can anyone explain why one of the worst cases of a racial killing in this country is hardly recieving any attention? The trial of three muslim men accused of murdering Kriss Donald aged 15 years old began today. He was tortured with knives before being finished of by setting him on fire . Why is this case not on the UAF site?

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Reactions to Internet Gambling ban in US

03-10-2006 16:56

The the Unlawful Internet Gambling Enforcement Act will prohibit credit card companies and other payment providers from processing online gambling transactions.